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Maps (WV)--See also:  Indiana Counties--Sullivan (plat book)

                                       Indiana Counties--Vigo (plat book)

                                       Illinois Counties--Edgar (plat book)


Marshall, Illinois

 1.     Account Book and Business Directory of Marshall, Illinois, 1870


Mayors (T.H.) 

1.     Speech given by Mr. William Ball during the Whitney for Mayor Campaign, Fall 1909

2.     Newspaper clipping on James Hook, n.d.

3.     Terre Haute Marches On:  The Story of a City and It's Mayor  (publication prepared by Citizens --Tucker for Mayor-- Committee, 1959)--OVERSIZED, BOX 2

4.     Ralph Tucker funeral card, November 12, 1977


Memorials (Ind) 

1.     Official Souvenir Indiana Soldier and Sailors Monument (1902; booklet)

1.     Indiana State Soldiers and Sailors Monument (info. card; n.d.)

2.     3.  Indiana World War Memorial--Laying of Cornerstone Program, July 4, 1927

3.     Indiana World War Memorial--Laying of Cornerstone, July 4, 1927 (invitation)

4.     George Rogers Clark Memorial Commission, 150th Anniversary, Feb. 25, 1929 (invitation; 2 copies)


Mines and Mining (Ind) 

1.     History of Wage Scales of Indiana Strip Mines from 1914 to 1944 (booklet)

2.     Annual Report of the Bureau of Mines and Mining of the State of Indiana, 1963; 1965; 1968

3.     Open Cut Coal Mining in Indiana (pamphlet; 2 copies; ca. 1948)

4.     Coal Mining Laws of Indiana, 1955 (booklet)


Museums (Ind) 

1.     Indiana Museum of Transport and Communication--Souvenir Program (ca. 1969)

2.     Conner Prairie: Pioneer Settlement and Museum (1971; brochure)


Music (WV) 

1.     Terre Haute Choral Society, Concert program, December 14, 1980

2.     Terre Haute Choral Society, Informational brochure, 1993 (2 copies) 


New Harmony (Ind) 

1.     Historic New Harmony: Official Guide, 1914 (3 copies)

2.     Historic New Harmony: A Guide, 1923

3.     The Story of New Harmony by Clarence P. Wolfe (pamphlet; 1930)

4.     The Story of New Harmony for Children by Caroline Creese Pelham (pamphlet; 1914)

5.      New Harmony Indiana by Caroline Creese Pelham (pamphlet; 1924)

6.     Divinely Led; or, Robert Owen’s Granddaughter (pamphlet; 1881)

7.     Owen, Robert Dale.  “The Future of the North-West: In Connection With the Scheme of    Reconstruction Without New England.”  Philadelphia: Crissy & Markley, 1863.    (pamphlet)

8.     George Rapp and His Associates: Address Delivered by J.S. Duss, June 6, 1914 at New Harmony Centennial Celebration (pamphlet)


Newspapers (Ind) 

1.     “Pioneer Press in Indiana” by Donald F. Carmony.  Indiana History Bulletin, Oct. 1954.  (2 copies)


