Welcome to the Vigo County Public Library

The Vigo County Public Library (photograph; from front)

The Vigo County Public Library System has served the residents of Terre Haute and Vigo County Indiana since 1882 when local school trustees purchased the existing public library from the Terre Haute Library Association.

Our Vision

Generating Change. Transforming Lives.

Our Mission

The Vigo County Public Library generates positive change in the community by creating an environment of opportunity in which people can explore, expand their perspectives, and transform their own lives and the lives of future generations.

Core Values

  • Inclusiveness – respecting individual perspectives and diverse backgrounds, making cultural and intellectual resources available to all
  • Community –committing to and investing in the betterment of the community
  • Collaboration –working in concert with strategic partners to help the community flourish
  • Innovation –invigorating the community and stimulating a creative economy through inventive ideas and services
  • Accountability – managing resources responsibly to maintain the public’s trust.