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Abortion (Ind)

1.     Statement issued from the Vigo County Clergy Association in response to Supreme Court Decision on March 22, 1973

 Abstracts and Deeds (Vigo Co.)

1.     List of Vigo County Deeds (1816-1821), 24 pages typewritten

2.     Article--Land Titles-Deeds--Saturday Spectator, Jan. 9, 1971

 Actors and Actresses (Ind)

1.    Fischer, Alice (11 newspaper clippings)

2.     Fischer, Alice--Program: --The School for Husbands,-- May 1905 (copy)

3.     Hanchett, David (newspaper clipping)

4.     Skelton, Red--Program from memorial service, Vincennes, IN, Sept. 21, 1997

5.     Smock, Rose (newspaper clipping)

6.     Melville, Rose--Program for Rose Melville as Sis Hopkins, 1916

Adult and Child Guidance Clinic

1.     Typed information on location, history, services on original letterhead (ca. 1961)

2.     Facts About Vigo Co. Adult and Child Guidance Clinic (brochure; n.d.)

 African-Americans (Ind)

1.     The Action Toward A Solution--Report of Bi-Racial Committee, Indianapolis, 1941

2.     The Indiana Plan of Bi-Racial Cooperation, 1942

3.     The Indiana Negro History Society Bulletin, 1947

African-Americans (WV) 

1.     The Negro in Terre Haute, 1963 (2 copies)

2.     Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority: 50th anniversary celebration, 1978

3.     Edward James Royce and His Family, a Portrait of a Black Midwestern Man during the first half of the Nineteenth Century (typewritten manuscript, 1970)

4.     Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Birthday Commemoration Dinner (invitation and program; 2 copies; January 15, 1993) sponsored by the Afro-American Cultural Center, Indiana State University

5.     Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Birthday Celebration Dinner (program; 2 copies; January 14, 1994)

6.     Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Birthday Commemoration Dinner (program; January 15, 1999)

7.     Afro-American Cultural Center, Indiana State University (brochure; 2 copies; ca. 1990)

8.     Black Voice (special edition; 1993)

9.     Martin Luther King, Jr. Memorial Fund, Terre Haute (brochure; n.d.)

10.  Lost Creek Historical Society (announcement; December 13, 1993)

11.  Article on American Legion Pioneer Post #340, Vanguard News, Vol. 1, No. 1, August 1994 (photocopy)

12.  Series of articles on the history of the black community in Lost Creek, Vanguard News, Vol. 1, No. 1-10,  No. 12,  No. 14; 1994-95 (photocopies)  Oversized Box #3


Agriculture (Ind)

1.     Pest Control for Indiana Fruits, 1953-54 (pamphlet)

2.     Fruit Varieties for Indiana, 1951 (pamphlet)

3.     One Hundred and Fifty Years of Indiana Agriculture, 1966 (pamphlet)


Agriculture (WV)

1.     “The Cooperative Extension Service,” ca. 1970 (typewritten manuscripts, 55 pages)

2.     Vigo County Farm Bureau Yearbook, 1969


Airports (WV) 

1.     Dedication Program: Hulman Field Air Terminal Building, Nov. 29, 1953 (2 copies)

2.     Dedication Program: Hulman Field, Terre Haute’s Municipal Airport, Oct. 3, 1944 (3 copies)

3.     Dedication Banquet Agenda, Oct. 3, 1944--Mayflower Room, Terre Haute House

4.     TWA Flight Packet--First Flight, July 1, 1945

5.     Newsclipping re: First TWA Flight, 1945

6.     History of Paul Cox Field by Dorothy Clark, 1960 (clipping)

7.     Project Salvair; a report of an analysis of Hulman Field by Civil Engineering Students, Rose Hulman, May 1966

8.     Hulman Field Airport Authority (annual report; 1976)

9.     Hulman Field Airport Authority (annual report; 1977)

10.  Hulman Field Airport Authority (annual report; 1978)

11.  Hulman Field Airport Authority (annual report; 1979)

12.  Report on legal questions surrounding city zoning of Hulman Airport (Area Planning     Department for Vigo Co., 1981)

13.  Hulman Field (brochure, includes map of airport runways; ca. 1980s)

14.  Lake Central Airlines, news release on new flight schedule (Nov. 17, 1954)

15.  Lake Central Airlines, news release on new sales territory (Nov. 17, 1954)

16.  Lake Central Airlines, flight schedules, effective Sept. 26, 1954

17.  Lake Central Airlines--Jet-Power Convair 580 folder includes:  580 descriptive brochure, ca. 1960s; schedule of flights, n.d.; Lake Central Airlines general brochure and flight schedules, 1966; Lake Central Airlines flight pattern, n.d.; news release regarding Convair 580, Oct. 16, 1966; news release from Allison regarding Convair 580, n.d.


