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 Banks and Banking (WV) 

1.     Terre Haute College Bank (photocopy of two dollar bill showing Main Hall of Terre Haute Commercial College, n.d.)

2.     Terre Haute Savings Bank:  125 Years of Service, 1869-1994 (brochure; 1994)


 1.     Alden, Ernest G. "Memoirs of Ernest G. Alden" (1954 manuscript)

2.     Baldwin, Harmon A.  Toast and Roast for Harmon A. Baldwin, June 25, 1984 (program)

3.     Ball, Susan.  3 newspaper clippings (photocopies)

4.     Bird, Larry.  3 folders containing several magazines and newspaper articles published nationally

5.     Blumberg, Fannie Burgheim.  Newspaper article 1997 (2 copies)—OVERSIZED BOX 3

6.     Brown, Willa (Willa Brown Chappell).  32 items include newspaper clippings, articles, and census records;
                                                                              1 newspaper article, OVERSIZED, BOX 3

7.     Chalos, Pete.  Growing Up in Terre Haute (2001 booklet)

8.     Church, Ellen (Ellen Church Marshall).   21 items donated by Joyce Lakey include United Airlines correspondence
                                                                          and newspaper articles; 4 biographical articles;
                                                                        1 newspaper clipping—The Post, Jan. 11, 1989, OVERSIZED, BOX 1

9.     Davis, Ida May.  Typewritten copy of newspaper article, 1891

10.  Dischinger, Terry   Terry Dischinger Day, Sept. 26, 1960 (program)

11.  Eichelberger, Octavia B.  Art and Travel Talks: Mrs. Octavia B. Eichelberger (brochure; ca. 1910; 5 copies)

12.  Howell, Harry H.  “Red”

            2 newspaper clippings (photocopies; 1976)

            Funeral card, July 7, 1982 (photocopy)

13.  Hulman, Antonia Riefenstahl (Mrs. Herman Hulman)

            Funeral card, 1883

14.  Hulman Family

a. The Hulmans Coming to America, Tribune-Star, May 25, 1997—OVERSIZED BOX 3
The Hulmans Building a Dynasty, Tribune-Star, May 26, 1997—OVERSIZED BOX 3
c. The Hulmans Legacy Lives On, Tribune-Star, May 27, 1997—OVERSIZED BOX 3

15.  Jenckes, Virginia E. (campaign flyer, n.d.)

16.  Larrison, Leland (campaign flyer, n.d.)

17.  Maclure, William.   Published memoir, 1841

18.  Manning, Louise Peppers

            2 biographical sketches

            Presentation of Flag to 43rd Regiment at Evansville, 1861 (typewritten copy) 

19.  Manning, Mary

                  Certificates of Promotion: Terre Haute Public Schools, 1889-1892

                  Fairy Opera of the Naiad Queen (script; 3 circulars)

20.  Manson, Madeleine

                  82nd Birthday Celebration, Hulman Civic Center, Sept. 22, 1983 (program)

21.  McKeen, W.R.

                  1 newspaper clipping

22.  Perry, Cynthia Shepard

                  8 newspaper clippings (photocopies)

23.  Slocum, Frances—See:  Indians (Ind)   

24.  Thompson/Thomson, Charles

            2 receipts (1821; 1825)

25.  Wilson, Leroy

Article with photo reprinted from Indiana Bell Telephone Company employee magazine, n.d.


Birds (Ind) 

1.     The Hoosier Naturalist, vol. 2, no. 10, May 1887

2.     The Hoosier Naturalist, vol. 2, no. 12, July 1887


Boys’ Club (T.H.) 

