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Vigo County Journal.  Volume 5, No. 12.  (September 5, 1924)
Terre Haute: Vigo County Farm Bureau of Indiana.


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Part 1

The First National Bank of Terre Haute (advertisement)

Boyer Battery Co. (advertisement)


Part 2

"Wheat Pool Daily Receiving Many Thousand Bushels of the Grain" (cont. of page 4)

"Old Man Wise Writes to His Son John" by Old John Wise

"Strong Remonstrance Voiced Against School Improvements"

Wabash Commercial School (advertisement)

"Says the Editor of Farm and Home"


Part 3

"Big State Fair Meeting Planned September 1st to 5th"

W. F. Cummins Co. (advertisement)

Adam Snider & Co. (advertisement)

Officers Vigo County Farm Bureau (list of names)

"State Fair September 1st-5th"

"Says the Editor of the Country Gentleman"

"The Beginning of a Market"


Part 4

"Elevator Men 100 Per Cent for Farm Bureau Wheat Pool"

 King Bros. (advertisement)

East End Garage (advertisement)

"Boyer Plans Room for Lager Trade"

Ideal Baking Co. (advertisement)

Riehle's, Locksmith (advertisement)

Isaac Ball Undertaking Co. (advertisement)

De Water Auto Top and Trimming Co. (advertisement)

Terre Haute Savings Bank (advertisement)


Simples Shoe Repair (advertisement)


Part 5

"Vanderburgh Farmer Caravan Entertained at Maryland" (cont. on page 4)

Harrison Smith (advertisement)

Krietenstein's (advertisement)

Dr. Gretchen E. Terrell (advertisement)

"Just Between Us Women"

"Much Waste Evident in Wheat Thrashing"


Part 6

"Do You Know Indiana?"

"Supreme Court Rules on Butter"

"Plenty of Poultry"

Herz's (advertisement)

Radio Shop (advertisement)

Lewis Lockwood, Trusses (advertisement)

Terre Haute Flour and Feed Co. (advertisement)

"C. D. Hansel of Forest Park Proud of Aged Documents"

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Part 7

"Old Man Writes to His Son John (cont. from page 4)


The Terre Haute Trust Co. (advertisement)

Sparks Milling Co. (advertisement)

"Wheat Pool Daily Receiving Many Thousands of Bushels of Grain"

Sayre & Co. (advertisement)

Our Advertiers [sic] (cont. from page 12)

"Vanderburg [sic] Farmers at Maryland School"


Part 8

The Forest Park Mill (advertisement)

Ideal Baking Co. (advertisement)

Pentecost & Craft (advertisement)