Prairie Creek High School Collection
Dates:  1927-1932
Accession Number:  20051019B
Description:  Three file folders in a document case

Content and Scope of Collection

This collection contains 4 record books maintained by Edwin Yeager, a mathematics and science teacher at Prairie Creek High School in southwestern Vigo County.

The first book, an Athletic Fund Ledger, lists Edwin Yeager as “Tres.” [Treasurer].  The book lists monies received from ticket sales for home football and basketball games and money spent for athletic association dues,  equipment and referee fees.  The book also shows the receipt and expenditure of monies for the school's dramatic performances.

The second and third books are Yeager's gradebooks for the 1931-1932 school year.  In the first semester, Yeager taught eighth grade general science and arithmetic, freshman algebra, sophomore plane geometry and senior physics.  In the following semester (winter 1932) Yeager again taught general science, physics, algebra and plane geometry and a Health Education class for juniors and seniors.

The last book is a record of the minutes of the 8th grade Clean-Up Club for which Yeager was either a homeroom teacher or a class sponsor.  The club was organized in November 1931 and was made up of a president, secretary, a blackboard committee, a desk inspector and a bulletin board commissioner.  Appointments to all of these positions were made on a weekly basis.  Students who failed to keep their desks in order received demerits.  Eventually, the disorder became so bad that the students voted “to choose up sides and the side that had the highest citizenship score got to have a party given by the losers” at the end of the year.  At the end of the school year, the side with 66 demerits had to give a party to the other side which had only received 22 demerits. 

Document Case 1





Folder 1

Athletic Fund Ledger





Folder 2

Grade report book

Fall 1931





Grade report book

Winter 1932




Folder 3

Clean-Up Committee Club Ledger