1.     “A Brief History of the Flora Gulick Boys Club” by Flora Gilman Gulick, 1908 (2 copies)

2.     Newspaper clippings and brief histories


Bridges (Ind)

 1.     Newspaper clippings

2.     Historic postcard: National Road Bridge, 1916


Bridges (WV)

 1.     Letter from George A. Scott to Miss Crawford re: the construction of the Wabash River bridge, circa 1905 (Date of letter, August 8, 1929)


Budget (T.H.)—See separate archival collections 

Budget (V.C.)—See separate archival collections

Business & Industry (Ind) 

1.     Indiana’s Uncommon Clay: The Ceramics Industry, Oct. 1947 (1 copy); reprint edition 1953 (1 copy).

2.     Indiana's Structural Clay Products Industry, May 1957.

3.     Indiana Limestone, reprint 1953.

4.     Indiana’s Furniture Industry Moves Up!, 1956.

5.     Man-Made Forests in Indiana: The Story of an Industrial Cycle, n.d.

6.     Markets of America, vol. 32, 1968.

7.     Electric Companies of Indiana (brochure; ca. 1954)

8.     Public Service Company of Indiana (brochure; 1953)


Business & Industry (WV)—See archival collection #860718


Business & Industry (WV)—Directories & Surveys

1.     Industrial Survey of Terre Haute, Indiana, 1928. Prepared by W.H. Duncan, Terre Haute Chamber of Commerce (12 pages; 3 copies)

2.     Industrial Survey of Terre Haute, Indiana, 1930. Prepared by W.H. Duncan, Terre Haute Chamber of Commerce


Canals (Ind) 

1.     The Wabash & Erie Canal (paper written by Professor Albert A. Faurot in 1916 for the Terre Haute Literary Society)

2.     Letter re: canal research, 1933

3.     Wabash & Erie Canal subscription receipt, 1859

4.     Wabash & Erie Canal land certificates (3 certificates dated 1841; 2 certificates dated 1842; 2 certificates dated 1845)

5.     The Irish War (pamphlet; 1953; 2 copies)

6.     Newspaper clippings and articles

7.     Newspaper:  Daily National Intelligencer, Washington, Nov. 5, 1849.  OVERSIZED, BOX 3


Canals (Ind)—Canal Society of Indiana 

1.     Terre Haute Through the Canal Era:  A Sketch of Aspects of Terre Haute, Indiana History From Prehistoric Times through the Wabash and Erie Canal Era.  By Mike McCormick. (Booklet for Canal Society of Indiana, Spring Tour, April 8-10, 1994)

2.     The Wabash and Erie Canal:  Where Frogs Their Vigil Keep.  (Program of Canal Society of Indiana, May 1994)

3.     Upper Whitewater and Hagerstown Canals.  (Booklet for Canal Society of Indiana, Fall Tour, October 22-24, 1993)


Cartoons and Cartoonists (Ind)

1.     Cartoon Souvenir: 70th Indiana General Assembly by Louis Richard

2.     Newspaper clipping on Kin Hubbard


Caves (Ind) 

1.     Indiana Caves and Their Fauna (booklet; n.d.)

2.     “Rescue Terre Haute Boy From Cave,” Terre Haute Tribune, Sept. 28, 1959 (photocopy)


Cemeteries (WV)

 1.     Ordinances and Rules Governing the Cemeteries, Terre Haute, 1886

2.     Map of Highland Lawn Cemetery, n.d.

3.     Highland Lawn Chapel Renovation (Dedication program, April 5, 1988)

4.     Highland Lawn National Register (Open House program, May 19, 1991)

5.     Highland Lawn Bell Tower Renovation (Dedication program, May 3, 1992)

6.     Roselawn Funeral Home and Memorial Park, circa 1990s


Census (WV) 

1.     First Census of the Town of Terre Haute, Oct. 9, 1829 (typescript; 2 copies)


Centennial (Ind)—See History (Ind)—Centennial


Chamber of Commerce (T.H.)—See separate archival collection


Charities (WV) 

