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Vigo County Journal.  Volume 5, No. 9.  (June 7, 1924)
Terre Haute: Vigo County Farm Bureau of Indiana.


Description of pages


Part 1

The First National Bank of Terre Haute (advertisement)

"After This, What?" (cont. on page 12)


Part 2

"Rigney Cites Report on Ten Years Extension Work" (cont. on page 7)

"Township Farm Bureau Meeting Schedule"

"First State Meeting of Vegetable Growers"

"Send in Order for Binder Twine"

"Over One Hundred from County Attending Normal" (cont. on page 8)

W. F. Cummins Co. (advertisement)

Carl Wolf (advertisement)


Part 3

Officers Vigo County Farm Bureau (list of names)

"Oliver Little"

"Will Hit Farmers"

Ideal Baking Co. (advertisement)

East End Garage (advertisement)

"Rigney Cites Report" (cont. from page 4)

"Renews Membership in Chamber of Commerce"

"Field Mice"

Riehle's, Locksmith (advertisement)

Isaac Ball Undertaking Co. (advertisement)

A. F. Mosel (advertisement)


Part 4

V. T. Davis & Son (advertisement)

Terre Haute Savings Bank (advertisement)

"Over One Hundred from County Attending Normal" (cont. from page 5)

"Elevator Service at Court House" (advertisement)

"Legislative Committees Have Been Named"

"Poultry Committee Begins Activities"

"Applying Limestone"

A. Fromme Lumber Co. (advertisement)


Part 5

"Just Between Ourselves" by Nora Ball Ragsdale

The Radio Shop (advertisement)

Harrison Smith (advertisement)

N. G. Wallace, 12 Points Grocer and Meat Market (advertisement)

John I. Akers (advertisement)

Alrosa Stock Farm (advertisement)

Dr. Gretchen E. Terrell (advertisement)


Krietenstein (advertisement)

Haroma Mfg. Co. (advertisement)


Part 6

"After This, What?" (cont. from page 3)

Sparks Milling Co. (advertisement)

Bales Bros. (advertisement)

"Seventh Tour Conducted by County Beekeepers"

Majestic Garage (advertisement)

"Service and Courtesy Sought by Gardeners"

"Pear and Cherry Slug"

"Sparks Makes Offer to Wheat Pool Men"

"Twenty-five Women Attend Second Lesson"


Part 7

Lewis Lockwood, Artificial Limbs, Braces, Trusses (advertisement)

Hoermann Stoneware House (advertisement)

Terre Haute Flour and Feed Co. (advertisement)


"Terre Haute Carpet Cleaning & Rug Co. (advertisement)

"The People's Cleaner" (advertisement)

De Water Auto Top and Trimming Co. (advertisement)