What is Downloadable Media?

Use the library’s free downloadable media services to access online resources such as eBooks, audiobooks, music, magazines, and more.

OverDrive and the library’s Indiana Digital Media collection allow library patrons to browse and download a variety of adult and youth eBooks, audiobooks, music, and movies. Many titles are available for download to a variety of devices.

Downloading Items

Is my computer or device compatible?

OverDrive supports a variety of popular mobile devices through its OverDrive Media Mobile App. To see if your device is compatible with OverDrive Mobile App, visit the OverDrive Device Resource Center.

OverDrive Media Center is available for Windows PCs (using Windows XP or later). Windows Media Player version 9 or greater and Internet Explorer 7 (or newer) is required. OverDrive Media Center is also available for Macintosh computers, using Mac OS 10.4.9 or newer, an Intel or PowerPC processor, and iTunes version or newer.

Adobe Digital Editions is available for Windows PCs and Macintosh computers.

If you are having problems using OverDrive Media Center or Adobe Digital Editions with your desktop or laptop computer, please ensure that your operating system, all required software (Windows Media Player for Windows PC, iTunes for Macintosh), OverDrive Media Center, and Adobe Digital Editons have the latest updates installed.

How do I decide which format to use?

Digital media comes in various, often proprietary, formats that may only work on specific devices.

OverDrive Read eBooks can be read directly from your device's browser, with no software installation required. If you are accessing eBooks through Adobe Digital Editions, an Adobe Digital Editions compatible device, or the OverDrive Mobile App, you may download Open EPUB, Adobe EPUB, PDF, and Open PDF books. If you are using an Amazon Kindle product, you will need to download items that are available in the .amz (Kindle) format or Open PDF format. Audio and music files are often in WMV or MP3 format and may not be compatible with all devices. Find more information at Overdrive Help: Getting Started with a Windows Computer.

How long does it take to download an item?

The length of time that is required to download an item varies depending on the speed of your internet connection. Items downloaded over wireless internet connections may require more time to download.

Can I download an item to multiple devices?

Yes, you can download an item to multiple devices. Whether or not the item will be available on your device depends on the file format; items that are not compatible with your device will be listed as so on your OverDrive Account when you log into OverDrive through the OverDrive Mobile App.

How can I return an item that I have downloaded from a library source?

The are multiple ways to return OverDrive items. If you have not downloaded an item from your OverDrive account, you may log into your account and select "Return Title". For more information on returning borrowed items from specific devices please visit OverDrive Help.

Can I renew downloaded items?

Items may be renewed on OverDrive by selecting the item cover when you are logged into your OverDrive Account and prior to the item expiring on your account. Items that can be renewed will offer you the option to Place a Hold. If there are no other prior holds on an item, the item will remain available to you for an additional fourteen days.

What are the maximum number of items I can download?

Your OverDrive account has a total limit of ten items that can be checked out at any time.

How long are my downloaded items available to me?

Items borrowed via OverDrive are available to you for fourteen days; after fourteen days, they will expire.

How can I learn more about my device or downloading library materials?

The library offers classes on eReaders, iPads, and other devices. If you need additional assistance, the library offers half hour blocks of one-on-one Wired Wednesday technology training. More information about classes and Wired Wednesday can be found in the Computer Classes FAQ.

Can I download an item onto a library public computer and move it to my own device?

Please be aware that the library does not install nor support the software required for mobile devices, including tablets, eReaders, and smartphones. The library recommends installing the appropriate OverDrive application to your device and downloading items via the application.

The library does not recommended downloading eBooks that require Adobe Digital Editions and an Adobe ID onto library public computers, as each Adobe ID only has six possible device/computer authorizations per user. The library does not retain Adobe ID and password information on public computers.

If downloaded onto library public computers, some eBooks may be moved from a computer to an Adobe Digital Editions compatible device via a USB connection. Audio books and music files may be moved to devices through a USB connection as well. The library does not provide USB cables for connecting devices to library public computers. To see if an OverDrive audio book or music file may be moved to another device, open the OverDrive Media Console and right click on the item in the Library window. Select properties, then check under the License tab to see which activities are permitted by the item's license.

Some items in formats such as WMA, WVA and MPG may also be stored on a USB drive (a thumb drive). USB drives are available for purchase at the library service desk in the front lobby for $10.00.

Your Accounts

What account information do I need to download items?

For OverDrive, you will need to log into their website using your library card number and PIN. To view items using Adobe Digital Editions, you will need to create an Adobe ID and password. To download Kindle items from OverDrive, you will need an Amazon.com account.

How do I reset my library PIN if I have forgotten it?

Go to the My Account Login page and click Forgot Your Library PIN? Follow the instructions to reset your PIN number.

How can I reset my Adobe Digital Editions ID password?

To reset your Adobe Digital Editions ID, please go to the Adobe Sign-in Page, select Trouble Signing In?, and follow the steps. For additional help with Adobe Digital Editions or your Adobe ID, please see Adobe Digital Editions Help,the Adobe ID FAQ, and the Adobe Digital Editions FAQ.


Why are my items not showing up in my account to be downloaded?

OverDrive normally lists items in your account to be downloaded immediately after you have borrowed them; however, there are times when this process may be slow or delayed. If items do not show up immediately, please be patient and try again later. If the items do not show up after a three hour delay, please contact the Reference desk at 812.232.1110 for assistance.

My downloaded item disappeared or is no longer available on my device. What has happened to them?

OverDrive items expire after fourteen days. If you believe that the item has not expired yet, log into your OverDrive account to see if it is still available. If it is available, please try to re-download the item. For further assistance, please contact the Reference desk at 812.232.1110.

What should I do if I am having problems with OverDrive software or mobile applications?

Please uninstall the software or mobile application and reinstall it. On desktops and laptops, please make certain that your operating system and all required software (Windows Media Player for Windows PC, iTunes for Macintosh) are up to date, and that you are using the latest software releases of OverDrive Media Console and Adobe Digital Editions.

If problems persist, please contact the Reference department at 812.232.1110 to receive additional support.