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Vigo County Journal.  Volume 5, No. 7.  (April 29 1924)
Terre Haute: Vigo County Farm Bureau of Indiana.


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Part 1

The First National Bank (advertisement)

Otis Cook (advertisement)
     Candidate for Prosecuting Attorney


Part 2

"Royse Endorses Cooperative Ideas"

"'Farming Interests Barometer of Prosperity' Says Mr. Royse"

Riehle's, Locksmith (advertisement)

Terre Haute Conservatory (advertisement)

V. T. Davis & Son (advertisement)

"Wheat of Future of Our Farm Bureau and Allied Bodies" (cont. on page 10)


Part 3

"Royse Endorses Cooperative Ideas" (cont. from page 3)

Smith's Store (advertisement)

Officers Vigo County Farm Bureau (list of names)

"James Royse and the Wheat Pool"

"Parent-Teacher Associations"

"Women's Interest Increasing"


Part 4

"Cooperative Buying and Savings that are Enjoyed"

"Shippers Must Belong to County Farm Bureau"

"'Sick Plant Man' Came from Demonstration Work"

"Old Vigo Is Expected to Go More Than 40 Per Cent"

Palmer Chiropractors (advertisement)

W. F. Cummins Co. (advertisement)

Carl Wolf (advertisement)

"Teacher Expresses Approval of Parent-Teacher Clubs" by Anna Tully


Part 5

"Teacher Expresses Approval of Parent-Teacher Clubs" by Anna Tully (cont'd)

"Agriculturists to Protect Legislative Interests"

The Terre Haute Trust Company (advertisement)

Jones Tire Shop (advertisement)

Terre Haute Savings Bank (advertisement)

"What of Future of Farm Bureau" (cont. from page 4)


Part 6

"What of Future of Farm Bureau" (cont'd)

"County Bridges Receive Council's Consideration"

A. Fromme Lumber Co. (advertisement)

"Was He Hit Right"

The Radio Shop (advertisement)

N. G. Wallace, 12 Points Grocer and Meat Market (advertisement)

Harrison Smith, Headquarters for Purina Poultry Chows (advertisement)

"Farm Lads and Lasses Are Seldom in Serious Trouble" by Nora Ball Ragsdale


Part 7

"Farm Lads and Lasses Are Seldom in Serious Trouble" by Nora Ball Ragsdale (cont'd)

Clay Real Estate Company (advertisement)

Herman W. Modisett (advertisement)
     Candidate for County Commissioner

"A Few Things Accomplished by National Farm Federation During Past Year"


Part 8

"Townships Hear More About Wheat Pool"

"Would Stop Private Use of County's Property"

"Care of Calf at Birth"

Herz's (advertisement)

C. L. McCullough, Chiropractor (advertisement)

Adam Snider & Co. (advertisement)



Part 9

Lewis Lockwood, Artificial Limbs, Braces, Trusses (advertisement)

Hoermann Stoneware House (advertisement)

Terre Haute Flour and Feed Co. (advertisement)

"A They A Hell!"

"Cleaning the Fence Row"

"Numerous Bargains in Army Goods"

De Water Auto Top and Trimming Co. (advertisement)

Silverstein's (advertisement)

Ideal Baking Co. (advertisement)

Sparks Milling Co. (advertisement)

"Wheat Pool Meetings are Gaining Big Encouragement"


Part 10


East End Garage (advertisement)

Winfield M. Fox (advertisement)
     Candidate for Judge of Superior Court

Lickliter & Davis (advertisement)

Majestic Garage and Filling Station (advertisement)



Part 11

T. H. Seed Co. (advertisement)

Wall Paper Store (advertisement)

"Lillie Discusses Value of Dealer in Real Estate" by Charles G. Lillie

"Willis Firm of Chiropractors Has Two Up-to-Date Offices"

"Other Townships Will Give Programs for May"

Automobile Painting (advertisement)

Alrosa Stock Farm (advertisement)

Jack Abel (advertisement)

Central Building and Loan Association (advertisement)

"Both Wholesale and Retail Market Given the 'O.K.'"


Part 12

Dr. A. T. Nutter, Optometrist (advertisement)

Pentecost & Craft (advertisement)

Terre Haute Conservatory of Music (advertisement)