Plymouth Congregational Association
Dates:  1870s; 1880s; 1905; 1922; 1928
Accession Number:  851127A
Donor:  Vigo County Historical Society
Description:  Nine file folders and one record book
                            in a document case

Content and Scope of Collection

Papers in this collection relate to articles of organization, the purchase of property for a building, deeds, a builder's journal and dedication and anniversary occasions.  There are bundles of receipts, Sunday School items, and a few letters.

NOTE:  The above inventory was written by archivist Lois Harris in 1985 after she organized this collection.  In the year 2000 as I was cataloguing the collection for our DRA computer catalog, I found the "builder's journal" of the Terre Haute Stone Works Company.  I am not certain of the connection between the Plymouth Congregational Association and this journal documenting the work of the Terre Haute Stone Works Company, except that the company was contracted to help build the First Congregational Church in 1902-03.  Since I do not know the provenance of the collection or the possible relationship between these items, I am keeping the material together but including cross references and a detailed inventory of the Terre Haute Stone Works material.  --Susan Dehler   5/31/2000