Fort Harrison Club
Dates: 1880-1913
Accession Number: 791219C
Donor: Unknown
Description: Three file folders in a document case; one oversize volume (OV1)
                            and two volumes (Vol. 57 and Vol. 58)

Content and Scope of Collection

Records include statement of purpose, 1880; constitution, 1881; minutes of meetings, 1881-1908; memorials to deceased members, throughout and up to 1913; treasury reports, 1884-1899; lists of members with payment of dues entries; annual reports, 1891-1910; correspondence about dues and resignations; miscellaneous pieces of correspondence.

Document Case


Folder 1

Annual reports


Membership lists

1890, 1904, 1906

Folder 2

Correspondence about dues; resignations

Folder 3

Miscellaneous pieces of correspondence,
including a letter from D. W. Voorhees
following the Club's acceptance of his
congressional library






Ledger (credit and debit balances; dues payment
  for individual members; index in front of book; preceded
by Volume 58)


Vol.  57

Fort Harrison Club: Minutes, Constitution and By-laws

1880-1908; 1913

Vol.  58

Fort Harrison Club: Financial ledger/Dues