Now you can print from any device – at the library, from home, or even on the go!

Vigo County Public Library offers printers with copying and scanning functions at both the Main Library and the West Branch Library. In the Main Library, printers are located in the East Wing, the West Wing, the LifeLong Learning Center, Special Collections, and Youth Services. Print jobs sent to the Main Library can be picked up from any printer in the building.

Print Jobs will automatically be deleted after two hours.

Black and white prints and copies start at $.10 per 8.5" x 11" page; color prints and copies start at $.25 per 8.5" x 11". For full price information, please see our Service Fees Policy.

For further assistance with printing, copying or scanning, please ask our staff.

Printing from VCPL Public Computers

Print from any public computer at both library locations.

To print from our public computers:

  • Open the Print options in any program.

  • Change the Printer to the appropriate paper size and color option.

    • Options include Black and White Letter (8 1/2" by 11") to Color Ledger (11" by 17").

  • Set any other options (orientation, number of pages, number of copies, etc.)

  • Click Print.

  • When prompted, enter your User ID, usually your VCPL Card Number, in the pop-up window and click OK. If you do not have a VCPL Card, then please enter a custom User ID.

  • In the next pop-up window, confirm the Print Job and its cost.

  • Click OK in the final pop-up window to send the Print Job to any Print Release Station.

Mobile Printing Services Portals

Upload and print your documents from your personal computer and print them at your Library location.

To print from either Mobile Printing Service portal:

  • Select the Printing Service Location that is most convenient for you to pick up your document:

  • Select the Printer type.

  • Enter your Email address.

  • Click Browse to locate the document you wish to print.

  • Click the green Print icon at the bottom of the page.

Email Printing Services

Easily print your email messages or attachments — just forward them to the printer of your choice.

PrinterOn App

Print on the go from your smartphone or tablet, and pick up your documents from the library! Download the PrinterOn App for your iOS or Android device to easily print from your tablet or phone. Visit to see other available options.

Please note: The PrinterOn App does not work while using the VCPL Wireless network.

To print via the PrinterOn app:

  • Select the type of item you wish to print.

    • Follow the onscreen prompts to locate it on your device.

  • Once the document, picture, or webpage is selected, a preview screen will appear.

    • If you do not have a printer selected, tap No Printer Selected to open the Printers.

      • Go to Location to see a map of all available printers. You will need Location Services active on your device.

      • On the map, click the Menu icon to list all printers in the area.

      • Select the printer that you wish to use from this list.

      • You will be returned to the Preview Screen; click Print to send the Print Job.

      • Enter your Email address to send the Print Job.

    • If you have a printer already selected, select Print and enter your Email address.

    • To view the progress of your print upload, return to the main screen and tap Print History.

    • Once your print has been processed, a green checkmark will indicate Success. Your print can be now be picked up at any printer in the library location you selected.

PrintWhere Driver

The PrintWhere Driver is not currently supported.

Releasing a Print Job

To release a Print Job:

  • At the Print Release Station, select Release a Print Job.

  • Enter your User ID, usually your VCPL Card Number, for Print Jobs sent from the public computers or your email address for Print Jobs sent from the Mobile Printing Portal, email service, or PrinterOn app. If you do not have a VCPL Card and are printing from the public computers, then please enter the custom User ID that you selected when sending your Print Job.

  • Select the Print Job that you wish to release and click the Print button in the upper left toolbar.

  • In the pop-up window, select Pay From Vending Device.

  • Enter the amount of your Print Job into the coin machine, up to $10.00.

  • Click OK on the pop-up window to confirm payment.

Printing 3D Models

Haute Create has three 3D printers that are available for the public to use. We require that you take one of the Into to 3D Printing classes before using the Dremel printers. You must take the Advanced 3D Printing class before using the Raise printer.

Once you have taken the required classes, you can submit models to print on the Library’s 3D printers. Library customers are also welcome to use the printers in person when Haute Create is not scheduled for other activities.

3D printing services are free of charge.

Please read our complete guidelines for more information, or contact Haute Create with any questions.

Large Format Printer

Haute Create can print large works on the Epson large format printer. Files must be sent ready to print, and can be no longer than 42 inches on one side. Each print costs $.10 per linear inch. The Library does not have trimming services.

Interested customers can submit a file to print through the form, and staff will print it out. Customers cannot print directly to the large format printer.

Contact Haute Create with any questions.

Print Delivery

Vigo County Public Library's Print Delivery service allows you to request documents or images that you need to have printed while the Library is closed due to COVID-19. Items will be printed at no cost to you. You will receive your items via mail or home delivery. If you request home delivery, Library staff will try to accomadate you — or let you know if we are unable to bring your items to you.