Terre Haute Literary Club
Dates: 1881-1956
Donor: Terre Haute House; Vigo County Historical Society
Accession Number: 790725
Description: Four document cases and 30 bound volumes #'s (18-47)

Content and Scope of Collection

This collection preserves a virtually complete set of programs, 1881-1956. The papers given by club members beginning in 1921 have been gathered into 30 volumes. Original records of proceedings are here. (They may also be seen on microform in the microfilm area). William H. Wiley, club historian, has preserved many of his own papers that document the history of the organization. Press clippings from a scrapbook give contemporary reactions to some of the programs.

Series I






Folder 1






Folder 2






Folder 3






Folder 4






Folder 5









Series II






Folder 1

Articles of Association; bylaws; Rules Regulating Attendance & Membership adopted amended

Dec. 2, 1901

Jan. 20, 1896

April 12, 1897




Folder 2

"The Terre Haute Literary Club," a paper read by William H. Wiley

April 7, 1902




Folder 3

Duplicate copy with index of  Wiley's history

April 7, 1902

Folder 4

The Gazette's coverage of Wiley's paper

April 1902




Folder 5

Literary Club Summary of Papers in this group





Folder 6

"The Terre Haute Literary Club," second paper (brief ) by William H. Wiley

Oct 23, 1916





"The Terre Haute Literary Club," second paper substitution by S. B. Davis (2 copies)

Oct. 23, 1916




Folders 7-10

"The Terre Haute Literary Club," by William H. Wiley (second paper)
  containing narrative material interspersed with charts, clippings, reports

Oct. 23, 1916




Folder 11

Report of Historian William H. Wiley on  Club History, Membership Roll and members who have died in active service

Oct. 6, 1919




Folders 12-21

History of Terre Haute Literary Club, (Papers Third through twelfth) by William H. Wiley.
  (These papers continue Wiley's narrative on all aspects of the club, including program reports.)





Series III







Scrapbook of Press Clippings








Series IV






Folders 1-15

Originals of all records kept by the club





Folders 16-18

Transcriptions of some of the handwritten originals





Folders 19-24









Series V






Folder 1

Letter from club president to U. S. Senator John W. Kern endorsing
  arbitration treaties between U. S. and Great Britain and the U. S. and France

Dec. 9, 1911





Letter to A. R. Markle from Fred E.  Brengle

May 6, 1943





Letter from Dr. Herbert Madison to Dr. Orris T. Allen, president,
  concerning the club's constitution and by-laws

April 22, 1947





Papers relating to the auditing of funds of the Terre Haute Literary Club Foundation Fund





Folder 2

Memorials to Dr. J. T. Scovell, H. P. Townley and Spencer F. Ball





Folder 3

"Our Neighborhood in the Civil War, "  by William H. Wiley

Jan. 1918,
March 11, 1918