Alcohol and Alcoholism (Ind) 

1.     The American Patriot, vol. 5, no. 2, February 1916--OVERSIZED

2.     Rules and Regulations of Twelve Points Recovery Center (n.d.)

3.     Letter from James F. Sueppel, Occupational Program Consultant at Hamilton Center regarding alcohol and alcoholism in the workplace, Feb. 18, 1974


Allen Memorial Planetarium (T.H.) 

1.     Program: Dedication Ceremony, Oct. 24, 1971 (2 copies)

2.     Teacher's Guide: information about facilities (including sketch of floor plan) and programs for teachers planning field trips, n.d.

3.     Vigo County School Corporation newsletter featuring front page story on the planetarium; Vol. 11, No. 1--January 1970

4.     Script:  --Star of Bethlehem-- program, December 1972

5.     Script:  --Astronomy in Literature-- program, n.d.


Ambulance Service (WV) 

1.     WTWO editorial on letterhead regarding contracting private ambulance service, Dec. 13, 1968


Animals (WV) 

1.     Notes on the Batrachians and Reptiles of Vigo Co., Indiana II, by W.S. Blatchley, 1899 (pamphlet)


Antiques and Collectibles (WV) 

1.     Booklet:  Wabash Valley Antique Shops and Malls, 1983


Archaeology (Ind) 

1.     The Archaeology of the Whitewater Valley, by Frank M. Setzler, 1930 (pamphlet)

2.     Archaeological Survey of Shelby County Indiana, by Don W. Dragoo,, 1951 (pamphlet; 2 copies)

3.     An Archaeological Report on Newton County Indiana, by Joseph E. Hiestand, 1951 (pamphlet)


Archaeology (WV) 

1.     File re: boulder with early inscription found in Sullivan County

2.     Archaeological Survey of Vigo County, by Vernon R. Helmen, 1952 (pamphlet)

3.     Letter from John Biel to Loring Halberstadt regarding archaeological survey in Vigo County, April 29, 1949

4.     Letter from John Biel to Howard Peckham regarding Vigo County Archaeological Survey, January 17, 1949

5.     Vigo County Historical Society Program Committee, Annual Report, 1948-49 


Architecture and Architects (Ind) 

1.     Indiana County Courthouses of the Nineteenth Century, by David R. Hermansen, 1968

2.     Description of Plans for New State Capitol, submitted by Charles Eppinghousen, Architect, 1875


Architecture and Architects (WV) 

1.     St. Benedict’s Church by Octavie B. Gunneson, 1970 (student paper, 18 pages)

2.     Downtown Deco Tour, 1992;  Sponsored by the Vigo Preservation Alliance.  (pamphlet; 2 copies)

3.     Downtown Deco Tour, Sept. 27, 1992 (flyer; 2 copies)


Archives (Vigo Co.) 

University Archives, Indiana State University:

1.     University Archives Policy Statement (n.d.)

2.     The University Archives (brochure; n.d.)

3.     The Martin Photograph Collection:  Preserving A University’s Portrait (brochure; 1992)


Community Archives Collection, Vigo County Public Library:

1.     Donation application form (1992)

2.     Local History Resources on Women (selected guide; 2 pages; 1992)

3.     Ida Husted Harper Collection (biographical pamphlet; 1988)


Area Planning (Vigo Co.) 

1.     Area Planning Dept. for Vigo Co., annual report, 1967

2.     Area Planning Dept. for Vigo Co., annual report, 1968 (2 copies)

3.     Area Planning Dept. for Vigo Co., annual report, 1969 (2 copies)

4.     Area Planning Dept. for Vigo Co., annual report, 1977

5.     Area Planning Dept. for Vigo Co., annual report, 1980

6.     Area Planning Dept. for Vigo Co., quarterly report, July-Sept. 1980

7.     Area Planning Dept. for Vigo Co., annual report, 1986

8.     Procedure manual for Inventorying Laws and Ordinances; prepared by the Area Planning Dept. for Vigo Co. (n.d.--circa 1950s?)

