Vigo County Public Library (VCPL) is committed to providing an environment that is welcoming, comfortable, and responsive to customer needs. Consistent with this commitment and preserving access to damage free library resources and clean facilities for all customers, VCPL allows food and drink under the following guidelines:

  • Eating food and drinking non-alcoholic beverages are permitted in public areas of the library except in restricted or posted no food or drink areas.
  • All beverages and liquids such as soup must be in spill-proof containers with secure lids.
  • Food items should not have strong odors or leave stains on library furniture or flooring.
  • Customers are expected to take responsibility for cleaning up after themselves by properly disposing of trash or unwanted leftovers, removing crumbs, and cleaning up spills.
  • Food or beverage spills that cannot be adequately cleaned up by the customer should be reported to library staff immediately to minimize damage.
  • Food and or beverage left unattended will be discarded by library staff.
  • If a customer complains about the odor of your foods or beverages, the library reserves the right to ask you to remove the items or relocate to a more appropriate area for consumption.
  • Group meals and food delivery are not allowed in public areas. Meeting rooms reserved in compliance with the Community Access to Meeting Rooms and Collaborative Spaces Policy are exempted for group meals and catered delivery.
  • Food and beverage preparation and or the use of small appliances are prohibited in public spaces including meeting rooms and collaborative spaces. VCPL sponsored or co-sponsored programs are exempted.

Restricted areas

  • At or near public computer workstations or other electronic library equipment.
  • Special Collections and Haute Create
    • No food, including snack foods, may be consumed or in open sight in these areas.
    • Beverages are allowed in a spill-proof container with a secure lid but must be placed at or near feet and may not be placed on or near computer or electronic equipment desk or table surfaces.
  • Any area posted as a restricted or no food or drink area.

Alcoholic beverages may not be brought into, dispensed, or consumed in the library. The VCPL Board of Trustees may waive the alcohol restriction when advance permission has been requested for selected programs and events that include refreshment with alcoholic beverages served by a licensed caterer. Written evidence of general and or alcohol serving liability insurance for the provider of alcoholic beverages must be submitted to VCPL with the request. Alcohol providers and event attendees must act in compliance with all local, state, and federal laws regulating the service and consumption of alcoholic beverages.

VCPL reserves the right to ask anyone who disregards the guidelines in this policy to remove the food and drink and or to leave the library.

VCPL shall not be liable for any direct or consequential allergic reaction, illness, injury, damage or loss suffered or incurred as a result of the presence or consumption of foods or beverages.

Adopted by the Vigo County Public Library Board of Trustees on the 16th day of March, 2020.