Community Affairs File--Archives


Dance (WV) 

1.     Newspaper clippings on the Tokio, 1916-1920

2.     Letter to John Weber (manager of Tokio) from C.L. Wood, 1922

3.     Invitation to the Bachelors’ Ball, Feb. 23, 1900, at The Armory, Terre Haute

4.     Invitation: Married Gentlemens’ Soiree, Feb. 16, 1860

5.     Invitation: Bachelor Assemblies Semi-monthly Social Assemblies, Nov. 1860

6.     Invitation: Bachelors’ Fancy Dress Ball, March 3, 1859

7.     Invitation: Married Gentlemen’s Soiree, Feb. 24, 1859

8.     Invitation to Town Hall party, Nov. 17, 1854 (?)

9.     Ticket to Bachelor Soiree, March 3, 1859

10.  Ticket to Bachelor Soiree, March 3, 1859

11.  Ticket to Bachelor Assemblies, 1860-61

12.  Plain Truths About Dancing (sermon by Rev. C. Fenwick Reed, Terre Haute, n.d.)

13.  Tokio memorabilia (5 items; ca. 1917-1920)


Debs, Eugene V.—See also archival collection #780605 

1.     Labor Hall of Fame (brochure; 2 copies)

2.     Speech by Ned Bush re: Eugene V. Debs High School, 1970 (typewritten)

3.     Debs Foundation brochure (ca. 1963; 2 copies)

4.     Promotional flyer for documentary film, “Eugene Debs and the American Movement”

5.     “The Home of Eugene V. Debs” (brochure; 1993; 2 copies)

6.     Indiana’s Historic Eugene V. Debs Home (brochure; n.d. 2 copies)


Debs Foundation (T.H.)


1.     The Debs Foundation Newsletter, Fall 1986

2.     The Debs Foundation Newsletter, Spring 1987

3.     The Debs Foundation Newsletter, Fall 1991 (2 copies)

4.     The Debs Foundation Newsletter, Fall 1992

5.     Dedication: Debs Memorial (May 9-10, 1964; program)

6.     Eugene V. Debs Awards Dinner for Pete Seeger (program; Nov. 3, 1979)


Department of Redevelopment (T.H.) 

1.     Terre Haute Redevelopment Commission (annual report, 1969)

2.     Terre Haute Redevelopment Commission (annual report, 1970; 2 copies)

3.     Map showing Community Center Urban Renewal Area, 1968

4.     Terre Haute Community Center Urban Renewal Area (brochure; ca. 1966; 2 copies)


Dreiser, Theodore—See archival collection #780810


Dresser, Paul—See archival collection #780810


Disasters (WV) 

1.     Newspaper clippings re: tornado, 1896

2.     Terre Haute’s Tornado and Flood Disaster, March 23-30, 1913 (booklet)


Drugs (WV) 

1.     TOKE, 1st edition.  (Drug Crisis Center newsletter; n.d.)

2.     TOKE, vol. 2, ed. 5 (Drug Crisis Center newsletter; April 27, 1973)


Economic Conditions (WV) 

1.     Ecoonomic Survey of the Terre Haute Area, Part 1, 1951


Education (Ind) 

1.     Picture Study: A Manual for Indiana Teachers, 1926

2.     Educational—General Features from History of Indiana, 1961

3.     Education, n.d.

4.     Studies in School Attendance, 1927

5.     The Revised School Law of the State of Indiana, 1855

6.     An Address on Education, 1852

7.     Report of the Indiana Rural Education Survey Committee, 1926

8.     Higher Education in Indiana, 1891

9.     A Study of Basic Costs Per Pupil for an Effective Art Program in Grades One to Six. (pamphlet; ca. 1952)


Education (Ind)—Adult 

1.     Adult Horizons—Newsletter of the Adult Education Association of Indiana, March 1964-Spring 1983.


Education (WV) 