9.     Terre Haute Chamber of Commerce Community Audit (circa 1983)


Artists (Ind)


General/collective material:

1.     Brown County Art Colony.  Hoosier Magazine  n.d.

2.     Hoosier Salon.  Hoosier Magazine  n.d.

3.    Ã¢â‚¬Å“A Portfolio of Ten Indiana Paintings.  n.d.

4.     Booklet:  Indiana Realists.  1980

5.     Pamphlet:  The Hoosier Salon, 1925-1974.

6.     Pamphlet: Biographical Directory of Indiana Artists.  1937

7.     Program:  Indiana Artists Club 25th Annual Exhibition, 1957

8.     Pamphlet:  History of the Indiana Artists Club.  1945-46

9.     Brochure:  Tour the Artists’ Studios.  (Bloomington, 1980)

10.  Herron Museum of Art Bulletin, 1967

11.  Exhibition Catalog:  Bundy, Henshaw, Forkner (1917)


Articles/pamphlets on individual artists (A-Z):

12.  Adams, Ed (1972)

13.  Adams, John Ottis (1927)

14.  Adams, Wayman (1959)

15.  Cox, Jacob  (1941); also, letter to John Creighton Ball from Elizabeth R. Kellogg, Cincinnati Museum Association containing biographical information on Jacob Cox December 1, 1924)

16.  Crutchfield, William (1972-73)

17.  Davis, Harry (1973-74)

18.  Polley, Frederick:

a)     Newsclippings:  Text and drawings by Frederick Polley, ca. 1946 (46 pages, includes Indianapolis buildings, Indiana scenes and misc. subjects)

b)     Pamphlet:  Literary Indiana by R. Katharine Beeson, 1925; drawings by Frederick Polley

19.  Steele, T.C.: A Retrospective Exhibition of Paintings by Theodore Clement Steele (program/brochure by Swope Art Gallery; Oct. 11-Nov. 6, 1966) 


Artists (WV)

General/collective material:

1.     20th Anniversary Year Special Exhibition, Sixty Terre Haute Artists.  (Exhibition catalogue, Swope Art Gallery; Nov. 4-Dec. 2, 1962) 


Individual artists (A-Z): 

1.     Ball, Caroline Peddle; Kussner, Amalia; Scudder, Janet: --Women in Art,-- Terre Haute Tribune Star, March 1, 1998--OVERSIZED BOX 3

2.     Gookins, James Farrington:  A Retrospective Exhibition of Paintings and Lithographs by James Farrington Gookins (program; Swope Art Gallery; Sept. 11-Oct. 9, 1966)

3.     Hosmer, Harriet:  Notes on the Woman's Club of Terre Haute and Miss Harriet Hosmer  Leaves of Thyme, April 1968 (Vigo Co. Historical Society newsletter)

4.     Scudder, Janet (7 items donated by Dorothy Clark include newspaper clippings and newsletter articles; 2 items are OVERSIZED, BOX 1)

5.     Seamon, D. Omer (brochure and postcard re: studio; 1973 newsclipping)

6.     Seamon, D. Omer:  A Retrospective Exhibition of the Art of D. Omer Seamon, The Sheldon Swope Art Gallery (opening invitation; Sept. 11, 1981)

7.     Seamon, D. Omer:  Seamon Studio (brochure; n.d.)

8.     Seamon, D. Omer:  --Salty Seamon: Hoosier Artist-- (film brochure; Audio-Visual Center, Indiana State University; n.d.)

9.     Seamon, D. Omer:  Water Colors by D. Omer Seamon (studio brochure; n.d.; 2 copies)

10.  Turner, Donald Eugene:  Dignity: An Exhibition of Black Art (program/brochure; Feb. 10-March 1, 1974)

11.  Wilson, Gilbert (newsclipping, ca. 1935)

12.  Gilbert Wilson: Mural Painter, in Scribner’s Magazine, May 1937, pp. 45-51. OVERSIZED, BOX 3

13.  One Man's Search for Eternity:  The Murals of Gilbert Wilson,  Better Times (Feb. 3, 1978; Feb. 27, 1978)--OVERSIZED, BOX 3

