Terre Haute Conservatory of Music
Dates: 1908-1911
Accession Number: 930424A
Description: Two file folders in a document case


Incorporated September 1907 as a music school, the Terre Haute Conservatory of Music prepared students to be music teachers or performers offering certificates or diplomas in all branches of music and in dramatic art. Located at 666-668 Ohio Street, the institution's first director was Prof. Edward Taylor. By 1910, classes were offered under five different departments: Piano forte, Vocal, Orchestral, Composition, and Dramatic Art and Languages. The Conservatory emphasized course work along with concerts and faculty or student recitals. The institution had its own orchestra, choral society, and sponsored a May music festival for the community to attend.

Content and Scope of Collection

This collection contains one yearbook and one catalogue issued by the Terre Haute Conservatory of Music. Both items include general information on the school, registration, tuition schedules, the term calendar, course of study, department and class descriptions, faculty, and concert programs/schedules. The yearbook also contains a complete student register for 1907-08. Some photographs of the faculty and classrooms are included in these booklets.

Document Case





Folder 1

Year Book of the Terre Haute
Conservatory of Music





Folder 2

Catalogue of the Terre Haute
Conservatory of Music