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An interview with Lenhardt Bauer / by Harry Frey; co-sponsored by the Vigo County Public Library and the Wabash Valley Press Club.  Terre Haute, Ind. : Vigo County Public Library, 1980.

Title Page Transcript Pages 1-8 Transcript Pages 25-30
Narrator Data Sheet
for Lenhardt Bauer
Transcript Pages 9-16  
Index  (p. 31) Transcript Pages 17-24  

Copyright Information on the Oral History Transcripts and Index

The copyrights to the oral history interview tapes and transcripts and to the oral history transcripts index belong solely to the Vigo County Public Library as part of the original project agreement. Permission to reproduce or publish from the Vigo County Oral History Program transcripts must be obtained from the Community Archives, Vigo County Public Library.