School Board Trustees
Dates:  1838-1947
Accession Number:  930701
Description:  One document case

Content and Scope of Collection

This collection was originally compiled as a photograph album of early school board trustees from the Terre Haute public school system.  The album covers have been removed and the pages are stored in six acid-free folders.  The album was numbered in pencil (upper left-hand corner of each page) and the original order of the pages has been retained.

Most of the album contains original photographs of school board trustees with names and dates of service written below each picture (when known).  Images seem to be arranged in chronological order, but do not represent a complete set of all trustees.

Folder 6 contains "Our School Boards" compiled by William H. Wiley, former teacher, trustee, and superintendent of the Terre Haute schools.  These papers are a series of handwritten lists which record the names and dates of trustees up to 1924.  It appears that after 1924 photographs were added to the album but not documented or identified.  A 1947 newspaper clipping depicting current trustees is the last item entered.

The photographs in this album have been indexed by name and folder number.  A copy of the name index is filed in the inventory folder accompanying the collection.