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 Vigo County Journal.  Volume 5, No. 13.  (October 5, 1924)
Terre Haute: Vigo County Farm Bureau of Indiana.


Description of pages


Part 1

First National Bank of
  Terre Haute (advertisement)

Boyer Battery Company


Part 2

"Rural Prosperity Ahead:  Larger
  Wheat Crop at a Larger Market Price
  Spell Optimistic Outlook for Future"
  (cont'd on p. 14)


Part 3

"Rural Prosperity" (cont'd)

"Indiana Farmers Urged to Use
  Indiana Wheat"

"Test the Draft Horse as we Do the Cow"

Wabash Commercial School


Part 4

"County Purchasing Agent Saves
  Farmers Many Dollars:  Oil, Coal
  Fertilizer and Garden Seed Principal
  Articles Bought By Members of
  Farm Bureau at a Big Savings"
  (cont'd on p. 13)

W. F. Cummins Company
  General machinists and blacksmiths

Adam Snider & Company
  (Advertisement for seed drills,
      manure spreaders, cream
      separators, etc.)


Part 5

"City Market Seems Success"

"Old Friendships Renewed"

"Let's Raise the Best Baby"

"Riley Parent Teacher Club
   Welcomes Teachers"

"Everyone to the Voting Booth"

Officers of Vigo County Farm Bureau
  (list of names)


Part 6

"Farmers of Vigo County Romp
  and Play Together"

'Double Your Asparagus Crop"

Holsum Bread (advertisement)

Riehle's Locksmith (advertisement)

Isaac Ball Undertaking Company

East End Garage (advertisement)


Part 7

"Shall Hard or Soft Wheat Be Grower's
  Standard Bearer:  Peculiar Market
  Conditions Set Unprecedented
  Standard for Indiana Soft Wheat--
  Miller's Prefer Soft Wheat over No. 2
  Hard Due to Larger Acreage of Soft
  Wheat--Purdue Hopes to Solve Problem"
  (cont'd on p. 9)

De Water Auto Top & Trimming Company

Terre Haute Savings Bank


Part 8

"Shall Hard or Soft Wheat . . . ?
  (cont'd from p. 8)

"Women's Sewing League Hold
  September Meeting"

"State Fair Schools"

" 'Outdoors' [Magazine] Is Out"

Harrison Smith
  (advertisement for Purina Poultry Chows)


Part 9

"Just Between Us Women"

"County Parent-Teacher Work"

"Respect for Penny is Gone"

Krietenstein's Paint Store


Part 10

  Recipes (for canned sweet potatoes,
    old fashioned coffee raisin cake,
    grandmother's mayonnaise,
    princess white cake)

Herz's Department Store


Part 11


Lewis Lockwood
  (advertisement for artificial limbs
    and trusses)

Radio Shop

Lovell Motor Company (advertisement)


Part 12

"County Purchasing Agent Saves
  Farmers Many Dollars"
  (cont'd from p. 5)

"Old Sugar Creek Takes A Day Off"

Terre Haute Trust Company


Part 13

"Rural Prosperity Ahead"
  (cont'd from p. 3)

"Truck and Fruit Growers Incorporate"

"How to Cure Sweet Potatoes"

"Nine Day Pickles"

Sayre & Company
  (advertisement for bicycles)

Sparks Milling Company
  (advertisement for Vigola Flour)


Part 14

Fred Stalnaker, Republican candidate
  for County Clerk (advertisement)

Sterchi Jewelry and Music

Simplex Shoe Repair Company