Athenaeum Club
Dates: 1894-1974
Accession Number: 800620; SM D.C. 2
Donor: Martha J. Swanson
Description: One document case; one small document case;
                            six notebooks, 66-71, containing minutes for
                            the years 1926-1970

Content and Scope of Collection

Organized as a study group in 1894, the Athenaeum Club was known as the Friday Literary Club until 1904. In the Club's constitution (see notebook 66, p. 3) it is stated in Article II that "the object of this organization shall be the attainment of a liberal culture by the study of such works as may be decided upon by the club." In a brief history of the Club topics of study during the first years are listed. Minutes from 1894 through 1924 are contained in the small document case. The remainder, up through 1970, are stored with shelved volumes. Clippings, program booklets, photos, letters, notes and memorial pieces are in the document case.

Document Case 1





Folder 1

History of club; membership lists; officers; changes in constitution





Folder 2

Outline of program sources for meetings





Folder 3

Memorials; notes of thanks





Folder 4

"Parody on Longfellow's 'Hiawatha'"






History of the Friday Club






"Burlesque Minutes"

Dec. 28, 1906




Folder 5

Photographs and clippings, 50th & 60th anniversaries

1944; 1954




Envelopes 1-3

Snapshots of members





Folder 6

Scrapbook materials; pictures, clippings, programs, memorials





Envelopes 4-8



Small Document Case 2  
Notebook 1 Minutes 1894-1898
Folder 1 Minutes 1898-1904
Notebook 2 Minutes 1904-1908
Notebook 3 Minutes 1910-1916
Folder 2 Minutes 1920-1921;
Folder 3 Minutes 1923-1924