1.     Flyer, ca. 1936


Ehrmann, Max—See also archival collections #771220, #881115B-, #910601B-

 1.     Newspaper clippings of poetry and biographical articles

2.     Max Ehrmann Centennial Archive Collection—list of materials, 1971-72.

3.     Publisher’s promotional flyer: The Journal of Max Ehrmann (4 copies)

4.     Publisher’s promotional flyer: The Poems of Max Ehrmann (4 copies)

5.     Max Ehrmann: A Centennial Tribute by Richard W. Dowell, 1972 (2 copies)

6.     Max Ehrmann bibliography, 1972 (2 copies)

7.     Max Ehrmann Centennial Concert, Scottish Rite Cathedral, Sept. 23, 1972 (program; 3 copies)

8.     Two tickets to the Max Ehrmann Centennial Celebration, Sept. 23, 1972

9.     Desiderata Christmas card, n.d.

10.  Publisher's promotional flyer: Desiderata (in The Poem's of Max Ehrmann)

11.  Publisher's promotional flyer:  Max Ehrmann: A Poet's Life by Bertha K. Ehrmann

12.  The Desiderata (You are a Child of the Universe). (Sheet music, 1971)


Elections (Ind)

 1.     1962 Official Political Calendar


Elections (Vigo Co.) 

1.     Newspaper clippings, 1896; ca. 1950s


Employment/Unemployment (Ind) 

1.     “Employment Security in Indiana,” 1946     

2.     “The Governor’s Commission On Unemployment Relief,” 1934


Evansville (Ind) 

1.     “Evansville, Indiana: 1812-1962”

2.     “Visitor’s Guide to Ideal Evansville,” n.d. 


Fairbanks Home for Aged Women (T.H.)

1.     By-Laws, Articles of Incorporation, n.d.

2.     Rules and Regulations and Information Regarding Admission


Fairs (Vigo Co.) 

1.     Vigo Agricultural Society, Program and Premium List. September 20-23, 1859.

2.     Vigo Agricultural Society, Program and Premium List. September 26-29, 1866

3.     Vigo Agricultural Society, Program and Premium List. September 19-20, 1867

4.     Vigo Agricultural Society, Program and Premium List. September 21-26, 1868

5.     Vigo Agricultural Society, Program and Premium List. September 14-17, 1869

6.     Vigo Agricultural Society, Program and Premium List. September 6-10, 1870

7.     Vigo Agricultural Society, Program and Premium List. September 17-21, 1872

8.     Vigo Agricultural Society, Program and Premium List. September 2-6, 1873

9.     Vigo Agricultural Society, Program and Premium List. September 1-5, 1874

10.  Vigo Agricultural Society, Program and Premium List. September 19-23, 1876

11.  Vigo Agricultural Society, Program and Premium List. September 9-14, 1878

12.  Vigo Agricultural Society, Program and Premium List. October 1-5, 1894

13.  Terre Haute Horticultural Society—annual exhibition, Sept. 11-12, 1866 (Constitution, By- laws, and Premium List)


Fire Department (T.H.) 

1.     Report of the Chief of the Fire Force for the Year 1907, City of Terre Haute, Indiana


Fire Protection (Ind)


1.     Indiana Fire Prevention Yearbook and Journal, 1927


First Facts (T.H.)


1.     “Firsts” in Terre Haute, Indiana.  Prepared Feb. 24, 1959 by Terre Haute Chamber of  Commerce.  (mimeographed; 3 pages; 2 copies)


Floods and Flood Control (Ind)

 1.     The Indianapolis Flood, March 25, 1913—Measures for Relief of Flood Victims; the Report of the Indianapolis General Relief Committee for Flood Sufferers, 1913.

2.     The Flood of 1913 in the Lower White River Region of Indiana, by Hal P. Bybee and Clyde A. Malott.  (Indiana University Bulletin, October 1914)


Floods and Flood Control (WV) 

1.     Terre Haute’s Tornado and Flood Disaster, 1913 (booklet; 2 copies)


Folklore (Ind) 