Newspapers (WV)--See also archival collections #880922A, #880922B, and #880922C 

1.     The Tribune and a Survey of Terre Haute, Indiana (ca. 1923; booklet; 2 copies)

2.     Terre Haute Express Complimentary Christmas booklet (1886)

3.     Copy of “Western Register & Terre Haute Advertiser” (July 21, 1823)--OVERSIZED, BOX 2

4.     List of newspapers on microfilm #070.1:T, Cartridge 1

5.     The Mimic Press: The Amateur Newspaper Craze of a Few Years Ago, Terre Haute Express, July 1, 1883 (photocopy)

6.     Farewell to Wabash Avenue Terre Haute Tribune Star, July 13, 1997. (2 sections) OVERSIZED, BOX 2


Northwest Territory 

1.     Land Titles Regularized in Northwest Territory, Outdoor Indiana, May 1977.

2.     Ordinance of 1787 (copy)

3.     Deed of Cession: Old Northwest Territory (facsimile; 2 copies)

4.     Travelers’ Experiences in the Old Northwest (pamphlet; 1930)

5.     Contemporary Account of the Western Country in 1816 (pamphlet; 1953)

6.     Historical Sketch of Fort Recovery (booklet; 1932)

7.     The Northwest Territory, 1787-1790 by Theodore Roosevelt (pamphlet: reprint of 1896 articles; 2 copies)

8.     Terre Haute Northwest Territory Celebration, August 28-Sept. 3, 1938 (flyer and patron     membership form)

9.     Northwest Territory Celebration Commission, Marietta, Ohio (2 informational flyers)

10.  The Ordinance of 1787 and Old Northwest Territory--A Supplemental Text for School Use (booklet; 1937)

11.  Final Report: Northwest Territory Celebration, 1937-38 (Marietta, Ohio; booklet; 1938)

12.  The Northwest Territory Celebration: 1787-88--1937-38 (Ohio; booklet; ca. 1937)

13.  George Rogers Clark Memorial: Hearing before the Joint Committee on the Library Congress of the U.S....regarding The Celebration in 1929 of the 150th Anniversary of the Conquest of the Northwest Territory....(Jan. 18, 1927)

14.  Straight Through the Western Gate: A Play Dealing with Three Episodes in the Life of George Rogers Clark by Edith Lombard Squires (pamphlet; n.d.)

15.  Program for Commemorating the 150th Anniversary of the Conquest of the Old Northwest (1926)

16.  Indiana, 1779-1929 (George Rogers Clark, 150th Anniversary booklet; 1 copy)


Overpasses (T.H.) 

1.     Material on U.S. 41 overpass project from D.E. McGillem & Associates, Indianapolis, June 1, 1978 (includes copies of data sheet, maps, photographs and an aerial photograph of proposed site)


Parks (Ind)--State Parks 


1.     Visit Indiana’s State Parks (tourist packet; n.d.)

2.     Our State Park Inns, Outdoor Indiana, June 1976

3.     Wander Indiana: 1982 Recreation Guide

4.     Map Showing Points of Interest in Indiana, 1926--MAP DRAWER

5.     Indiana State Parks (promotional brochure; 1916)

6.     Indiana State Park Inns (brochure; ca. 1982)

7.     Camping in Indiana State Parks (brochure; 1959)

8.     Indiana State Beaches, State Parks, State Recreation Areas, and State Memorials (brochure; 1974)

9.     Newspaper clipping on Richard Lieber and the State Parks


Brown County:

1.     Geologic Story of Brown County State Park (brochure; 1981)


Cagles Mill:

1.     Cagles Mill State Forest and Cataract Lake (brochure; 1955; 2 copies)


Chain o’ Lakes:

1.     Chain o’ Lakes--There’s Nothing Like It Elsewhere, Outdoor Indiana, June 1976 (2 copies)


Clifty Falls:

1.     The Reconstruction of Clifty: Tornado Havoc Speeds State Park Modernization, Outdoor Indiana, Nov. 1975 (2 copies)


1.     Geologic Story of Dunes State Park (brochure; 1979)

2.     Indiana’s Dunes (booklet; 1919; 3 copies)

3.     Back from the Long White Beach Are the Dunes and Their Flora, Outdoor Indiana, July-August 1977



1.     Trails in Lincoln State Park (trail map; n.d.)


McCormick’s Creek:

1.     McCormick’s Creek Canyon: A History and Description (pamphlet; 1923)



1.     Pokagon State Park and Steuben County: A Description of Indiana’s Most Picturesque Lake Region (pamphlet; 1927)



1.     Trails in Shakamak State Park (trail map; ca. 1938)

2.     Water Playground Expanded: Shakamak Is Now a Lake Park, Outdoor Indiana, Feb. 1970


Spring Mill:

1.     Geologic Story of Spring Mill State Park (brochure; 1979)

2.     Spring Mill State Park: A History and Description (pamphlet; n.d.; 2 copies)

3.     Spring Mill State Park’s Caves, Outdoor Indiana, Oct. 1974

4.     Demonstrations at Spring Mill Pioneer Village: The Ancient Art of Dyeing, Outdoor Indiana, April 1976


Turkey Run:

1.     Wild Flowers of Turkey Run (Nature Service Leaflet; 1936; 2 copies)

2.     A Brief Geological History of Turkey Run (Nature Service Leaflet; 1936)

3.     The Plant Life of Turkey Run State Park (leaflet; n.d.)

4.     The Animals of Turkey Run (leaflet; n.d.)

5.     Turkey Run State Park: A History and Description (pamphlet; 2 copies; 1919)

6.     Turkey Run State Park: A History and Description (pamphlet; 1923)

7.     7 photocopies of articles re: the founding of Turkey Run (ca. 1916-1918) 


1.     Versailles Park: Where History, Geology and Nature Meet, Outdoor Indiana, Oct. 1975 (2 copies)


Parks and Recreation (Ind) 

1.     Recreation Country: Southwest Indiana (pamphlet; n.d.)

2.     Family Fun on the Sycamore Trails of the Wabash (brochure; ca. 1966)


Parks and Recreation (V.C.)

