Wabash Valley Coalition for Peace and Justice
Dates: 1981-1984
Accession Number: 920509B
Donor: Genevieve Reisner
Description: Four file folders in a document case

Content and Scope of Collection

The Wabash Valley Coalition for Peace and Justice was founded in November 1981 as a clearinghouse for information and ideas on the nuclear arms race. Activities and publicity surrounding the Coalition supported a U.S.-Soviet Nuclear-Weapons Freeze.

This collection contains Coalition newsletters and newsclippings, material on other peace movements, and general articles on disarmament. Of special note is material on Witness for Peace, Terre Haute. This local organization was "dedicated to non-violent opposition" to U.S. policies and actions in Central America.

Document Case





Folder 1

Coalition newsletters





Folder 2

Coalition newsclippings





Folder 3

Witness for Peace material

ca. 1984




Folder 4

Other peace movement material

n.d.; 1982