1.     Hoosier Folklore Bulletin:  June 1942

2.     Hoosier Folklore Bulletin:  August 1942

3.     Hoosier Folklore Bulletin:  December 1942

4.     Hoosier Folklore Bulletin:  June 1943

5.     Hoosier Folklore Bulletin:  December 1943 (2 copies)

6.     Hoosier Folklore Bulletin:  March 1944 (2 copies)

7.     Hoosier Folklore Bulletin:  June 1944 (2 copies)

8.     Hoosier Folklore Bulletin:  September 1944 (2 copies)

9.     Hoosier Folklore Bulletin:  December 1944 (2 copies)

10.  Hoosier Folklore Bulletin:  March 1945 (2 copies)

11.  Hoosier Folklore Bulletin:  June 1945 (2 copies)                   

12.  Hoosier Folklore Bulletin:  September 1945

13.  Hoosier Folklore Bulletin:  December 1945

14.  Hoosier Folklore Bulletin:  March 1946

15.  Hoosier Folklore Bulletin:  June 1946

16.  Hoosier Folklore Bulletin:  September 1946 (2 copies)        

17.  Hoosier Folklore Bulletin:  December 1946

18.  Hoosier Folklore Bulletin:  March 1947

19.  “Hoosier Tall Stories” by Federal Writers’ Project in Indiana, W.P.A., 1937.  (pamphlet)


Folklore (WV)


1.     The Old Indian Orchard: A Legend, by Chester L. Fidlar, 1896

2.     35 items: These are the originals to be used as a back-up file for copies in Special Collections.


Forests and Forestry (Ind) 

1.     Frances Slocum State Forest (brochure; n.d.)

2.     Suggestions for Tree Planting during the George Washington Bicentennial and for Washington
                  Memorial Forests (Dept. of Conservation Publication No. 109; ca. 1932)


Fort Harrison (T.H.) 

1.     Centennial program, Sept. 4, 1912

2.     Centennial booklet, Sept. 4, 1912

3.     Fort Harrison Centennial Association, 1912 (brochure)

4.     Misc. articles and newspaper clippings on Fort Harrison, Zachary Taylor, and William Henry Harrison

5.     Old Fort Harrison (notecard; n.d.)


Geology (Ind) 

1.     “Common Rocks, Minerals, and Fossils Found in Indiana,” 1954 (pamphlet)

2.     “Gypsum and Anhydrite Deposits in Southwestern Indiana,” 1954 (pamphlet)

3.     “Iron Deposits in Southwestern Indiana,” 1956 (pamphlet)


Geology (WV) 

1.     “The Geology of Vigo County Indiana,” by J.T. Scovell, 1896 (2 copies)

2.     “Vigo County Indiana: Its Shales and Clays,” 1904


Girl Scouts (WV) 

1.     “The First Days of Girl Scouting in Terre Haute.”  19 page paper written by Helen Woody Annakin, March 16, 1964

Glass (Ind) 

1.     St. Clair Glass Works, Inc., Elwood, Indiana (brochure; n.d.)

Government (Ind) 

1.     An Aid to the Citizen in Indiana by Martha Block.  Terre Haute, IN: Woman’s Franchise League of Indiana, 1920 (booklet)

2.     Why Indiana Needs a New Constitution, by James Albert Woodburn.  Indianapolis, IN: 
Woman’s Franchise League of Indiana, 1913 (published address)

3.     Civil Government of the State of Indiana by Marshall Williams, 1905

4.     Forms of City Government: An Outline of the Federal, Commission and Commission-
                    Manager Plans of City Government by Frank G. Bates, 1916

5.     Historic Documents Relating to the Organization of the State of Indiana by the authority of the
                      Board of School Trustees, Terre Haute, Indiana, 1917

6.     Constitution of the State of Indiana and of the United States,
                     issued by the Legislative Bureau, State House, Indianapolis, Indiana, 1954

7.     Indiana’s Century Old Constitution by John D. Barnhardt and Donald F. Carmony. 
State Constitution Centennial Commission, Indianapolis, 1951

8.     Who's in Charge Here?: A Look at Local Government in Terre Haute and Vigo County.
                        Compiled and published by the League of Women Voters of Terre Haute, 1969.

9.     Local Government in Vigo County. Compiled by the League of Women Voters of Vigo County, 1989.  

Governors (Ind) 

1.     Biographical sketches from History of Indiana include the following Governors:  Jennings, William Hendricks, Ray, Noah Noble, David Wallace, Samuel Bigger, James Whitcomb, Joseph A. Wright, Ashbel P. Willard, O.P. Morton, Conrad Baker, Thomas A. Hendricks, Williams


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