Earth Wrapped in Film Strips
West Branch Meeting Rooms A & B
West Branch Library
Saturday, October 5 6:00 pm to 8:30 pm
Ages 21 & Up: You be the judge. Join more than 100,000 film lovers across six continents for the 21st annual MANHATTAN SHORT Film Festival! West Branch Library will screen the top ten short films from the 1,800 films submitted. After the viewing, vote for your favorite film and actor. Your vote will be tallied with others from around the world to decide the Gold, Silver and Bronze Medal Winners and the Best Actor Winner. Refreshments will be provided free of charge by The Copper Bar; alcoholic drinks will be available for purchase.
Haute Create
Main Library
Sunday, September 15 2:00 pm to 4:00 pm
Repair and re-imagine your clean costumes using our sewing machines to send your kids trick-or-treating in style. A Cricut® and Easy Press 2T will also be available to use. 
Two Coffee Cups
West Branch Meeting Room B
West Branch Library
Monday, October 7 6:00 pm to 7:30 pm
Get ready for the November elections and meet the candidates running for office in West Terre Haute. Enjoy coffee and refreshments while chatting with your local representatives about their stances, current events, and more.
Pancake with Skillet
Haute Create
Main Library
Wednesday, November 27 11:00 am to 1:00 pm
All Ages: Design your own pancake on a computer and then watch it print on the world's first 3D food printer: ThePancakeBot®.
Little Boy Being Dressed Up as a Pirate
West Branch Library
Wednesday, October 30 5:30 pm to 7:30 pm
All Ages: Stop by the West Branch Library while trick-or-treating. Create a Halloween-themed craft, enjoy some tasty treats, and receive a new book.
Young Girl with Golf Club
Meeting Rooms A, B, & C
Main Library
Monday, September 30 4:00 pm to 6:00 pm
Ages 5-11: Learn golf, life lessons, and leadership skills with The First Tee of Indiana. This nationally recognized leader in junior golf incorporates Nine Core Values - respect, courtesy, responsibility, honesty, sportsmanship, confidence, judgment, perseverance, and integrity - into fun activities based on familiar sports to develop character and teach values that extend far beyond the golf course.
Main Library
Thursday, September 12 10:00 am to 1:00 pm
Explore the latest printing technology available at Haute Create.  Learn how to properly and safely use the equipment and how to prepare a 3D design file for print.  Customers who wish to use the Haute Create 3D printer independently must complete this class.
Sewing Machine Foot with Blue Cloth
Haute Create
Main Library
Saturday, August 3 2:00 pm to 4:00 pm
Use our sewing machines and give your clean clothes a new life by repairing and restyling them. Send your kids back to school in style by re-imagining their clothes. A CricutT and Easy PressT 2 will also be available to use.
Jack O Lantern with Witch's Hat and Purple and Orange Banners
VCPL Main Library Lobby
Main Library
Friday, October 25 6:00 pm to 8:00 pm
Start your night off with a free book of your choice from the Vigo County Public Library. Show off your costume and snap photos at our photo booth before you head downtown for more tricks and treats.
Boy Riding Rocket Past Saturn
Meeting Room A
Main Library
Thursday, July 18 6:00 pm to 7:00 pm
Ages 5 - 11: Get ready to soar! Using cardboard, special tools and other recycled materials construct a spaceship that can fly through outer space. Add special gadgets and tools to your ship for an intergalactic voyage. This program is presented by the Terre Haute Children's Museum.