The Vigo County Public Library main library facility has available for use by the public the following meeting rooms:

  1. Main Library: a complex of four meeting rooms that can be used separately or three rooms that may be combined as one large room;

    • Room A capacity 42
    • Room B capacity 42
    • Room C capacity 55
    • Rooms A, B, C combined capacity is 140
    • Room D capacity 25

    Meeting rooms A, B, C, and D are located on the lower level and are accessible by stairway or elevator and are wheelchair accessible.

  2. The VCPL Main Library Lobby is also available for reservation for selected events and programs conducted by the VCPL or other community organizations, groups, and or event planners. Capacity is 100.

General Policies:

  1. The Vigo County Public Library in its sole discretion may impose reasonable time, place, and manner restrictions on the use of library meeting rooms.

  2. If a group or organization wishes to provide an extra level of security or use a library meeting room outside normal library operating hours the group or organization may be charged according to the attached fee schedule adopted by the Vigo County Public Library Board of Trustees. If the nature of the group or meeting is such that the Library determines the need for additional security, room set-up, or maintenance the group or organization will be assessed the fee.

  3. No alcoholic beverages may be dispensed or consumed in the meeting rooms. Smoking is prohibited. The VCPL board of trustees may waive the no alcoholic beverages policy for selected events or programs which may offer alcoholic beverages served by a licensed caterer.

  4. Caterers utilized by groups, individuals, and or organizations for meal and or beverage functions must provide written evidence to the VCPL of general liability and or alcohol serving liability insurance.

  5. Groups are requested to maintain a low noise level in order to accommodate the needs of adjacent meetings.

  6. In order to accommodate multiple requests for meeting areas the VCPL may authorize the use of library conference areas to conduct small group meetings. These areas are located adjacent to the Community Services area and on the second floor adjacent to the library administrative area. These private conference areas are not available for public booking but may be utilized in off peak hours to provide overflow meeting room space.

  7. Meetings at the Main Library may begin or end beyond the Main Library's normal hours of operation if maintenance service is available. Groups are strongly encouraged to conclude evening meetings by 9 PM on weeknights, by 6 PM on Fridays, and by 4 PM on Saturdays.

  8. Meeting rooms are reserved on a first-come, first-served basis, and will be booked no more than one year in advance.

  9. The meeting rooms are normally available free of charge, other than for maintenance, general set-up, or security service fees that may apply to selected events and or programs. See attached meeting room policy addendum fee schedule.

  10. The Vigo County Public Library and the Vigo County Public Library Board of Trustees reserves the right to change or cancel meeting room reservations and or waive meeting room policies.

  11. Damage or vandalism to a meeting room or furniture and equipment housed in a meeting room may be subject to additional replacement or restitution fees to be assessed according to the damage reported. The group, organization, and or individual who booked the meeting room may also be liable for clean-up fees, furniture and or equipment repair fees, and or room set-up fees assessed at the discretion of the VCPL Director and or VCPL Board of Trustees.

  12. Meeting rooms may not be used for profit-making purposes and no admittance fees may be charged. The meeting rooms may not be used to sell products or services or to recruit potential customers or partners. Organizations (profit or not-for-profit) may sponsor informational or educational programs, however no payment or order for goods or services may be accepted on library premises. A not-for-profit organization may sponsor a workshop or information presentation and may charge a program fee that covers the cost of program presentation.

  13. The meeting rooms may not be used by political partisans for campaign purposes.

  14. By making meeting rooms available Vigo County Public Library does not advocate or endorse the viewpoints of a particular group, a meeting, or ideas presented at a meeting held in the library's facilities.

  15. School, college and university groups, such as fraternities and sororities and other school-sponsored organizations, are expected to use facilities provided by the school or institution.

  16. Private, individual use is not normally within the scope of meeting room usage, however, private functions may be considered for booking for selected events according to the attached meeting room policy addendum fee schedule.

  17. VCPL staff working with community groups may reserve the meeting rooms for their programming or group needs under the existing policy.

Meeting Room Booking Procedure

  • Meeting room reservations must be made by an adult having a valid VCPL borrowers card. Groups composed of minors (under 18 years) must have adult chaperons, and supervision must be provided for young children.
  • Reservations for use of meeting rooms at the Main Library may be made in advance through the Community Services Office by phoning 232-1113.Reservations for all meeting rooms must be confirmed in person by signing the Meeting Room Use Request Form
  • Meeting room reservations may also be made on the Vigo County Public Library’s website at Requests are not guaranteed until confirmed by e-mail or by phone. A Meeting Room Use Request Form must be signed prior to using the meeting room.
  • If a request for meeting room use at the Main Library is received when Community Services is closed, for example, a request is made Friday after 5 PM for use of the meeting room on Saturday, the Reference Librarian on duty will handle the request.

Meeting Room Amenities

  • Tables and chairs are available in each meeting room. The meeting rooms at the Main Library can be arranged according to the needs of the group.

  • Audio-visual equipment may be reserved for use in the meeting rooms at the Main Library at the time the meeting room is reserved. Equipment such as videotape and DVD players, laptop computers, audiocassette players, computer data viewers, a conference telephone, CD players, overhead and opaque projectors, and lapel or cordless microphones are available. 

  • A kitchenette for serving refreshments is located near the meeting room complex at the Main Library. The kitchenette is equipped with a counter, a sink, electrical outlets, refrigerator, coffee urns, serving carts, and a soft drink vending machine. The kitchenette cannot accommodate serving full luncheons or dinners. It is recommended that a food caterer serve such meals. Coffee, soft drinks, snacks, fast food, etc. may be consumed in the meeting rooms.

  • Users are responsible for leaving the meeting rooms and the kitchenette in a neat and orderly condition.

Adopted by the Board of Trustees of the Vigo County Public Library on the 12th day of October, 2009.

Meeting Room Policy

Fee Schedule Addendeum

  1. The following fee schedule may be assessed to groups, organizations, individuals, and or event planners who wish to provide an extra level of security, who wish to book a library meeting room or area outside normal library operating hours, or who are planning a private and or public event in the main library lobby. Caterers and or event planners utilized by groups, individuals, and or organizations for meal and or beverage functions must provide written evidence to the VCPL of general liability and or alcohol serving liability insurance.

    • Maintenance Personnel---4 to 6 hours minimum: $25.47 per hour for two maintenance personnel plus fees associated with fringe benefits including FICA, PERF, and health insurance benefits

    • Security Personnel---$20 per hour per person per event; minimum of 2 hour contract

    • $100 set-up fee

    • Main Library Lobby rental fee for private us---$500 + above maintenance, security, and set-up fees

Hourly maintenance fees are based upon the overtime wages of maintenance personnel at VCPL plus amounts for FICA and fringe benefits. Security personnel fees are based upon an average per hour cost per contract with security agency.

Invoices for fees will be mailed to the sponsoring, group, individual, or organization within 10 days of the event and are payable within 30 days after the invoice is issued. All revenue will be accounted for in the same manner as other fees and fines in accordance with Indiana State Board of Accounts policies and procedures.

Adopted by the Board of Trustees of the Vigo County Public Library on the 12th day of October, 2009.