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Vigo County Journal.  Volume 5, No. 5.  (March 17, 1924)
Terre Haute: Vigo County Farm Bureau of Indiana.


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Part 1

The First National Bank of Terre Haute, IN (advertisement)

Boyer Battery Co. (advertisement)


Part 2

"Everybody Wants Public Market"

"Unanimous Opinion of Civil Clubs Is for Public Market"

"Just Between Us Women"

Carl Wolf (advertisement)


"American Farm Efficiency"


Part 3

"Wheat Pool Moves on Apace In Vigo

"Carl Wolf Store Receives New Spring Shipment"

Herz's (advertisement)

Officers Vigo County Farm Bureau (list of names)

"Land Tenancy"

"Politics Delay Plan"

"Freight Rates"

"Market for Growers"


Part 4

"Christie Gives Some Advice on Clover Seed"

Myers Bros. (advertisement)

Gillis Drug Co. (advertisement)

W. F. Cummins Co. (advertisement)

Township Meetings


Part 5

"Rigney Advises Potato Growers on Planting"

The Fountain Theatre (advertisement)

The Winchester Store (advertisement)

Dr. E. F. Kendall, Dentist (advertisement)

Krietenstien Glass and Pain Co. (advertisement)


Part 6

"Rigney Advises Potato Growers on Planting" (cont'd)

"New Warning Signals for Offenders Issued"

A. Fromme Lumber Co. (advertisement)

T. H. I. & E. Traction Co. (advertisement)

Harrison Smith, Headquarters for Purina Poultry Chows (advertisement)

"Vigo County Tomato Growers to Organize"

"Sewing Program for Vigo Women Continued"

Rice Griddle Cakes (recipe)


Part 7

"Maryland School is Proving More Than Successful Venture" by Nora Ball Ragsdale

Geo. E. Jones Tire Shop (advertisement)

Zachman Harness Co. (advertisement)

Dr. Eugene T. Litsey, Chiropodist (advertisement)

Terre Haute Savings Bank (advertisement)

"Important Provisions of Contracts for Wheat Growers"


Part 8

"Contracts for Wheat Growers" (cont. from page 14) (cont. on page 19)

"Townships Make Loan"

Adam Snider & Co. (advertisement)

Martin's Employment Agency (advertisement)

Hoerman's Seed Store (advertisement)

Dr. A. T. Nutter, Optometrist (advertisement)


De Water Auto Top and Trimming Co. (advertisement)

Lewis Lockwood, Artificial Limbs, Braces, Trusses (advertisement)

Hoerman Stoneware House (advertisement)


Part 9

"Can 'Co-Op.' Fix Prices! There is One Answer"

Terre Haute Flour and Feed Co. (advertisement)

"The Awakening Farmer" by Adam Young

Riehle's, Locksmith (advertisement)

The Radio Shop (advertisement)

N. G. Wallace, 12 Points Grocer and Meat Market (advertisement)

Cottage Hill Egg Farm (advertisement)

Ideal Baking Co. (advertisement)

Sparks Milling Co. (advertisement)

"Just Between Us Women" by Nora Ball Ragsdale


Part 10

"Just Between Us Women" by Nora Ball Ragsdale (cont'd)

"Indiana Freight Rates Will Be Reduced Soon"

"Contracts for Wheat Growers" (cont. from page 15)

East End Garage (advertisement)

The Terre Haute Trust Co. (advertisement)



Part 11

"Exit Old-fashioned HenóEnter Modern Incubator" (cont. on page 22)

Wall Paper Store (advertisement)

Alrosa Stock Farm (advertisement)

Haroma Mfg. Co. (advertisement)

"Maryland School Proving Successful" (cont. from page 13)

Quality Painting (advertisement)

"Exit Hen" (cont. from page 21)

"To Inspect Raspberries"

"When Potatoes Taste Sweet"

"Deprived Tiger"


Part 12

Corban Battery Service (advertisement)

Pentecost & Craft (advertisement)

Majestic Garage and Filling Station (advertisement)