1.     Board of Health & Charities (annual report, 1912)

2.     Goodwill Industries (mock-up for advertisement poster; n.d.)

3.     Goodwill Industries (bumper sticker; n.d.)—OVERSIZED, BOX #1

4.     Light House Mission (annual report, 1911)

5.     Light House Mission: “One-of-a-Thousand-Club” certificates, ca. 1930s (3 copies)

6.     Rose Ladies’ Aid Society (annual report, 5/1877-5/1878)

7.     Rose Ladies’ Aid Society (annual report, 5/1886-5/1887)

8.     Rose Ladies’ Aid Society (annual report, 1895-96)

9.     Rose Ladies’ Aid Society (annual report, 1896-97)

10.  Rose Ladies’ Aid Society (annual report, 1906-07)

11.  Rose Ladies’ Aid Society (annual report, 1930-31)


Children (Ind) 

1.     Community Coordinated Child Care: Guidelines for Comprehensive Service, State of Indiana, 1972. 

Children (WV) 

1.     United Child Care Center (brochure; n.d.)

Children’s Learning Center (V.C.) 

1.     United Cerebral Palsy News, Octover 1960 (newsletter)

2.     United Cerebral Palsy News, November 1960 (newsletter)

3.     United Cerebral Palsy News, February 1961 (newsletter)

4.     Beacon School of the Valley (fact sheet; ca. 1961)

5.     Beacon School of the Valley (brochure; ca. 1960; 2 copies)

6.     Our Story: United Cerebral Palsy (pamphlet; ca. 1957; 2 copies)


Churches (Illinois) 

1.     Dedication of the Methodist Episcopal Church of Paris, Illinois (program; May 10, 1903)

2.     Centennial: First M.E. Church, Paris, Illinois (program; March 18-25, 1923)

3.     Centennial of the Organization of the Presbyterian Church, Paris, Illinois (program; November 2-9, 1924)

 Churches (Ind)—Catholic (Roman) 

1.     St. Mary Catholic Church, Sullivan, Indiana: 125th Anniversary, 1867-1992 (booklet; 1992)


Churches (Ind)—Methodist

 1.     Brazil First United Methodist Church: Sesquicentennial Celebration, 1839-1989 (pamphlet; 1989)

Churches (WV)—See archival collection #861006


Cities and Towns


Clay City, Indiana:

1.     Illustrations and Biographical Sketches: People and Places of Interest of Clay City, Indiana        n.d.


City Planning (T.H.)

1.     Community Development Block Grant Report, May 1982

2.     Community Development Block Grant Report, June 1983


Civil Defense (Ind) 

1.     “A Report of the Indiana State Council of Defense,” 1917.


Civil Liberty (Ind) 

1.     Indiana Civil Rights Commission Report, 1967.

2.     Indiana Civil Rights Commission Report, 1969.


Coal (Ind) 

1.     Report of Coal Production by Rail Shipping Mines in the State of Indiana during Calendar Years 1917 to 1950 Classified by Counties, Railroads, Veins of Coal, and Type of Operation, 1951.

2.     Report of Coal Production by Rail Shipping Mines in the State of Indiana during Calendar Years 1917 to 1952 Classified by Counties, Railroads, Veins of Coal, and Type of Operation, 1953.

3.     Coal: An Indiana Heritage, ca. 1957.

4.     Indiana Coal, ca. 1945.

5.     Indiana Coal, 1953.

6.     Open Cut Coal Mining in Indiana, ca. 1948.  (pamphlet; 2 copies)

7.     The Story of Open Cut Mining in Indiana (booklet; 1940)

8.     The Truth About Coal Mining in Indiana (booklet; 1927)


CODA (Council on Domestic Abuse)—See Social Agencies (V.C.)


Colleges and Universities (Ind)—See archival collection #860910


Colleges and Universities (WV)—See archival collection #860910


Courthouse (V.C.) 

1.     Vigo County Courthouse (greeting card; 1976)

2.     Newspaper clippings 

3.     Courthouse Centennial button, August 26, 1984


Crawfordsville (Ind)

 1.     Journal and Review, Sept. 24, 1965.  Special issue of the Crawfordsville newspaper which contains historical articles about the city.  OVERSIZED, BOX 3


Crime and Criminals (Ind) 

1.     Gold, Guns, and Gallows, 1951.


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