14.  Wilson, Gilbert:  See Postcard Collection (Tragedy --Vigil Strange,-- mural painting in the Community Theatre; Comedy --Moonlight Revel,-- mural painting in the Community Theatre)

15.  Art for Humanity's Sake:  Gilbert Wilson at Antioch College, Timeline (Jan./Feb. 2003; pages 46-54)

16.  Michael Neary: Living on the Edge, Terre Haute Tribune Star (October 5, 2001)


Arts (Ind) 

1.     Booklet:  A Hoosier History by David Laurance Chambers, based on the mural paintings of Thomas Hart Benton, 1933

2.     Catalogue Indiana Art Association Exhibition, 1878

3.     Catalogue: Sixth Indiana Artists’ Traveling Exhibition, 1915-16

4.     Arts Indiana: Literary Supplement, 1989.  OVERSIZED, BOX 1


Arts (WV) 

1.     Turman Gallery, Indiana State University:  Recent Acquisitions List, July-October 1973

2.     The Women's Art Symposium, Turman Gallery, Indiana State University (Exhibition catalogue; Feb. 9-28, 1977)


Arts and Crafts (Ind) 

1.     Indiana Coverlets and Coverlet Weavers (pamphlet; 1928)


Associations (Ind) 

1.     Indiana Colonization Society, Address: 1829


Associations (WV)--See archival collection #860820


Authors (Ind) 

General (pamphlets/articles):

1.     Cultural History of Indianapolis: Literature, 1875-1890 Indiana Magazine of History, Sept. 1956

2.     Literary Indiana by R. Katharine Beeson, 1925

3.     Books About Indiana, 1920

4.     Some Indiana Writers and Poets, 1908

5.     Indiana Writers, 1956

6.    Authors of Indianapolis and Marion County, 1971

7.     Indiana Authors, 1966


Individual authors (A-Z):

8.     Byard, Newman.  Lays, Laughs, and Lyrics.  1955

9.     Coulter, John G.  Hanover in The Dean.  1940

10.  Greenwood, Alice D.O.  (poetry, typewritten)

11.  Herschell, William (bio. pamphlet)

12.  Hubbard, Kin.  Abe Martin-Kin Hubbard.  1939

13.  Hunt, Mabel Leigh. (book advertisement, 1947)

14.  Krout, Mary Hannah.  Literary Women of Indiana.  1916

15.  Landis, Frederick.  The Hoosier Editor.

16.  Porter, Gene Stratton.  (bio. article, 1926)

17.  Ridpath, John Clark.  The Bond and the Dollar.”1896

18.  Strauss, Juliet V. (bio. newsclippings)

19.  Tarkington, Booth (bio. pamphlet, n.d.)

20.  Tarkington, Booth.  The Spring Concert.  1916

21.  Tarkington, Booth.  (promotional brochure, n.d.)

22.  Thompson, Maurice.  A Red-Headed Family.  1885?


 Authors (WV)



1.     Mimeographed list of local writers, n.d.


Individual authors (A-Z):

2.     Abbott, Jane (bio. article from Indiana Lives)

3.     Adamson, Ruth E.  Motorist’s Guide to Some Historic Spots and Towns Along the National Old Trails Road.  1929

4.     Adamson, Ruth E.  Two letters from author Carl E. Killion, Aug. 7, 1967 and April 6, 1971

5.     Allen, Betty C.   Poems and one short story

6.     Armstrong, Frank.  Travels in European Countries.  1899 (3 copies)

7.     Armstrong, Frank.  Travels in European Countries.  1893 (2 copies)

8.     Arnold, Mary Foote.  The Wayside Sphinx, in The Black Cat, August 1901.

9.     Arnold, Mary Foote.  A Geometrical Design,” in The Black Cat, July 1897.

10.  Ballou, Virginia Leach.  Blue Smoke in the Sunset.  1945

11.  Barcus, James S.  Patriot or Pessimist? in Uncle Sam’s Study of Expansion.  1900

12.  Bell, Edward Price.  Italy’s Rebirth.  1924

13.  Bell, Edward Price.  Germany’s Hope for Peace.  1924

14.  Beste, J. Richard (misc. bio. info.)

15.  Campbell, Helen M., comp.  Our Shepherd Lord.

16.  Chezem, Samuel S.  On Wisdom’s Trail or The Key to Knowledge, vol. 1, 1925.

17.  Cowgill, S. Macy.  As It Seems to Me.  (mimeographed, 1964)

18.  Crosley, Ret.  Remember the Girl in Your Old Home Town, in Musical Dixie, March 1923, p. 8

19.  Davis, Sydney B.  Report of National Prison Association Committee on Criminal Law Reform.  Plainfield, IN: Printing Department Indiana Boys’ School, 1904.

