Use Zinio to search the library’s collection of popular online magazines. Read issues on a regular computer or download them to a variety of devices. View a tutorial to learn more.

Access Zinio here:

Accessing Zinio Magazines on Your Desktop or Laptop

  • Visit the Vigo County Public Library's Zinio Magazine Portal.
  • If you have never used the Zinio Magazine Portal before, click "Create New Account" and complete the form.
  • If you have an account, click Log In to check out digital magazines.
  • Browse or search the collection to locate magazines.
  • Select "Checkout Now" to check-out magazines.
  • To read your magazine, you will be redirected to the Zinio website.
    • If you do not have a Zinio account, select New Account to create an account.
    • Log into your Zinio account to access Your Library.
    • Select the magazine that you wish to read; a pop-up window with Zinio's browser-based reader will open with your magazine.

Accessing Zinio Magazines on Your Device

  • Visit the Vigo County Public Library's Zinio Magazine Portal on your device's web browser to check-out your magazines.
  • Install the Zinio magazine app from the iTunes store or Google Play.
  • Go to the Zinio app's Settings to either Join Zinio (if you do not have an account) or to Sign In into your Zinio account.
  • To access magazines you have checked out, return to the home screen of the app and select the My Library icon. Items can be downloaded to your device by clicking the download arrow.