Under Construction: The VCPL 2014 Renovation

Noise level may be louder than normal due to construction equipment.

About the Renovation

The Vigo County Public Library’s Main Branch will be undergoing renovations beginning the summer of 2014 to address the evolving needs of our patrons and the Library. The renovation will include an updated East Wing, full renovations to the West Wing, and a larger space for Special Collections and local history.

The Library will remain open throughout the renovation, but some areas of the Library will be closed to the public during construction and others relocated.

On Wednesday, September 24, Computer Lab 1 will not be available. We apologize for the inconvenience.

Look for updates throughout the Library, on Facebook, and on this webpage.

Timeline & Phases of the Renovation*

*Timeline subject to change.

Phase One: East Wing (Completed: Monday, July 14)

The Library’s East Wing will be closed to public access beginning in early June. During this phase of the renovation:

  • The East Wing carpeting will be updated to match the Lobby;

  • A new Reference desk will be installed;

  • Shelving will be moved to create more opportunities for discovery and a better traffic flow throughout the East Wing.

Throughout this phase, the East Wing will be closed to the public. A browsing collection, including new books, cds, dvds, and audiobooks, will be available for patrons in the West Wing. Pick up for items placed on hold may be delayed, depending on access to lending areas.

Phase Two: West Wing (July, approximately 8 weeks)

The Library’s West Wing renovation is planned to begin in July, dependent on the completion of the East Wing renovation. During this phase of the renovation:

  • The West Wing carpeting will be updated to match the Lobby;

  • New private study rooms and a new conference room will be built;

  • The Special Collections/Local History department will be enlarged;

  • Magazines and newspapers will be moved to front of the West Wing;

  • A new Computer Lab Assistant desk will be installed.

Throughout this phase, the West Wing will be closed to the public. Computer Lab 1 computers will be relocated to the new central public computing area in the West Wing towards the end of Phase Two.