Fannie Burgheim Blumberg Collection
Dates: 1913-1997
Accession Number: 970401
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Born in Indianapolis, Indiana, on February 11, 1894, Fannie Burgheim Blumberg (F.B.B.) was the only child of Rachel Heimes and Louis Burgheim. Developing an early interest in creative writing and art, Fannie enrolled in the John Herron School of Art at the age of eight, but was unable to attend due to a childhood illness. To prepare herself to earn her own living, she completed the kindergarten and primary coursework from the Teacher's College of Indianapolis and taught kindergarten before her marriage to Terre Haute attorney Benjamin Blumberg in 1916.

During her college years and while she was raising her four children (Morris, Rachel, Teressa, Gretchen), Fannie continued to write mostly children's stories; her first publication appeared in Kindergarten Primary Magazine in 1913. Her literary career included five published books for children (The Wishing Pool, 1915; The First Circus, 1917; The Peace Fiddler, 1933; Rowena Teena Tot and the Blackberries, 1934; Rowena Teena Tot and the Turkey, 1936) and numerous short stories.

At the age of 50, Fannie resumed her interest and study in art with the support of family and friends. She studied painting with Frank Joseph Bollinger and Byron J. Newton in Miami, Florida, and with Sueo Serisawa in Los Angeles, California. During her lifetime, she exhibited her paintings in several galleries, including Indiana State University, DePauw University, the Swope Art Gallery and the Lowe Art Gallery in Miami. After her death, the Turman Art Gallery at I.S.U. featured a major exhibit of her artwork. The program booklet from this 1965 memorial exhibit shows the variety of her subject matter and the different mediums she experimented in (oils, watercolors, monotypes, collage, drawing, lithographs).

Much of F.B.B.'s artwork survives in local repositories. Indiana State University's Permanent Collection has a large and various collection of her work; the Swope Art Museum also has several of her pieces.

Fannie Burgheim Blumberg was a member of the United Hebrew Congregation, the Council of Jewish Women, and the Women's Division of the Swope Art Gallery to which she had given many art objects. During her lifetime, she gave generously to individuals, creative endeavors, and charitable institutions that she believed in. In 1936, she and her husband took in two young boys from Jewish families in Germany to save them from the Nazi concentration camps. She was also a patron to artists, such as Gilbert Wilson.

After her death on July 9, 1964, F.B.B.'s philanthropic endeavors continued to live on in her large bequest to the Department of Special Education at Indiana State University and in the establishment of the Blumberg Center for Interdisciplinary Studies in Special Education in 1985.

Content and Scope of Collection

This collection was generated from miscellaneous Blumberg material found in Archives and Special Collections. It primarily contains the writings of Fannie Burgheim Blumberg, including the two-volume set produced by Fannie and Benjamin Blumberg as a compilation of her published writings, unpublished manuscripts, and samples of her artwork.

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Blumberg Center for Interdisciplinary Studies in Special Education (Informational packet)





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Turman Art Gallery Program: Memorial Exhibit of Fannie Burgheim Blumberg

Feb. 7, 1965--
Feb. 26, 1965

  Obituary 1964
  Biographical articles 1964-1997
  Bibliography of F.B.B.'s writing by Helen Sapp 1997




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Book: The Peace Fiddler by Fannie Burgheim Blumberg. Terre Haute, IN: Sarah Scott Junior High School Press, 1933.
1 copy (first edition)






Book: Rowena Teena Tot and the Blackberries  by Fannie Burgheim Blumberg. Chicago: Albert Whitman & Co., 1934.
1 copy (first edition signed by author)






A Compilation of the Literary and Art Works of Fannie B. Blumberg. Terre Haute, IN: Moore-Langen Printing & Publishing Co., May 1963.

Includes reprints of several children's stories published in such magazines as The Kindergarten Primary Magazine and Home and School Visitor Magazine; reprints of several children's books (1915-1945), such as The First Circus (John Martin's House, 1917) and Rowena Teena Tot and the Runaway Turkey (Albert Whitman & Co., 1936); unpublished manuscripts and poems; autobiographical excerpts; brochures from art shows; photographs of artwork by F.B.B.

Hard cover: 2 copies (signed by the author)
Soft cover: 2 copies






Fannie B. Blumberg. Vol. No. 2, A Sequel. Terre Haute, IN: Moore-Langen Printing Company, Sept. 1965.

Published after F.B.B.'s death. Edited by her husband Benjamin Blumberg and artist/friend Gilbert Wilson. Includes letters, autobiographical excerpts, unpublished manuscripts, press notices, tributes and comments from other artists and friends, artwork by F.B.B., personal photographs, family tree.

Soft cover: 4 copies

Sept. 1965