 1.     First and Second Annual Reports of the Board of Park Commissioners of Terre Haute, Indiana (1909-1910)


Peru (Ind) 

1.     The Puterbaugh Memorial Museum (pamphlet; rev. ed. 1941; 2 copies)


Photography (W.V.) 

1.     Wabash Valley Press Club Salutes Kenneth W. Martin (program; April 28, 1977)

2.     Prize Winning Prints in the Fifth Annual Competition Organized by American Photography (exhibition program; ca. 1925; 2 copies)

3.     The Martin Photograph Collection: Preserving A University’s Portrait (University Archives, I.S.U. brochure; 1992)


Physicians (WV) 

1.     Newspaper clippings re: Vigo County Medical Society (1 sheet; ca. 1907)

2.     Constitution and By-Laws of the Vigo County (Indiana) Medical Society--Containing a List of  Members and Some Historical Data (revised 1908; pamphlet)


Pioneers and Pioneer Life (W.V.) 

1.     List of Land Ownership in Vigo County (handwritten; n.d.)

2.     List of Descendants of the Old Settlers of the Wabash Valley (handwritten; n.d.)

3.     List of Todays Old Settlers in the Wabash Valley (handwritten; n.d.)

4.     Awards for Descendants of Old Settlers of the Wabash Valley (mimeographed list; ca. 1953?)

5.     Settlers list of 1828 (mimeographed; n.d.)

6.     Register of Guests at the Old Settler’s Booth, August 1953 (spiral notebook)


Plants (Ind) 

1.     The Ferns and Fern Allies of Indiana (pamphlet; 1940)

2.     A Catalogue...of the Uncultivated Ferns and Flowering Plants of...Vigo County, Indiana    (booklet; 1896)



Poets and Poetry (Ind)


General and Collective Material:

1.     2 sheets of newspaper clippings

2.     Songs of Hoosier Singers (pamphlet; 1898)

3.     Port o’ Poets, January-February 1938 (pamphlet)



1.     Bacon, Mrs. Lockerby.  Oak Leaves, 1882.  (pamphlet)

2.     Byard, Newman.  Lays, Laughs and Lyrics, 1955.  (pamphlet)

3.     Herschell, William.  Back Seat Radio, Indianapolis News, March 5, 1927.  (clipping)

4.     Lavender, Will.  A Hoosier’s Rhymes and Colorado Legends, 1933. (pamphlet)

5.     Mapes, Arthur Franklin.  Indiana.  (Adopted as Indiana’s official poem by the 1963 Indiana State Legislature; mimeographed sheet)

6.     Puer, Formose.  The Fates, or the Dance on the Lethe, 1882-83. (booklet)

7.     Thayer, J.B.  Poems of the Message, 1938.  (pamphlet)


Poets and Poetry (WV)


General and Collective Material:

1.     Lights Along the Wabash: Poems by Members of the Poets’ Study Club.  (pamphlet; 1940)

2.     Young Voices, Vol. 1--Poetry by Pupils of the Sarah Scott Junior High School.  (pamphlet; 1931; 2 copies)

3.     Young Voices, Vol. 2--Poetry by Pupils of the Sarah Scott Junior High School.  (pamphlet; 1932) 


1.     Abbott, Jane.  Acquiescense to Spring in Melody of the Muse, 1964 (photocopy)

2.     Ballou, Virginia Leach.  Blue Smoke in the Sunset, 1945.  (pamphlet)

3.     Beck, Lillian.  Melody of Moods, 1941.  (pamphlet)

4.     Buren, Roy E.  Startled Hours.  (pamphlet; n.d.; 2 copies)

5.     Buren, Roy E.  Startled Hours.  (photocopied booklet; ca. 1972?; 2 copies)

6.     Buren, Roy E.  Antiques Collecting and Hobbying 35 Years, 1972.  (photocopied booklet)

7.     Doyle, Eugenia.  6 homemade greeting cards; 5 holy cards; n.d.

8.     Fidlar, Chester L.  The Old Indian Orchard, 1896.  (booklet)

9.     Pfrimmer, W.W.  The Man from Terre Hut.  (typescript; n.d.; 2 copies)

10.  Sellman, Charles L.  Selected Poems, 1930.  (pamphlet)

11.  Sparks, Rev. M.W.  Tom Lee: Our Hero.  (n.d.)

12.  Wright, Sarah A.  Life in Verse, 1931.  (pamphlet)


Police (T.H.) 

