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History (WV)--See also Terre Haute 

1.     Abraham Markle, 1770-1826

2.     Eras, Periods, and Epochs of Terre Haute History (7 pages, photocopies; 5 pages, typescript)

3.     Historical Notes on Terre Haute by Robert Clifton (5 pages, typescript)

4.     Historical Notes of Terre Haute, Indiana as taken from the Art Souvenir of Terre Haute, by Robert Clifton (1929; 2 pages, typescript)

5.     Terre Haute: Our Long Ago Past (1 sheet; ca. 1971; 2 copies)

6.     The Story of Vigo by I.K. Russell.  Terre Haute, Ind.: The Vigo Bread Company, n.d. (pamphlet; 3 copies; 2 other copies filed under "Vigo, Francis")

7.     Reminiscences of Old Terre Haute--speech given by George C. Fischer before the Optimist Club of Terre Haute, Feb. 21, 1945 (pamphlet; 2 copies)

8.     History of Terre Haute in 1850 by John Schlicher (Bulletin No. 11 in a series of Historical Papers issued by Terre Haute Public Schools, July 1917)

9.     A Historical Sketch of Terre Haute, Ind., Its Advantages for Manufacture and Attractions as a Home by Loren Hassam.  Terre     Haute, Ind.: Gazette Job Rooms-L.M. Rose & Co., 1873 (pamphlet; 4 copies)

10.  History of Vigo County, Indiana and Its Townships by Dorothy J. Clark, Vigo County Historical Society, 1968 (pamphlet; 36 pages; 1 copy)

11.  Terre Haute and Vigo County (photocopy from Indiana Today, pp. 57-66)

12.  The House of Truman Blackman by A.R. Markle (pamphlet; 3 copies; n.d.)


Holidays, Special Weeks, Days, Events (Ind) 

1.     Indiana Day, December Eleventh (n.d.; 6 copies)

2.     Grand Moonlight Festival--New Goshen, Ind. (flyer; July 10, 1884)


Holidays, Special Weeks, Days, Events (WV) 

1.     In Memoriam: Terre Haute's Tribute to James A. Garfield (Issued by Morton Post No. 1, G.A.R.: 1881)


Horse Racing (WV) 

1.     Terre Haute Fair Race Association--Score Card, August 15, 1894

2.     Terre Haute Fair Race Association--Score Card, August 16, 1894

3.     Terre Haute Fair Race Association--Score Card, August 17, 1894

4.     Terre Haute Trotting Association Program, Sept. 13, 1894 OVERSIZED, BOX 1

5.     Letter on horse racing/training, etc. (7 pages; n.d.)


Hospitals (Ind) 

1.     Muscatatuck State Hospital and Training Center--Annual Report, 1972-73


Hospitals (T.H.)


St. Anthony:

1.     Hospital News, May 12, 1929 (newsletter)

2.     Diamond Jubilee, 1882-1957 (75th anniversary booklet)

3.     St. Anthony's Hospital, 1882-1932 (souvenir program; 50th anniversary)

4.     St. Anthony Hospital School of Nursing Bulletin (1938-39)

5.     St. Anthony Hospital School of Nursing Bulletin (1941-42)

6.     St. Anthony Hospital: Its Record of Service and Its Needs for the Future (pamphlet; 2 copies; ca. 1921)



1.     The Union Hospital, 1910-1941 (booklet; 3 copies) OVERSIZED, BOX 1

2.     The Union Hospital, 1906-1907 (annual report)

3.     The Union Hospital of Terre Haute, Indiana: A Record of Service During the Past Twenty Years, 1910-1930

4.     Invitation to 100th Year Celebration, Oct. 3, 1992

5.     Home Health Care (brochure; 1994)


Hotels and Motels (WV) 

1.     Deere Run Bed and Breakfast (brochure; 1993)

2.     Larry Bird's Boston Connection (brochure; 1993; 2 copies)

3.     Tiara Manor Bed and Breakfast, Paris, IL  (business card and brochure; 1994)


Housing Authority (T.H.) 

1.    The Story of Low-Rent Housing in Terre Haute (brochure; circa 1963)

2.     The Story of the Progress and Goal of Low Rent Housing in Terre Haute (booklet; circa 1960)


Hulman Civic University Center 

1.     University-Civic Amphitheater--Development Program, Phase I (brochure and booklet), 1970

2.     Hulman Civic University Center (brochure; n.d.)

3.     Opening Weekend Souvenir Program (Dec. 14-15, 1973)


Hyte Center (T.H.) 

