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Radio (WV)



1.     The WBOW Beacon, Vol. 60, No. 1—Oct. 1987 (newspaper) OVERSIZED, BOX 3

2.     “On the Banks of the Wabash” (booklet; 2 copies; ca. 1950s)

3.     “A Report of the 22nd Consecutive Year of Broadcasting by Indiana State Teachers College over Radio Station WBOW” (pamphlet; 1955-56)

4.     “WBOW’s Story of Family Radio,” in SESAC Music, Winter 1964

5.     “Radio at War” (booklet; ca. 1940s; 2 copies)



1.     Radio Program Guide (April 1961; pamphlet)


Educational Radio:

1.     Education’s Fourth Dimension: School Radio (booklet published by Wiley High School; ca. 1952)

2.     Supplementary information concerning the proposal for a 10-watt fm station at Wiley High  School (2 pages; ca. 1952)


Railroads (Ind)


1.     Monon Centennial Celebration, New Albany, IN  July 27-30, 1947 (program booklet)

2.     A Hoosier Centenarian “The Monon” by John W. Barriger (1947; pamphlet)

3.     Hoosiers Start A Railroad: The Monon by S.H. Holbrook (1947; pamphlet)

4.     “The Action of the Penn Central in Indiana,” Indiana Business & Industry, Sept. 1968

5.     “Railroads” (excerpt from pamphlet or book; n.d.)


Railroads (WV)


1.     2 newspaper clippings (1947; 1955)

2.     Reference Report from the Illinois State Historical Library on the Springfield & Terre Haute Railroad (1 typewritten page; Feb. 16, 1949)

3.     "Along the Milwaukee Way:  Terre Haute, Indiana". The Milwaukee Railroader (30 page article about railroads in Terre Haute)


Real Estate (W.V.)


1.     Hulman Meadows (brochure: n.d.)


Red Cross (WV)


1.     Letter with a 1911 American Red Cross Christmas Stamp

2.     The American National Red Cross By-Laws of Terre Haute Chapter, 1918—OVERSIZED,  BOX 2

3.     List of Chairmen of Standing Committees, 1917-19 (1 sheet)

4.     “Enlisting Nurses to Battle Influenza” (newspaper clipping; Oct. 7, 1918)


Religion (Ind)


1.     Cumberland Presbyterianism in Southern Indiana (Proceedings of Its 50th Anniversary Held at Princeton, Indiana, April 13-18, 1876)

2.     A Historical Discourse, Presenting Facts Respecting the Progress of Presbyterianism in the State, During that Period, Delivered at Crawfordsville, Ind., February 5, 1865 (pamphlet published in Indianapolis, 1865)

3.     Two Sermons, Delivered by the Rev. W.H. McCarer, Evansville, Ind. (1880)—Walnut St.    Presbyterian Church

4.     A Synodical Sermon—Synod of Wabash—Crawfordsville, Ind. Nov. 21, 1869 by Rev. Daniel Rice—Second Presbyterian Church, Lafayette, Ind.

5.     A Sermon, Delivered, July 4, 1841, in the Presbyterian Church, Greenwood, Indiana, by Rev. P.S. Cleland: “Slavery A Violation of the Constitution of God, in the Creation of the Human Race.”

6.     Letters of the Rev. Dr. Beecher and Rev. Mr. Nettleton on the "New Measures” in Conducting Revivals of Religion (pamphlet; New York, 1828)

7.     Which is the True Church? by A. Ellmore (pamphlet; Bedford, Ind., 1873)

8.     Follies of Free J.W. Monser (pamphlet; Bedford, Ind., 1872)

9.     Immortality by Thomas J. Bennett (pamphlet; Terre Haute, 1944)

10.  Oral Debate on the Coming of the Son of Man, Endless Punishment, and Universal Salvation. Held in Milton, Ind., Oct. 26-28, 1847 between Erasmus Manford and Benjamin Franklin (booklet; Indianapolis, 1848)


Representatives (U.S.)


1.     Lunch with the First Lady Rosalynn Carter, sponsored by Charlotte Zietlow, Democrat for   Congress (invitation and program; Sept. 30, 1978)


Reserves (W.V.)


1.     "Fort Wayne and Terre Haute Close:  Grateful Naval Reserve Honors their Reservists,"  Ready Letter, Winter 1994


Restaurants (WV)


1.     The Beaver House (menu; 1990)

2.     Mancuso's (menu; 1993)

3.     Somewhere in Thyme (business card and menu; 1994)


Richmond (Ind)


1.     The Palladium-Item Historical Souvenir: The Sesquicentennial Celebration of the Founding of  Richmond, Indiana (booklet; 1956)


Riley, James Whitcomb


1.     “A Night with the Gods,” James Whitcomb Riley and Douglass Sherley, Central Presbyterian Church, April 21, 1894 (program)

