Photographs from Terre Haute Illustrated, 1889
Date:  1889
Accession Number:  951025
Donor:  Friends of the Vigo County Public Library
Description:  One document case

Content and Scope of the Collection 

This collection contains 5 in.  x 7 in.  black and white copy prints of the photographs published in the pictorial history:  Terre Haute Illustrated, 1889.  Published in Nine Parts.  [C.C. Oakey] H.R. Page & Co., 1889. 

The seventy-six images in this collection have been kept in the original order that they appeared in the book (with the corresponding page numbers given) and the original captions have been used to describe them.  Copy negative numbers are also listed for each copy print.  (Some copy prints required two negatives to assure a sharp reproduction.  Also, some copy prints have duplicate prints that have been cropped for a tighter shot.) 

The photographs in this collection were produced as reference and research copies and should be used in lieu of the original book (which is in very poor condition). 

Residential addresses were taken from the Terre Haute City Directory, 1889.  

Document Case





Folder 1

Image 1:  Scene on the Wabash River, page 1

Neg 20:0A





Image 2:  Looking Southeast from Dome of
  Court House, page 2

Neg 21:22A





Image 3:  Looking North on Sixth Street from
                  Eagle Street, page 3

Neg 20:1A





Image 4: More Park, page 3

Neg 20:30A




Folder 2

Image 5:  St. Stephen's Episcopal Church,
                    page 4

Neg 20:31A





Image 6:  Evangelical Lutheran Immanuel
                     Church,  page 4

Neg 20:2A





Image 7:  The Rose Polytechnic Institute,
                  page 5

Neg 21:23A and
Neg 22:14A




Folder 3

Image 8:  Residence of H.J. Baker, page 7

                  [1100 S. 6th St.]

Neg 20:3A






Image 9:  Birds Eye Northeast from Dome
   of Court House, page 8

Neg 21:24A






Image 10: Opera House, page 9    [Naylor's]

Neg 21:25A and
Neg 22:20A




Folder 4

Image 11: Wabash Avenue, East from Third Street, page 10

Neg 21:26A and
Neg 22:13A





Image 12: Scenes in Woodlawn Cemetery,
                   page 11

Neg 20:4A





Image 13:  Scenes in Woodlawn Cemetery,
                   page 11

Neg 20:32A




Folder 5

Image 14: High School, page 12

Neg 21:27A





Image 15: Residence of E. Gilbert, page 13
                   [23 Gilbert Place]

Neg 20:5A





Image 16: Residence of Frank McKeen, page 13
                  [655 Cherry St.]

Neg 20:33A




Folder 6

Image 17: Orphan's Home, page 14

Neg 21:28A and
Neg 22:15A





Image 18: Residence of H.H. Boudinot, page 16
                 [672 Eagle St.]

Neg 20:6A





Image 19: Birds Eye Northwest from Dome
                    of Court House, page 17

Neg 21:29A




Folder 7

Image 20: Scenes in Woodlawn Cemetery,
                  page 18

Neg 20:7A





Image 21: Scenes in Woodlawn Cemetery,
                  page 18

Neg 20:34A





Image 22: Centenary M.E. Church, page 19

Neg 20:8A





Image 23: St. Benedict's German Catholic
                    School, page 19

Neg 20:35A 





Image 24: City Market Home, page 20

Neg 20:9A




Folder 8

Image 25: Cottage at the Rose Orphan's Home,
                  page 20

Neg 20:36A





Image 26: Scene on the Wabash River, page 21

Neg 20:10A





Image 27: St. Joseph's Male Academy, page 21

Neg 21:0A





Image 28: Residence of Theodore Hudnut,
                    page 23 [627 Cherry St.]