20.  Davis, Sydney B.  Immortality: Reason and Revelation. Plainfield, IN: Printing Department Indiana Boys’ School, 1904.

21.  Grant, Edith Blood.  Candlelight Chapbook of Nursery Rhymes. rev. ed. 1968.

22.  Hathaway, A.S.  Notes on Projective Geometry.  n.d.

23.  Hosford, Maud.  Happy-Valley Verses.  n.d.

24.  Jensen, Eileen.  Androcles and the Librarian.

25.  Kaplan, Jacob H.  The Daughters and their Mother or the Relation of Religion and Her Offspring. 1915

26.  Mack, John G.D.  The Four Wisconsin Capitols.  ca. 1923

27.  Markle, A.R.  Theodore Dreiser and His Fictitious History. (typewritten, 1951)

28.  McCrory, Oliver Hale.  Silence in the Sycamores.  1951.

29.  McGaughy, Helen.  The Sycamore Tree.”  In Bouquet of Poems, 1963.

30.  O’Neal, James.  The Workers in American History.  1910.

31.  Sandison, Howard.  Notes on Psychology.  n.d.

32.  Sellman, John.  Seven Summary Letters Describing Journeys Through Seven Mediterranean Countries, 1939

33.  Shackelford, Jane Dabney.  Christmas card from Jane Shackelford to Bernice Higgins (December 22, 1937)

34.  Temple, F.L.  A Letter Supported by Facts and Fallacies Regarding the Depression, 1932.

35.  Thorpe, Rosa Hartwick.  Curfew Must Not Ring Tonight, ca. 1891-92.

36.  Voorhees, James Paxton.  A Dwarf’s Humility.  1919

37.  Voorhees, James Paxton.  The Unknown Quantity.  n.d.


Individual authors (A-Z):


1.     Walker, Guy Morrison:

a)     Gods of the Nations and Knowledge and Belief, 1921

b)     Some China, 1922

c)     The Things That Are Caesar’s:  A Defence of Wealth, 1922

d)     The Spirit of Indiana, 1907 (2 copies)

e)     The Way Our Fathers Trod, 1909

f)      The Value of the Books & Pamphlets of Guy Morrison Walker, 1930

38.  Weaver, Odell.  The Prince Consort:  A Comedy Opera.  n.d.

39.  Wickersham, James A.  Stray Leaves of Verse.  1943

40.  Williams, Dorothy Blake.  Intimations of Life in a Parsonage.  1946. (2 copies)

41.  Williams, J. G.  The Money Question in Its Relation to the Political Campaign of 1896.  1896


Automobile Racing (WV) 

1.     Newsclipping of Ira Hall


2.     Wabash Valley Auto Racing Fan Club--Tenth Annual Awards Banquet, Feb. 19, 1975

3.     4th Tony Hulman Classic, April 14, 1974

4.     5th Annual Tony Hulman Classic, 1975

5.     Action Track, 1967

6.     Action Track, ca. 1961

7.     Terre Haute Fairgrounds Speedway, ca. 1960

8.     Terre Haute Action Track, 1971

9.     Terre Haute Action Track, 1972

10.  Terre Haute Action Track, 1972--USAC Sprints (8/6/72)

11.  Terre Haute Action Track, 1973

12.  Terre Haute Action Track, 1974

13.  Terre Haute Action Track, 1975

14.  Terre Haute Action Track, 1976

15.  Terre Haute Action Track, 1976


Automobile Laws/Legislation (Ind) 

1.     Indiana Drivers’ Manual (1954; booklet; 2 copies)

Aviation (Ind)

1.     Business card:  Eston L. (Bud) Perry, Board of Aviation Commissioners, 1969  

2.     Oakes, Claudia M.  United States Women in Aviation, 1930-1939.  Washington, D.C.: Smithsonian Institution Press, 1991.  (Contains information on local women:  Willa Brown, pages 7-8; Ellen Church, pages 20-22)


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