United Terre Haute
Dates:  1955-1964
Accession Number:  791121B
Donor:  Indiana State University, Office of President (June 1965)
Description:  Nine file folders in a record storage box

Content and Scope of Collection

This collection contains the minutes and papers of United Terre Haute

Record Storage Box





Folder 1 Origins  











Report on United Terre Haute






Report of the Agenda Committee,
  Industrial and Civil Development 






Chart “Terre Haute” showing
  interdependence of civic, governmental and service organizations






United Terre Haute Newsletter

Oct. 21, 1955





United Terre Haute Newsletter

n. d.





Proposed tentative budget for balance 
    of  fiscal year

Oct. 1, 1955 -
June 30, 1956




Folder 2

Membership lists, response






Questionnaire form sent to community by Board of Directors






Letters about membership and 






Lists of various organizations with
   their  representatives





Folder 3

Minutes of Board





Folder 4

Materials pertaining to annual and semi-annual meetings






Newsletter announcing meeting

March 21, 1956





Letter from Gordon E. Reckord, who
   gave an address at meeting

March 21





“The Give and the Take in Industrial
   Development,” by Gordon E.

March 21, 1956





Newsletter announcing meeting

June 20, 1956





Letter from Sister Marie Perpetua,
   Dean, St. Mary-of-the-Woods






Notes for annual meeting

June 19, 1957

Folder 5 Issues  





Correspondence with John 
  Dempsey,  Director, Howard
  County Plan Commission,
   Kokomo, IN






  Study pamphlets and bulletin





Folder 6 Issues: Recreation  





Reports of temporary recreation 






Resolution expressing gratitude for
    initial gift of $150,000 by Hulman
   Foundation toward a civic
   recreational facility






Names - recreational committee






Reports on P. T. A. Recreation

June 25, 1957

July 8, 1957

Folder 7

Issues:  Traffic






Letters from A. L. Lukens and R. W.
    Holmstedt to R. E. Hutchins
    President,  Wabash Valley
    Traffic Council






Form Letters by Mrs. John Stephens, Secretary to Common
   Council members supporting or
   opposing ordinance to make Sixth
    and Seventh  one-way streets





Folder 8 Letters  





R. W. Holmstedt to William Payton

June 22, 1957





Sidney Levin to R. W. Holmstedt

Oct. 30, 1964




Folder 9

Documents for study






Squibs,  Terre Haute Chamber of

Dec. 21, 1956





“Is Voting Alone Enough?  pamphlet






P. L. 345 - 84th Congress






Form:  From Area Development
  Division, U. S. Dept. of Commerce
   Industrial Location Facts

June 30, 1954





“How to Organize an Industrial
    Development Corp.,” Area
    Development Division 

August 1954





“Expansion of Industrial Defense
    Facilities in the U. S. Area

Jan. 1, 1950-
June 22, 1955





“Locating Industrial Prospects for
   Your Community,” Gustav E.
   Larson,  Area  Development

July 1955