Jane Dabney Shackelford Collection
Dates: 1895-1978
Accession Number: 780222
Donor: Jane Dabney Shackelford
Description: One record storage box and one document case


Jane Dabney Shackelford, Terre Haute author of children's books about African-Americans, was born in Clarksville, Tennessee in 1895. She later moved with her family to Logansport, Indiana. After graduating from high school there, she entered Indiana State Normal School in Terre Haute, and received her A.B. degree in 1919.

Jane Dabney Shackelford taught in the Terre Haute public school system for 43 years. She completed the M.A. degree at Columbia University in 1927.

Shackelford's first book, The Child's Story of the Negro, was published in 1938. In 1944, Associated Publishers brought out her second book for children, My Happy Days. The revised edition of The Child's Story of the Negro was published in 1956.

During her teaching years, Jane Dabney Shackelford was active in such community organizations as Girl Scouts, YWCA, American Association of University Women, and the League of Women Voters. She was a founding member of Alpha Eta Omega chapter of Alpha Kappa Alpha, a black sorority. She was the recipient of many awards and honors.

Jane Dabney Shackelford died on December 22, 1979.

Content and Scope of Collection

The items in this collection include the original and revised manuscripts of The Child's Story of the Negro and the original manuscript of My Happy Days; letters from Shackelford's publisher about contents of books, contract, royalties; letters from her pupils; and publications that contain material about Jane Dabney Shackelford or citations of her works.

Record Storage Box

Series I - Biographical Material

Folder 1

Autobiographical notes (copies)

Folder 2

Publications which include articles about Shackelford's activities; awards received:


Ivy Leaf (yearbook of Alpha Kappa Alpha) page 37

Dec. 1959

Ivy Leaf (yearbook of Alpha Kappa Alpha) page 19

June 1962

The Saturday Spectator, page 3

Feb. 15, 1964

ISU Alumnitems, page 6

April 1967

Folder 3

Letter of congratulations from Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority upon Jane Dabney Shackelford's inclusion in Who's Who in the Midwest

June 24, 1961

Newspaper clipping w/photo re: AAUW Honor

Dec. 17, 1972


WAAC Radio's salute to Shackelford on "Citizen of the Day"

Dec. 18, 1972

Who's Who of American Women entry (copy)



News clipping - Display at Emeline Fairbanks Memorial Library on works of four local black authors

May 16, 1978

Folder 4

News clippings w/photo - Alpha Kappa Alpha's 50th anniversary celebration honors Shackelford



Letter to E. N. Howard from Jean L. Conyers inviting him to Alpha Kappa Alpha's 50th
anniversary commemorative program

April 13, 1978


Copy of award presented to Jane Dabney Shackelford by E. N. Howard


Series II - The Child's Story of the Negro, 1938
Folders 1-8 Original Manuscript
Folder 9

Letters to  Eva Knox Evans, Blanche E. Fuqua and C. G. Woodson

Series III - The Child's Story of the Negro, 1956 (revised edition)  
Folders 1-8 Part I - Original Manuscript
Folders 9-13 Part II - Original Manuscript
Folder 14 List of improvements (regarding book);
Letter to Dr. Wesley;
Questions raised by Book Selection Committee
Folder 15 The Elementary English Review (contains comments on The Child's Story, p. 222 and
  other markings)
Oct. 1943
Series IV - The Child's Story of the Negro (revised edition, 1956) - Additional materials

Note: These materials were arranged by Jane Dabney Shackelford; original order and titles have been preserved.

