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Vigo County Journal.  Volume 5, No. 1.  (January 7, 1924)
Terre Haute: Vigo County Farm Bureau of Indiana.


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Part 1

The First National Bank of Terre Haute, IN (advertisement)

Dr. A. T. Nutter, Optometrist (advertisement)

"Every Vigo County Farmer Should be a Farm Bureau Member" by T. I. Ferris


Part 2

"Every Vigo County Farmer Should be a Farm Bureau Member" (cont'd)

Carl Wolf (advertisement)

Interstate Salvage Co. (advertisement)


Part 3

Officers Vigo County Farm Bureau (list of names)

"County School Situation"

"County Officials Owe a Service"

"Chamber of Commerce Interested"

"Will Make Test Case"

"Urges Music For Rural Communities"

"Elite Radiator & Fender Co. (advertisement)


Part 4

Terre Haute Star (advertisement)

"Ferris Gives a Few Membership Figures"

"Advantages of Shipping Association Limited to Members"

"Chamber of Commerce to Cooperate with Bureau"

James D. Bigelow Co. (advertisement)

Harrison Smith, Headquarters for Purina Poultry Chows (advertisement)


Part 5

Sparks Milling Co. (advertisement)

Gillis Drug Co. (advertisement)

"A Standard of Living to be Established for Farm Home"


Columbia Service Station (advertisement)


Part 6

T. H. Flour and Feed Co. (advertisement)

Giant Tire Store (advertisement)

"Prairieton School Serves Noon-day Luncheon"

More Recipes by Mrs. F. E. Peker

Riehle's, Locksmith (advertisement)

The Fountain Theatre (advertisement)

Isaac Ball Undertaking Co. (advertisement)

N. G. Wallace, 12 Points Grocer and Meat Market (advertisement)

E. W. Walsh Monument Co. (advertisement)

Haroma Mfg. Co. (advertisement)


Part 7

Stewart Sales Co. (advertisement)


Part 8

Hoermann Stoneware House (advertisement)

Farmer's Mutual Insurance Company (advertisement)

Quick Welding & Machine Co. (advertisement)

"Would You Know Some Facts About Schools of Your County?"

"Christmas Party Held"

"Perhaps Related"

"New Seed Store Opens"

Fisbeck's (advertisement)


Part 9

De Water Auto Top and Trimming Co. (advertisement)

Dr. E. F. Kendall, Dentist (advertisement)

"Just Between Us Women"

Alrosa Stock Farm (advertisement)

Herz's (advertisement)


Part 10

Tex's Used Car Market (advertisement)


"Quiet Consideration of Patrol System Going On"

"State Agricultural College Necessary Adjunct to Well-informed Community"

Peoples Dental Parlors (advertisement)


Part 11

"Hints to Wives and Mothers"

"To Prevent Rust on Tinware"

"To Clean With Lye"

"Steel Knives and Forks"

"Lamp Chimneys—To Prevent Their Breaking"

"To Remove Ink from Linen"

"To Clean Oil Cloth"

T. H. I. & E. Traction Co. (advertisement)

"State Convention Adopts Specially Prepared Program for 1924"

Krietenstein Glass and Paint Co. (advertisement)

Terre Haute Savings Bank (advertisement)


Part 12

A. Fromme Lumber Co. (advertisement)

"State Convention Adopts Specially Prepared Program for 1924" (cont'd) (cont'd on Page 26)

"Farm Bureau Members to Afford All-wool Suits"

Corban Battery Service (advertisement)


Part 13

Ideal Baking Co. (advertisement)

Little Wonder Light Co. (advertisement)

Thompson's, Quality Fish and Poultry Market (advertisement)

"State Convention Adopts Program" (cont'd from Page 26 [sic])

"Focus Exposure"

"Quiet Consideration of Patrol System Going On" (cont'd from Page 21)

T. & R. Auto Paint Shop (advertisement)

Pentecost & Craft (advertisement)

Auto Radiator Repairing (advertisement)