1.     History of Hyte Community Center, in Leaves of Thyme, Fall 1992


Illinois Counties--Edgar 

1.     Plat book, n.d.



1.     A Key to Asher and Adams' New Civil and Congressional Township Map of Indiana, 1865 (booklet)

2.     The Indianian: A High Class Illustrated Monthly Magazine,”May 1899

3.     Indiana's Ten Great Gifts to America (Hoosier Celebration Eighty-Eight pamphlet; 1988; 2 copies) OVERSIZED, BOX 1


Indiana Counties--Allen 

1.     Illustrated Guide to the Allen County Court House, 1953 (pamphlet)

2.     Interurban Railways of Allen County Indiana, 1958 (pamphlet)


Indiana Counties--Brown 

1.     Picturesque Brown County, n.d. (pamphlet)


Indiana Counties--Clay 

1.     Clay County Rural Directory, 1954-1955


Indiana Counties--Marion 

1.     Typewritten marriage index, n.d.


Indiana Counties--Parke 

1.     Dedication Program: Parke County Court House, Feb. 22, 1882

2.     Plat Book of Parke County, Indiana (n.d.)


Indiana Counties--Putnam 

1.     Cloverdale Then and Now, 1839-1939 (booklet)


Indiana Counties--Sullivan


1.     Merom-Sullivan County Sesquicentennial, 1816-1966 (booklet)

2.     The Shelburn Bicentennial Enterprise, Vol. 1, No. 1 (newspaper) OVERSIZED, BOX 3

3.     Plat Book of Sullivan County, Indiana (n.d.)


Indiana Counties--Vermillion 

1.     Osanamon: A Story of Vermillion County in the Days before the Coming of the White Men, by L.R. Stewart (typescript; n.d.)


Indiana Counties--Vigo 

1.     Vigo County, Indiana: Official Farm Plat Book and Directory (ca. 1967) 

Indiana State University--See archival collections #821201 and #860910


1.     Indianapolis, 1905 (pamphlet)

2.     Cultural History of Indianapolis: The Theater, 1880-1890. n.d. Article from the Indiana Magazine of History by Eva Draegert.

3.     Present and Future Greatness of Indianapolis.  Chapter 76 of History of Indiana, n.d.

4.     The Indiana Capitol: Its Predecessors and Related Buildings, 1938 (pamphlet; published by Indiana Historical Bureau)

5.     The Indiana Capitol: Its Predecessors and Related Buildings, 1953 (pamphlet; published by Indiana Historical Bureau)

6.     Indianapolis: Capitol of the Land of Opportunity, 1921 (pamphlet)

7.     Indianapolis Facts, ca. 1927 (pamphlet)

8.     Iroquois: The Indianapolis Sentinel Illustrated Magazine Supplement, Nov. 21, 1897

9.     Indianapolis Centennial Pageant Program, 1920

10.  Indiana Centennial Souvenir History of Indianapolis, ca. 1916

11.  Indianapolis Booksellers and Their Literary Background, 1822-1860 by Theodore Vonnegut, 1926 (pamphlet)

12.  Dreher's Simplex Street and House Number Guide of the City of Indianapolis (1950-51 edition)

13.  No Mean City by Kate Milner Rabb, 1922 (booklet; 2 copies)

14.  Souvenir of Indianapolis, 1926 (booklet; 2 copies)

15.  44 newspaper clippings (to be used as a back-up file for SpC) OVERSIZED, BOX 3


  Indians (Ind) 

1.     Frances Slocum of Miami Lodge, by Joseph Allen Minturn (1928; booklet)

2.     The Frances Slocum Trail, by Otho Winger (1933; pamphlet)

3.     The Ke Na Po Co Mo Co Eel River: The Home of Little Turtle, by Otho Winger (1934; pamphlet)

4.     Indian Captivity of Jonathan Alder (1944; pamphlet; 2 copies)


Insects and Spiders (Ind) 

1.     A Preliminary List of the Arachnidae of Indiana, with Keys to Families and Genera of Spiders, by Nathan Banks, 1907 (booklet)

Inventors (WV) 

1.     U.S. Patent by Cal Thomas for Screw-Driver, 1882


Jewish People (Ind) 

1.     A Brief Summary of the History of the Jewish Community of Terre Haute, Indiana (2 pages; typewritten; by Dr. Herman Koren)

2.     Indiana Jewish History--Publication No. 20, The Indiana Jewish Historical Society, February 1986 (pamphlet)


Jewish People (WV)

