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Wiley, William J.  Public School Education in Terre Haute, Indiana:
One Hundred Years of History.  Terre Haute, Indiana 1924.

Volume 3 of 3

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Part 1 Table of Contents a
Part 2
Educational Beginnings in Terre Haute (a paper read before the Terre Haute Literary Club by William H. Wiley, April 15, 1901) 1-4
Part 3 Educational Beginning (continued) 5-9
Part 4 More About the Beginnings of Education 10-14
Part 5 Terre Haute Public Schools--Some items connected with the work for the information of the Horticultural Society 15-17
Part 6
Wage increase request (sent to the School Board of Trustees by Superintendent Wiley) 18-19
Part 7 School Management 20-25
Part 8 School Management (continued) 26-30
Part 9 School Management (continued) 31-35
Part 10 School Management (continued) 36-40
Part 11 School Management (continued) 41-44
Part 12 American Periodicals 45-52
Part 13

"Wholesome Economy in Education a Condition of Wholesome Living" (Paper read at the general meeting of Terre Haute teachers, Jan. 14, 1899) 53-57

Part 14 "Wholesome economy" (continued) 58-62
Part 15 "The N.E.A., the A. I. I. and a Vacation (Jan. 13, 1906) 63-67
Part 16 "The N.E.A." (continued) 68-69a
Part 17 "The N. E. A." (continued) 70-70a
Part 18 "Accuracy and Mastery--Their Value and How Secured" 71-74
Part 19 "Accuracy and Mastery" (continued) 75-77
Part 20 "The First Day of School" 78-81
Part 21 Outline of Four Lectures Before the Vigo County Institute 82-84
Part 22
Outline of a Series of Seven Lectures Before the Vigo County Institute, Sept. 2-6, 1901 85-88
Part 23

"Educational Principles Applied to the Teaching of Literature"  (an address delivered before the National Education Association in Charleston, South Carolina, July 13, 1900) 89--93

Part 24
"Educational Principles" (continued)
Part 25
"The Teacher's Opportunity" (Inaugural address as president of the Southern Indiana Teachers Association, April 5, 1900) 96-101
Part 26 "The Teacher's Opportunity" (continued) 102-105
Part 27
"One-Hundred Word Definitions of a 'GOOD SCHOOL' " by a number of teachers" 106--111
Part 28
"The Twenty-Second Biennial Report of the State Superintendent of Public Instruction of Indiana" 112-115
Part 29 "The Twenty-Second Biennial Report" (continued) 116-120a
Part 30 The Southern Indiana Teachers Association 121-124
Part 31
"The Mission of the Scholar" (by Charles W. Fairbanks, United States Senator for Indiana) 125-129
Part 32 "The Mission of the Scholar" (continued) 130-133
Part 33 "Reading--General Discussion" (H. V. Hotchkiss, Akron, Ohio) 134-137
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