Neg 20:11A




Folder 9

Image 29: Scene on the Wabash River,
                    page 24

Neg 21:30A





Image 30: Scenes in Highland Lawn Cemetery
                    page 25

Neg 20:12A





Image 31: Scenes in Highland Lawn Cemetery,
                   page 25

Neg 21:1A




Folder 10

Image 32: Scene on Wabash Avenue, page 26
                   (shows McKeen Bank)

Neg 21:31A and
Neg 22:16A





Image 33: Residence of Wm. Armstrong,
                  page 27 [n e cor Center and

Neg 20:13A






Image 34: Residence of Robt. Andrew, page 27
                  [1434 Chestnut]

Neg 21:2A




Folder 11

Image 35: St. Anthony's Hospital, page 28

Neg 21:32A





Image 36: Residence of Col. R.W. Thompson,
                  page 30 [1214 S. 6th]

Neg 20:14A





Image 37: Ohio Street West from Sixth Street,
                  page 31

Neg 20:15A





Image 38: Ohio Street East from Third Street,
                  page 31

Neg 21:3A




Folder 12

Image 39: Birds Eye West from Dome of
                  Court House, page 32

Neg 21:33A and
Neg 22:17A





Image 40: Deming Block, page 33

Neg 21:34A and
Neg 22:18A




Folder 13

Image 41: Clift, Williams & Co. Works,
                  page 34

Neg 20:16A





Image 42: National House, page 34

Neg 21:4A and
Neg 22:21A




Folder 14

Image 43: Rose Orphans' Home, page 35

Neg 21:35A and
Neg 22:19A





Image 44: Residence of C. Fairbanks, page 37
                  [402 S. 6th St.]

Neg 20:17A





Image 45: Looking South from Dome of
                  Court House, page 38

Neg 21:36A




Folder 15

Image 46: Eighth Street North From Mulberry Street,
                  page 39

Neg 20:18A





Image 47: Walnut Street West From Sixth
                      Street, page 39

Neg 21:5A





Image 48: Wabash Avenue East From Sixth
                     Street,  page 40

Neg 22:00A





Image 49: City School No. 3, page 41

Neg 20:19A




Folder 16

Image 50: County Jail, page 41

Neg 21:6A





Image 51: Residence of Wm. R. McKeen,
                  page 42 [221 S. 6th St.]

Neg 20:20A





Image 52: Residence of A.J. Crawford, page 42
                  [405 S. 6th St.]

Neg 21:7A




Folder 17

Image 53: Residence of D.W. Henry, page 44
                  [1200 S. 6th St.]

Neg 20:21A





Image 54:  County Court House, page 45

Neg 22:0A





Image 55: Seventh Street North from Mulberry Street, page 46

Neg 20:22A





Image 56: Looking South on Fifth Street
                  from Oak Street, page 46

Neg 21:8A




Folder 18

Image 57: McKeen Block, page 47

Neg 22:1A





Image 58: Residence of J.N. Whonhart,
                    page 48 [1101 S. 7th]

Neg 20:23A





Image 59: Coates College for Women,
                 page 50

Neg 22:2A





Image 60: First Baptist Church, page 51

Neg 20:24A




Folder 19

Image 61: Central Presbyterian Church,
                  page 51

Neg 21:9A and
Neg 22:22A





Image 62: Government Building, page 52

Neg 22:3A





Image 63: Fifth Street North from Oak Street
                  page 53

Neg 20:25A




Folder 20

Image 64: Looking North on Sixth Street from
                  Crawford Street, page 53

Neg 21:10A





Image 65: Scene on Wabash Avenue, page 54

Neg 22:4A





Image 66: Headquarters of Fire Department,
                  page 55

Neg 20:26A




Folder 21

Image 67: Phoenix Foundry and Machine
                 Works, page 55

Neg 21:11A





Image 68: Home for Old Ladies, page 56

Neg 22:5A





Image 69: Residence of J.A. Parker, page 59
                   [903 S. 6th St.]

Neg 20:27A





Image 70: Indiana State Normal School,
                   page 60 [sketch]

Neg 22:6A




Folder 22

Image 71: Universalist Church, page 61

Neg 21:12A and
Neg 22:34A





Image 72: Congregational Church, page 61

Neg 20:28A





Image 73: Terre Haute House, page 62

Neg 22:7A





Image 74: Residence of A. Arnold, page 63
                  [330 S. 6th St.]

Neg 20:29A




Folder 23

Image 75: Residence of J.P. Crawford, page 63
                 [709 S. 6th St.]

Neg 21:13A and
Neg 21:14A





Image 76: St. Patrick's Church, page 64

Neg 22:8A and
Neg 22:9A