Gerstmeyer High School Collection
Dates: 1922-1971
Accession Number: 940708A
Donor: John Valle; Georgia Jones
Description: Two document cases and two flat storage boxes


Gerstmeyer Technical High School was created from two vocational high schools in Terre Haute. The first was a boys' school established in 1915 at Lafayette and Third Avenue; the second was a girls' vocational school established in 1916 at 6 1/2 and Poplar streets. When the Terre Haute Board of School Trustees purchased the building occupied by the Rose Polytechnic Engineering School at 13th and Locust, the Boys' Vocational School was moved to this location in 1922 and renamed Gerstmeyer Vocational High School. In January 1925, the Girls' Vocational School was also moved to this site and the school name changed to Gerstmeyer Technical High School.

By September 1925, Gerstmeyer had become a first class commissioned high school. A full program of high school courses was added to the vocational curriculum and a four-year graduate program was developed. The first school yearbook, The Scarabaeus, was produced in 1930; in 1962, the name of the yearbook changed to The Scroll. The school newspaper was first published in 1922 as The Anvil.

Gerstmeyer closed in 1971 and consolidated with Garfield into North Vigo High School.

Content and Scope of the Collection

This collection was donated primarily by John Valle, former teacher and principal at Gerstmeyer High School. It contains a variety of material documenting specific classes and events throughout the school's history. Arrangement of the collection is in broad categories: class histories and directories; school programs (e.g., senior class day, commencement, coronation assembly, campus revues, school plays, GAA banquet); school publications (The Anvil and The Cat's Tale); photographs; and scrapbooks of newspaper clippings about the school.

For related material, see the Gerstmeyer Students in World War II Collection (Accession Number 850228; SM D.C. 20), the Public Schools Collection (Accession Number 860902), and the high school yearbook collection in Special Collections and Archives.

Document Case 1


Folder 1

Class of 1941: History (includes activities, honors and awards, list of graduates, commencement programs)

Folder 2

Class of 1942: History
Photograph of January graduates

Folder 3

Class of 1943: History

Folder 4

Class of 1944: History

Folder 5

Class of 1945: History

Photograph of January graduates

Photograph of June graduates

Folder 5a

Class of 1956:


10th Reunion program (1966)

35th Reunion booklet (1991)

Folder 6

Class of 1963: Will, History, and Prophecy

Class of 1964: Wills and Prophesy

Folder 7

Class of 1965: Wills and Prophecies

Class of 1966: Wills, Prophecies

Folder 8

Class of 1967: Our Class Wills and Prophecies

Class of 1968: History, Wills, Prophecy

Folder 9

Class of 1969: History, Will, Prophecy

Class of 1970: Wills, History and Prophecy

Folder 10

Student Directory


Student Directory


Student Directory


Folder 11



Folder 12



Folder 13



Folder 14



Folder 15



Folder 16



Folder 17



Folder 18



Folder 19



Folder 20



Document Case 2  
Folder 21 National Honor Society (includes annual reports, membership lists, programs) 1928-1971
Folder 22 Silver Anniversary, 1925-1950 (includes booklet and poem by Elizabeth M. Denehie) 1950
Folder 23 "If" by Helene Elaine Kemp (book) 1940-1941
Folder 24 The Anvil 1923
Folder 25 The Anvil 1942-1943
Folder 26 The Anvil 1943-1944
Folder 27 The Anvil (2 copies) 1944-1945
Folder 28 The Anvil 1964-1966
Folder 29 The Anvil 1967-1969
Folder 30 The Anvil 1970-1971
Folder 31 The Cat's Tale 1940-1941
Folder 32 Photographs: Includes aerial view of school and
grounds (ca. 1941); portraits of individuals and
classes; school events
Folder 33 Photographs: Includes sports' team portraits 1923-1945
Flat Storage Box 1  
Loose Scrapbook 1953-1954
Loose Scrapbook: School News (compiled by FTA Club) 1954-1955
Loose Scrapbook: School News Run in Tribune-Star 1959-1960
Flat Storage Box 2  
Loose Scrapbook: "School News, 1960-61" (carried in local newspapers) 1960-1963
Folder 34A Two-Year Vocational Courses n.d.
Folder 34B Newspaper clippings ca. 1963-1971
Folder 35 Newspaper clippings ca. 1963-1971
Folder 36 Newspaper clippings ca. 1963-1971