1.     Annual Report: Superintendent of Police of the City of Terre Haute, Indiana, to the Board of Public Safety, January 1, 1903 to January 1, 1904

2.     Report of the Superintendent of Police for the Year 1907, City of Terre Haute, Indiana


Politics and Government (Ind) 

1.     Introduction to Indiana Government and Politics (1967; Indiana Sesquicentennial Commission; booklet)


Politics and Government (T.H.) 

1.     A Solution to Terre Haute’s Problems: The City Manager Plan (ca. 1929; pamphlet)


Pollution (WV)--Air

 1.     A Report to the Mayor and Common Council of Terre Haute by the Mayor’s Advisory Committee on Air Pollution, March 5, 1965 (8 pages; 2 copies)

2.     Vigo County Department of Health (Division of Air Pollution Control), Annual Report for 1967 

Portraits (T.H.) 

1.     Terre Haute Men.  (Picture supplement with the Sunday Tribune; n.d.; 2 copies)


Ports/Port Commission (Ind) 

1.     Report of the Interstate Harbor Commission of Illinois and Indiana (1923; pamphlet) 

Postal Service (WV) 

1.     Newspaper clipping of old post office demolition, Tribune-Star, July 3, 1932

2.     Terre Haute and Fort Wayne Post-Office Investigations (Appendix B from Foulke’s biography of Lucius B. Swift, 1930)

3.     Official Directory of the Terre Haute, Ind. Postoffice for 1904 (pamphlet; 2 copies)

4.     58th Annual Convention of the Indiana State Association N.A.L.C. (National Association of Letter Carriers) and 42nd Annual Convention of the Ladies Auxiliary (program; May 25-26, 1956)


Prohibition--See “Alcohol and Alcoholism”


Prostitution (WV)


1.     Nighttime Girls of Terre Haute, in Stag (Nov. ?)

2.     The Teenage Torturers of Terre Haute, in True Danger (Feb.?)

3.     Our Brothels Stay, Say Mayor 'There Is Virtue in Vice,'  in Truth! (August 1969)

4.     Indiana: Open House in Terre Haute, in Time (Feb. 21, 1969; 2 copies)


Public Figures (Ind) 

1.     Thompson, Col. Richard W.--5 newspaper clippings

2.     Voorhees, Daniel W.--Address of D.W. Voorhees, of Indiana, Delivered in the United States Senate, January 26, 1886--in memory of Thomas A. Hendricks.”  (pamphlet)


Public Health (Ind) 

1.     Indiana State Board of Health: Digest of the Indiana Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act (mimeographed; 2 sheets; 1955)


Public Health (W.V.) 

1.     Rules and Regulations for the Production and Sale of Milk in the City of Terre Haute, Indiana,-- Ordinance No. 1, 1945 ( pamphlet)

2.     Rules and Regulations for the Inspection of Eating Establishments in the City of Terre Haute, Indiana;  Ordinance No. 6, 1945


Public Officials (V.C.) 

1.     Vigo County Court House Directory, 1937 (pamphlet)


Public Utilities (W.V.) 

1.     Public Service Company of Indiana, Annual Report (1944)

2.     Public Service Company of Indiana, Annual Report (1956)

3.     H2O, Spring 1952 (Vol. 27, No. 1) issued by the Terre Haute Water Works Corporation 2 copies)

4.     Full-page ad in The Spectator (circa 1905) re: the rates of the Terre Haute Water Works Company (paid for by the candidates for Council)

5.     Terre Haute Gas Corporation in a City with a Future, in Mcf, Fall 1961


Publications (W.V.) 

1.     Pride City Magazine, Vol. 1, No. 9 (July 1, 1972)


Pyle, Ernie 

1.     Notecard depicting the birthplace of Ernie Pyle in Dana, Indiana (from dedication on July 3, 1976


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