Indiana Gazette
Dates:  1804
Accession Number:  20051120E
Donor:  M. B. Wolfe
Description: One newspaper in a flat storage box

Content and Scope of Collection 

This collection consists of a 4-page issue of the Indiana Gazette printed in Vincennes, Indiana by Elihu Stout.  This particular issue was Volume 1, Issue 2 but Stout writes an introductory statement that seems to indicate that this was the inaugural issue.  Stout tells readers in a statement titled To the Public that his object shall be to collect and publish such information as will give a correct account of the productions and natural advantages of the [Indiana] Territory.  Stout goes on to say essays of any political complection couched in decent language shall find a ready insertion. 

This issue of the newspaper includes a reprint of a congressional Act for the relief of certain military officers in the State of South Carolina, an article about the USS Constitution, a proclamation from territorial governor William Henry Harrison, and news of the duel between Aaron Burr and Alexander Hamilton and Hamilton's subsequent death.  The last page of the newspaper included a poem titled To a Glass of Wine and an essay. 

The Indiana Gazette was to be published weekly at a half-year subscription price of $2.50 payable in advance, postage not included.  The newspaper ceased publication in 1806.  The Indiana Gazette is available at the Indiana State Library in Indianapolis.