The Vigo County Public Library provides a wide variety of library services and library materials free of charge for the taxpayers and citizens of Vigo County. A nominal fee for services is charged to customers in order to provide specialized services or materials according to the following service fee schedule. Revenue from service fees become a part of the annual operating revenue budget and are subject to all appropriation requirements. Fees may be assessed for special services not mentioned that require additional costs to the library. Reimbursement for these services will be determined by the Library Director based on the cost to provide the service.

It is important to the Vigo County Public Library to maintain customer relations that reduce barriers and encourage lifelong use of library services. Therefore, in accordance with IC 36-12- 3-18, the library may, under certain circumstances, reduce or waive assessed fees in order to facilitate a customer’s access to services. Library Administration is authorized to utilize its discretion in establishing procedures that balance the enforcement of this policy with consideration of circumstances warranting fee reassessment.

Service Fee Schedule

Library Material Replacement or Damage

Customer accounts are assessed a bill for damaged materials and long overdue materials which includes material replacement costs and the addition of a collection agency fee for unresolved accounts. The Library may access reasonable attorney fees in the event an invoice is unpaid and suit becomes necessary.

Material replacement or damage fees may be paid at the Main Library Lending Services Department, the West Branch Library, or via VCPL website customer account.

Collection Agency

Customer accounts with unresolved fees for damaged or long overdue materials may be submitted to a Collection Agency with the addition of a $10 Collection Agency Fee charged to the customer account.

Printing and Photocopying

  • Printing to standard printers/photocopiers can be performed from any library public access computer via the print management system.
  • Mobile printing to standard printers/photocopiers is available via the print management system mobile print service.
  • Standard printers/photocopiers are located in the West Branch Library and in the Main Library’s East Wing, WestWing, Lifelong Learning Center, Special Collections, and Youth Services areas.
  • Large format color printing for signs, posters, banners, etc. is available at the Main Library in the Haute Createspace.
  • Microfilm printing is available in the Main Library Special Collections Department.
  • Printing and photocopying is charged according to the following schedule:
Print/photocopy type Print/copy size Cost
Black & white 8.5” X 11” - 11” X 17” Free*
Color 8.5” X 11” - 11” X 17” Free*
Color Large format - 44” width with varying lengths $.50 per linear inch of length

* The Library reserves the right to restrict or limit the number of free copies made or pages printed by a customer in the event of excessive use.

Obituary/Marriage Records and Research

Services are provided by the Main Library Special Collections Department only.

  • The obituary index is available on the VCPL website and provides reference to the published obituary located in the newspaper microfilm collection. On-site self-service access to microfilm records with printing via VCPLprint systems available at no charge.
  • The marriage record index is available on the VCPL website with corresponding PDF of digitized marriage record. On-site printing of pdf records via VCPL print systems is available at no charge.
  • Off-site requests for marriage or obituary record retrieval including delivery of digital and print copies is available at no charge.
  • Limited research assistance for simple inquiries is provided at no charge. Inquiries are processed in order of receipt. For in-depth or extensive genealogical or historical research the department can provide referrals to paid researchers.

Meeting Rooms and Library Spaces

The following fees will be assessed for use of meeting rooms and library spaces under certain conditions as outlined in the Community Access to Meeting Rooms and Collaborative Spaces policy. Conditions subject to fees include use of room or space outside standard operating hours, lobby rentals, security services, and damage or cleaning fees.

Service Limits / Standards Cost
Library Personnel 2 personnel minimum
4 hour each minimum
$25.00 per hour/ per personnel
Lobby Rental – Standard 4 hour minimum/6 hour maximum $800.00 first 4 hours
$85 each additional hour
Lobby Rental – Non-profit 4 hour minimum/6 hour maximum $500.00 first 4 hours
$75 each additional hour
501(c)3 status required
Cleaning Rooms/Spaces left in disarray $75.00 (-/+ at the discretion of the Executive Director)
Damage Damage to furniture, equipment, facility, or premises Cost of repair or replacement
Set-up / Tear-down Library furniture/equip $100.00

Interlibrary Loan

Interlibrary Loan service is provided free of charge to eligible registered borrowers. Charges may apply under certain conditions where additional costs are incurred.

Condition Limits Cost
Photocopies/Printing needed Copyright regulations Free
Lending library charges a fee Established by lending library Established by lending library
Damaged or long overdue materials Established by lending library Established by lending library
Unresolved accounts Loss of borrowing privileges $10.00 Collection Agency fee

Adopted by the Vigo County Public Library Board of Trustees on the 21st day of November 2022.