Folder 1 African Art
Folder 2 African Music
Folder 3 Dedication, introduction, acknowledgments
Folder 4 Valuable Aids in Teaching Negro Life and History; Contents; Bibliography
Folder 5 Camp Meetings
Folder 6 A Day with the Field Hands
Folder 7 Emancipation Day
Folder 8 Negro Folk Rhyme
Folder 9 Boasting Caterpillar
Folder 10 Seat Work
Folder 11 A Message from Angelo Patri
Folder 12 Improvements
Folder 13 Negro Spirituals
Folder 14 Phillis Wheatley
Folder 15 Booker T. Washington
Folder 16 Ira Aldridge
Folder 17 Paul Cuffe
Folder 18 Henry Tanner
Folder 19 Frederick Douglass
Folder 20 Colonel Charles Young
Folder 21 Ralph Bunche
Folder 22 Mary McLeod Bethune
Folder 23 George Washington Carver
Folder 24 Mary Church Terrell
Folder 25 Paul Laurence Dunbar
Folder 26 Charles Clinton Spaulding
Folder 27 Carter G. Woodson
Folder 28 Charles Henry Turner
Folder 29 Riddles; Something to Think About
Series V - My Happy Days
Folder 1 Original Manuscript, Part 1
Folder 2 Original Manuscript, Part 2
Series VI - Publisher's letters to Jane Dabney Shackelford
Folder 1 Correspondence 1934-1936
Memorandum of Agreement between Jane Dabney Shackelford and the Associated    Publishers transferring ownership of The Child's Story of the Negro to Associated   Publishers July 10, 1936
Folder 2 Correspondence 1937-1939
Folder 3 List of royalties received from The Child's Story of the Negro 1938-1946
Folder 4 Letters about royalties; billings of Jane Dabney Shackelford for purchase of books 1938-1949
Folder 5 Correspondence 1951-1958
Folders 6A-6B Record of correspondence concerning revisions of The Child's Story of the Negro
  and royalties
Series VII - Miscellaneous
Folder 1 Promotional materials 1938; 1969
Folder 2 Correspondence with Charlemae Rollins 1963; n.d.
Folder 3 The Negro History Bulletin (Includes article about the National Association of Colored    Women) Summer 1954
Student Teaching Guide 1951
Folder 4 Letters from students 1959; 1961; n.d.
Folder 5 50th Class Reunion, Indiana State University 1969
Folder 6 Miscellaneous items 1953-1955
Folder 1 Newspaper and magazine article clippings 1939-1967
Folder 2 Letters of congratulations 1938-1972
Certificates and awards 1945-1978
Folder 3 Newspaper and magazine article clippings 1938-1946
Folders 4-5 "Guide Right" Inspirational Display for Negro Youth, Kappa Alpha Psi 1941
Folder 6 Christmas poem mentioning Shackelford, Terre Haute Tribune-Star Dec. 25, 1946
Folder 7 Photograph: Rex Nelson Manuel n.d.
Newspaper clippings w/photos 1949
Survey Graphic article 1945
Folder 8 Carter G. Woodson: Correspondence; Newspaper article 1937
Lois Maillou Jones: Samples of art work 1940; 1944;
1962; 1978
Folder 9 Student poems n.d.
Folder 10 Letters to Jane Shackelford from 4th grade  students at Booker T. Washington School regarding The Child's Story of the Negro n.d.
Folder 11 Miscellaneous correspondence 1934; 1946; 1959
Photographs of Jane Dabney Shackelford and Lois Mailou Jones n.d.
Newspaper clippings 1941
Telegrams, cards and letters of congratulations 1938
Folder 12 Newspaper clippings and correspondence 1937-1939
Folder 13 Correspondence 1938-1939
Folder 14 Newspaper and magazine article clippings; letters of inquiry 1938-1940
Folder 15 "Reviews by Northern Critics" (includes clippings and correspondence) 1944-1945
Folder 16

"Reviews by Negro Critics"

"Terre Haute Reactions" 1937; 1945
"Booklists" 1945-1947
Folder 17 "Congratulations Letters and Cards" 1944-1946
"Exhibits of 'My Happy Days' " 1945-1947
Document Case - Addendum
Folder 18 Recent Books for Primary Grades 1944-1945
Lists of newspapers and magazines that have reviewed My Happy Days n.d.
Correspondence regarding My Happy Days 1945
"Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority Reactions" 1945
Book lists regarding race relations and African-Americans (booklet) 1945
Folder 19 Correspondence 1940-1945
Speaking Engagements 1945-1946
Newspaper clippings 1945-1962
Folder 20 Newspaper clippings and correspondence 1945;
"Speaking Engagements at Churches" 1939-1945
Folder 21 Booklet: The Womans Association of the Central Presbyterian Church 1947-1948
Newspaper clippings 1946-1948
Correspondence 1946-1948
List of speaking engagements 1945-1946
Folder 22 "Christmas Greetings from Patricia Young" 1970s
Folder 23 "Honors and Awards" (correspondence, newspaper clippings, memorabilia) 1957-1967
Folder 24 Miscellaneous photographs, clippings, correspondence, certificates 1946;
Folder 25 Miscellaneous clippings, memorabilia,



Folder 26 Souvenir Program: 50th anniversary celebration,  Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority,
   Alpha Eta Omega Chapter
ISU Alumni Magazine Summer 1978
Terre Haute Star article on Shackelford June 12, 1978
Folder 27 Alpha Kappa Alpha Book of Gold: 50th Anniversary Endowment Fund (1908-1958) 1958
Folder 28 Mark Twain Quarterly (Summer/Fall issue) 1945
Mark Twain Quarterly (Winter/Spring issue) 1945
Folder 29 Book list - Chicago Public Library 1940
Newspaper clippings 1950s
Folder 30 Book lists - Emeline Fairbanks Memorial Library 1947
Book lists - McLean School 1972
"Reading for Democracy: Books for Young