2.     Centennial Riley Program, Grand Opera House, Oct. 19, 1916 (1 sheet; 2 copies)

3.     Special Centennial Program Tribute to James Whitcomb Riley, Oct. 19, 1916 (booklet; 2     copies)

4.     Riley Day, Oct. 7, 1915 (booklet; 3 copies)

5.     A Day with Riley in Indiana, Oct. 7, 1917 (booklet; 3 copies)

6.     Greenfield: The Birthplace of the Nation’s Poet, James Whitcomb Riley (booklet; 1925-26)

7.     Two letters from Nelle Bishop to Dorothy Clark (3/2/1959; 4/22/1959) re: Riley and             friendship with James Matthews of Mason, Illinois

8.     James Whitcomb Riley: Man of Letters (pamphlet; 1929)

9.     “Away” by James Whitcomb Riley (Bobbs-Merrill Co., ca. 1913?; book)

10.  “Away” (Minneapolis, MN; n.d.; a gift parchment brochure)

11.  “Away” (Bobbs-Merrill Co., ca. 1913?; softcover booklet)


Rivers (Ind)


1.     “The Headwaters of the Tippecanoe River,” by J.T. Scovell.  (Reprint from the Proceedings of the Indiana Academy of  Science, 1908)


Roads, Streets, Highways (Ind)


1.     “Indiana Highway Progress Report,” 1960 (spiral booklet)—OVERSIZED, BOX 2

2.     Guidelines for Progress: Indiana Highways, Roads, Streets (1966-1985; summary report       booklet)

3.     The Roads and Road Materials of a Portion of Western Indiana by J.T. Scovell (1906;          pamphlet)

4.     Report of Lincoln Highway Commission to Governor Samuel M. Ralston (Dec. 15, 1916;    pamphlet)

5.     A Short History of the Indiana State Highway Commission by J. M. Henry (Oct. 1926;         pamphlet)

6.     Financing Indiana Roads and Streets (1959; pamphlet)

7.     Indiana: Official Highway Map, 1953


Roads, Streets, Highways (Ind)—National Road (U.S. 40)


1.     Congressional Record—Appendix (pp. 791-794), re: the National Pike, Dec. 15, 1930

2.     orist’s Guide to Some Historic Spots and Towns Along the National Old Trails Road  (1929; pamphlet; 3 copies)


Roads, Streets, Highways (Ind)—Toll Road/Toll Road Commission


1.     First Annual Report, 1954—Indiana Toll Road Commission


Roads, Streets, Highways (V.C.)


1.     Convention speech re: construction of a brick street (n.d.)—OVERSIZED, BOX 2

2.     2.  Failure of Bitulithic Pavement at St. Louis by George R. Grimes, C.E., Terre Haute, Ind. (1905; pamphlet)

3.     “Ohio Street” (handwritten; 2 pages; n.d.)

4.     “Ohio Street” (handwritten narrative with hand drawn map; 2 pages; encapsulated; n.d.)

5.     State Road 46 from U.S. 40 to I70 (map; ca. 1962)

6.     File on Interstate 70 (ca. 1958-1961)—includes script/notes for local television program (“The Road Ahead”/”Tomorrow on 70”)


Rose, Chauncey


1.     Chauncey Rose’s Last Will in Full Made Feb. 21, 1877 (typewritten copy; 2 pages; n.d.)

2.     Chauncey Rose Donations (typewritten list; 4 pages; n.d.)

3.     18 newspaper clippings


Rose-Hulman (T.H.)


1.     Chauncey Rose and the Early History of Rose Polytechnic Institute (March 11, 1947; typewritten manuscript; 13 pages)

2.     Rose-Hulman: 100 Years of Excellence (Terre Haute Tribune-Star supplement 1A, January 27, 1974)—OVERSIZED, BOX 3

3.     Proposed Plans for the Rose Polytechnic Institute near Terre Haute, Ind. (1916)


Rosedale (Ind.)


1.     Sixth Pioneer Exhibit, Florida Township School (Feb. 25-28, 1957; program)

2.     Exhibit items list (n.d.)


St. Mary-of-the-Woods


1.     A Souvenir of the Centennial of the Parish of St. Mary-of-the-Woods, Indiana (booklet; June 6, 1937; 2 copies)                  

2.     Take a Walk in the Woods (walking tour brochure; ca. 1990)

3.     Heritage Walks: Celebrating our Sesquicentennial, 1840-1990 (pamphlet; 1990)

4.     The Church of the Immaculate Conception (pamphlet; 1987)

5.     Providence Center (pamphlet; ca. 1990; 2 copies)

6.     Providence Center (brochure; ca. 1990)

7.     Sisters of Providence (1 small sheet; n.d.; 2 copies)

8.     Who Shall Find a Valiant Woman? The Life of a Foundress Mother Theodore Guerin          (brochure; n.d.)

9.     Our Lady of Providence: Queen of the Home (small card; 1983)

10.  “Providence Centerings,” Vol. 1, No. 1, Summer 1990—OVERSIZED, BOX 2

St. Mary-of-the-Woods—continued


11.  “Providence Centerings,” Vol. 1, No. 2, Fall 1990—OVERSIZED, BOX 2


Schools (Ind)—See archival collection #860902


Schools (V.C.)—See archival collections #860902; #800125A-


Schools (V.C.)—Church


1.     Paul Schulte High School:  10th Anniversary (booklet; 1963)


Seelyville (Ind)


1.     The Seelyville Story (as told by Morton A. Lewis and written for the Lost Creek Township  Men’s Club; mimeographed booklet, n.d.)


