Litha Hayne Smith Fashion Sketches and Yearbook
Dates:  ca. 1928
Accession Number:  20051212A
Description:  Two file folders in a flat storage box


Litha Floriene Hayne was born on August 17, 1911 to Keith and Florence (Lewis) Hayne.  According to a genealogical chart prepared by Litha, she had four siblings, two of which survived to adulthood: James Edward (1913-?); Llewellyn Lewis (1915-1917); Susan Florence (1917-?); and William Paul (1920).

The 1920 census for Vigo County taken on January 13th of that year shows Keith Hayne's family living on Hayne Road in the town of Burnett in Nevins Township.  Keith was employed as a coal miner and was married to Florence.  The census lists three children:  Litha Florine (age 8), James (age 6) and Susie (age 2).  Llewellyn Lewis had already died and Florence had just given birth to William on January 11 but he does not appear on the census.

The year 1920 turned out to be very tragic for the Hayne family.  First, the newborn William died in February.  Then, in April, Florence was driving a car with Litha and two other women as passengers when the car was struck head-on by a passenger train near Burnett.  Florence and the two adult passengers were killed instantly.  Litha sustained a broken leg along with unspecified "internal hurts" according to the newspaper account of the accident.  Four months later, in August, Keith was leaving at the end of his work shift at the Burnett coal mine when a mule kicked him in the chest and killed him.  Though there are no contemporary records showing what happened to the three surviving children after their father died, they probably went to live with members of their father's family.  There were several mentioned in his August 1920 obituary.

There is no documentary record for Litha Hayne until she was enrolled as a student at Garfield High School from 1926 to 1929.  Her name is on the class rolls in the 1926-1928 yearbooks as a freshman, sophomore and junior and her picture is most likely included in each of those yearbooks but it is difficult to identify with certainty.  The 1929 yearbook covering Litha's senior year indicates that she went by the nickname of "Illth", was a member of the G.A.A. (Girls Athletic Association), the Blue Tri club, E. L. M. S. and vice-president of the "Lisbuth Anne" hospital guild . Her senior class picture is on page 31 of the 1929 yearbook.

In 1929, Litha enrolled in the Indiana State Normal School to become a teacher, and joined the Kappa Kappa sorority.  The 1930 census shows that while she was enrolled at Indiana State she was living in Harrison Township with her uncle and aunt, William G. and Dora M. Green.  

Litha graduated from Indiana State in 1933 and taught in the Clay County school system.  The 1934 and 1936 Terre Haute city directories list Litha's occupation as a teacher. 

She married Seldon Lee Smith on July 11, 1936.  Litha Hayne Smith died August 12, 1985 in Orange County, Florida and was survived by her husband, brother and sister.

Content and Scope of Collection

This collection contains a fragment of a Cosmopolitan magazine cover, six sketches and a 1927 yearbook.  The provenance (ownership record) of the Cosmopolitan fragment and the six sketches is unclear.  The yearbook has Litha Hayne's name on the inside cover.

The Cosmopolitan fragment is from a July issue in an unknown year.  On the reverse of the cover is an advertisement for women's hosiery featuring a woman with a hairstyle reminiscent of 1920s fashion.

The Cosmopolitan magazine and the sketches were found together with a note saying they had previously been found in a 1928 Garfield yearbook.  Of the few 1928 Garfield High School yearbooks in the Archives several have a mailing label for Garfield High School teacher Marie Latta inside the cover.  Perhaps Litha gave the sketches to Marie Latta as keepsakes.  On the other hand, the Archives also has a 1927 Garfield yearbook with Litha Hayne's signature on the inside of the front cover so it is possible these sketches were originally in the 1927 yearbook but were transferred to the 1928 Garfield yearbook prior to their donation to the Archives.

The inventory folder contains several genealogical records from Vigo County for the Hayne family including a marriage record for Keith and Florence Hayne, census records for the family, WPA birth records index notations for Susie and William, and an obituary for Litha Hayne. 

The Special Collections Department has on file two small notebooks of genealogical charts compiled by Litha Hayne along with letters sent and received by her inquiring about her family history.  Researchers seeking information on the genealogies of the Hayne and related families should ask for assistance in the Library's Special Collections Department.

Flat Storage Box





Folder 1

Cosmopolitan Magazine -
  fragment of cover

July 192?





Sketches by Litha Hayne:

ca. 1927





  Industrial building/farm?






  Woman in undergarments






  Woman in scarf






   Man in suit/Woman with
  hair pulled back






Woman with pageboy haircut/
  class notes on reverse side





Folder 2

Garfield Benedictus (yearbook)