 1.  Anniversary Program, 150th Anniversary of the Jewish Community in Terre Haute, 1849-1999, United Hebrew Congregation

 2.  Commemorative Book, 150th Anniversary of the Jewish Community in Terre Haute, 1849-1999, United Hebrew Congregation

Ku Klux Klan

1.     Business Card: Marion County Klan No. 13, Southport, Indiana, ca. 1985

2.     Fiery Cross, May 1972--OVERSIZED, BOX 3

3.     Fiery Cross, No. 25, 1981--OVERSIZED, BOX 3

4.     The Klansman, June-July 1985--OVERSIZED, BOX 3

5.     The Klansman, Nov.-Dec. 1985--OVERSIZED, BOX 3

6.     The Klansman, May-June 1986 (2 copies)--OVERSIZED, BOX 3

7.     The Klansman, July-August 1986--OVERSIZED, BOX 3

8.     The Klansman, Sept.-Oct. 1986--OVERSIZED, BOX 3


Labor Unions (WV)

 1.     Membership certificate of Charles Surrell in the Jr. Order United American Mechanics, Chauncey Rose Council, No. 68, Terre Haute, Indiana, 1902


Lakes (Ind)

 1.     Investigations of Indiana Lakes: A Quantitative Study of the Bottom Fauna of Lake Wawasee (Turkey Lake), 1928 (pamphlet)


Laws/Legislature (Ind)


1.     Constitution of Indiana and of the United States, 1917 (2 copies; pamphlet)

2.     Constitution of the State of Indiana and of the United States, 1954 (pamphlet)

3.     Constitution of Indiana, 1851 (pamphlet; n.d.)

4.     Legislative Procedure in the General Assembly of the State of Indiana (1954; pamphlet)

5.     How a Bill Becomes a Law in Indiana (1960; brochure)

6.     Membership Roster 1961 Indiana Legislature (1960; brochure)

7.     State of Indiana Laws Relating to the Employment of Women and Children and the Federal Tax on Employment of Child Labor (1921; pamphlet)


League of Women Voters (WV)--See archival collection #800305


Libraries (Ind) 

1.     The Cleo Rogers Memorial County Library (in Bartholomew Co.)--(brochure; ca. 1970)

2.     The Elkhart Public Library, Elkhart, Indiana (brochure; ca. 1963)


Libraries (WV)--VCPL

 1.     VCPL Board Minutes re: new building, June 14, 1971

2.     Copy of article on library by Ida Harper (typescript)

3.     Article re: petition for first Terre Haute free library in 1879 (typescript; ca. 1920; 2 copies)

4.     The History of the Library and Branches (typescript; ca. 1930)

5.     Invitation to groundbreaking ceremony of new VCPL building, April 22, 1977

6.     Emeline Fairbanks Memorial Library, First Annual Report, 1906-07

7.     Emeline Fairbanks Memorial Library, 15th Annual Report, 1920-21

8.     60th Anniversary celebration invitation, April 17, 1966

9.     Emeline Fairbanks Memorial Library: Sixty Years of Public Library Service in Terre Haute, Indiana, 1906-1966 (pamphlet; 6 copies; 1966)

10.  "Directory of Libraries and Specialized Collections," June 1970.  (booklet produced by Vigo County Public Library)


Lincoln, Abraham 

1.     15 items: include misc. articles and pictures of Lincoln, his home, family members, etc.

2.     Lincoln Memorials (1927; booklet)

3.     President Lincoln's Cabinet (1925; pamphlet)

4.     Abraham Lincoln: From His Own Words and Contemporary Accounts (1961 reprint; pamphlet)

5.     Humorous and Pathetic Stories of Abraham Lincoln (1899; booklet)

6.     Lincoln the Hoosier (1927; booklet; 2 copies)

7.     Abraham Lincoln: An Address Delivered by Hon. David W. Henry, Terre Haute, Indiana, Feb. 12, 1925 (4 copies)

8.     Abraham Lincoln: An Address Delivered by Hon. Oswald Ryan, Indianapolis, Feb. 12, 1929

9.     We Stand on Sacred Soil Today: Remarks of Hon. Louis Ludlow, Aug. 15, 1935

10.  Lincoln Centennial Song Service (ca. 1908?)

11.  Program (at Lincoln Tomb)--(ca. 1926)

12.  Lincoln at the Wills Home and the Gettysburg Address (1938; 75th anniversary booklet)-- OVERSIZED, BOX 2

13.  2 packets of newspaper clippings

14.  2 items with pictures

Lodges (WV)--See archival collection #860618


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