Sesquicentennial (Ind)


Indiana Sesquicentennial Commission:

1.     Promotion and Publicity (1966)

2.     Suggestions for Sesquicentennial School Activities (Oct. 19, 1965)

3.     Parades (1965)

4.     Outdoor Ceremonies and Pageants (ca. 1965-66)

5.     Handbook on Indiana History (1963; booklet; 2 copies)

6.     Report of the Indiana Sesquicentennial Commission (n.d.)

7.     Indiana’s Road to Statehood (1964; booklet)

8.     Hoosier Holiday Highlights—Calendar of Indiana Events (1966; brochure; 2 copies)


Sesquicentennial (T.H.)


1.     Commemorative Book of Terre Haute, 1816-1966 (booklet; 2 copies)

2.     Schedule of Events, June 1966 (brochure)

3.     Hoosier Style-O-Rama (program; June 17, 1966)


Sewage (T.H.)


1.     Terre Haute Sewage Treatment Plant (1963; booklet; 2 copies)


Shopping Centers (WV)


1.     Hulman Meadows (brochure; n.d.—includes section on Meadows Shopping Center)

2.     Meadows Center: An Illustrated Guide (pamphlet; n.d.)

3.     Southland Shopping Center (pamphlet; n.d.)


Social Agencies (V.C.)


1.     Report of Edward T. Devine to the Survey Committee of Terre Haute Chamber of Commerce, 1924 (pamphlet—a field study of  the Welfare League and its fifteen constituent agencies)


Social Agencies (V.C.)—C.O.D.A. (Council on Domestic Abuse)


1.     Business card: Jacquelyn McCracken, Women’s Resource Advocate (ca. 1992)

2.     Are You the Victim of Abuse? (ca. 1992; brochure; 2 copies)

3.     Volunteers (ca. 1992; brochure; 2 copies)

4.     Domestic Violence: Don’t Cover It Up! (ca. 1992; brochure; 2 copies)

5.     Domestic Violence: A Select Annotated List of Materials Available at Vigo County Public Library (1992; pamphlet)


Streetcars (WV)


6.     62 photocopied items (These are duplicates to be used as a backup file for copies in SpC.)


Swope Art Gallery (T.H.)


1.     1.  Fifty Paintings and Sculptures from the Collection of the          Sheldon Swope Art Gallery (1972; booklet)

2.     John Rogers Cox Retrospective, May 14-June 13, 1982 (pamphlet—signed by artist)

3.     A Retrospective Exhibition of Paintings by Theodore Clement Steele, Oct. 11-Nov. 6, 1966 (pamphlet)

4.     Recent Works of Three ISU Artists (May 18, 1966; exhibit invitation)

5.     60 Years of Speeding Cars (May 1, 1966; exhibit invitation)

6.     Reception for new director—Howard Edmund Wooden (3/31/1966)

7.     Christmas Hour Swope Art Gallery (Dec. 1944; postcard)

8.     The Art Digest, April 1, 1942—“Swope Gallery, Dedicated to American Art, Opens in Terre Haute”—OVERSIZED, BOX 2

9.     “Art Gallery Opening Set for Period from March 21 to May 2,” Terre Haute Star, Dec. 21,   1941

10.  Tenth Annual Wabash Valley Show, May 2-June 4, 1954 (program)

11.  Eleventh Annual Wabash Valley Show, May 1-June 5, 1955 (program)

12.  1977 Student Art of the Vigo County School Corporation (catalogue)


Symphony (T.H.)


1.     Program, Dec. 10, 1936—featuring pianist Storm Bull

2.     Program, April 15, 1937—featuring pianist Esther Kent Lamb

3.     Program, March 21, 1939—Indiana Composers Concert

4.     1980-81 Season at the Symphony (flyer)

5.     Program, Nov. 24, 1941—Terre Haute Civic and Teachers College Symphony Orchestra

Symphony (T.H.)—continued


6.     Program, March 26, 1946—Terre Haute Civic and Teachers College Symphony Orchestra

7.     Terre Haute Symphony Assoc.—Board of Directors, 1986-87

8.     Program, “Music The Movies Made Famous,” Terre Haute Symphony Orchestra at the Indiana Theatre, Sept. 16, 1990

9.     Newspaper clippings (2 regular sized; 1 OVERSIZED, BOX 2)

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