Max Ehrmann Collection
Dates: 1872-1978
Accession Number: 771220
Donor: Unknown
Description: Two document cases; two record storage boxes;
                            one phonograph record; one 16mm magnetic sound film

Content and Scope of Collection

The bulk of the materials in this collection has to do with the rise of Max Ehrmann's poem "Desiderata" to national fame and the subsequent Max Ehrmann Centennial in Terre Haute during September 1972. Among the many items pertaining to the centennial are the original letters from relatives and friends of Ehrmann who responded to the invitation to attend the celebration. Clippings from local and out-of-state newspapers, photographs, samples of centennial publications and programs, motion picture films, audio and videotapes of symposia and broadcast events, and a slide set with script about Ehrmann's life preserve a full record of the occasion.

In addition to "Desiderata" and materials pertaining to the Max Ehrmann Centennial, the Max Ehrmann Collection contains bibliographical lists and published items about Ehrmann's life and other literary works and about his wife, Bertha Pratt King.

Two cataloged collections of Ehrmann's works (SpC 811E G.C. and SpC 812E G.C.) are in the Special Collections Department. There is also a one-volume compilation, Max Ehrmann Centennial Archive Collection (SpC 818.5H), which provides a complete reproduction of the published and unpublished items related to the centennial.

Document Case 1





Folder 1








Report of the DePauw University Archives to the
President and Joint Committee 1953-1954
(Lists acquisitions of Ehrmann materials during
1953 and 1954)







Max Ehrmann Register - DePauw University Archives

1972; 1975






Letter to the Editor, Indianapolis Star Magazine,
  from David J. Olson, DePauw University Archivist,
  reminding the public that the DePauw University
 Archives is the main repository of Max Ehrmann material

Sept. 3, 1972





Ehrmann Register - DePauw University Archives

Jan. 1974





Max Ehrmann Bibliography - Vigo County Public Library






Mediography of information on Max Ehrmann,
  Scrapbooks 1 and 2






Reference Packet on Max Ehrmann - Index

(This index was originally created in 1972 by the
  Library's Reference Department in connection
  with the Max Ehrmann Centennial Observance.
  These items were later transferred to the Com-
  munity Affairs Files in the Special Collections
  Department under "Ehrmann, Max.")





Folder 2

Life of Max Ehrmann:






Addresses of relatives of Max Ehrmann

Sept. 1972





Clipping - "Birth Anniversary of Ehrmann"
  by Dorothy J. Clark

Sept. 22, 1957





Clipping - "Sandburg and Ehrmann Meet"

Feb. 23, 1974





Clipping - "Ehrmann Visits Dresser in N. Y."

Nov. 24, 1973





Terre Haute City Directory (Pages with
  Ehrmann's address(es) and occupation)






"Max Ehrmann the Man," by Ernest L. Alden
  (typewritten essay)

June 24, 1945





"Reminiscences of Max Ehrmann," by
  Bertha K. Ehrmann






Vital statistics on select Ehrmann family members






Clipping - "Hoosier Author Given Praise for
  Work: Interesting Episodes in Career Outlined"






Clipping - "Arrange Rites for Late Max Ehrmann"

Sept. 10, 1945




Folder 3

Works of Max Ehrmann:






Small cards and leaflets: "Paul Dresser;"
  "Desiderata;" "The Beloved Dead"






"Lifting of the Veil"






"Welcome to the Grand Army of the Republic"






"A Prayer"






"Tribute to Donors of Park and
  Chamber of Commerce"












"The Desiderata." (Music by Fred Werner)





Folder 4

Reviews of Ehrmann's Works; Appreciations of






"Max Ehrmann's Journal Praised by Eminent
  American Scholars"

Dec. 7, 1952





The Journal of Max Ehrmann (Excerpts of
  letters to Bertha King Ehrmann)






"The Wife of Marobius"






"Max Ehrmann Writes ‘Life of Dresser'"

March 30, 1974





"Max Ehrmann, the Poet" (essay/address
written by Harry V. Wann and
delivered at the Swope Art Gallery)






"Ehrmann's Poems Contain Thoughts
for Present Day"

May 28, 1967





" ‘The Poems of Max Ehrmann' - Read What
the Best Critics are Saying About This Book
and Its Author"






"Max Ehrmann" by Vandervoort Sloan.
  The Drama

Nov. 1917




Folder 5

Bertha Pratt King (Mrs. Max Ehrmann)






Press notices: The Worth of a Girl






Program: The Peoples Church of Chicago
  (Quote from Max Ehrmann on front cover)

Nov. 9, 1952





"Book Chats," The Liberalist. Peoples Church of
  Chicago. p. 13. (Letters from Bertha Pratt
  King; quotations from Max Ehrmann)

Jan. 1953





Brochure: King Classical School
  (founded by Bertha Pratt King)






Letter from Bertha Pratt King
to Mrs. Henry Gray

June 7, 1948





Biographies of Mary Sinclair Crawford
and Bertha Pratt King (photocopies)












"Nephew Named Principal Heir
  in Ehrmann Estate" (copy)






"King Classical School Reunion
Set for Ehrmann Centennial"






"Mrs. Ehrmann Dies" (copy)






"Plan Tribute to Bertha King"






Last Will and Testament of Bertha King Ehrmann






"China, Communist, The Question of Recognition" -
  Reprint of Collier's Year Book, pages 100-105;
   includes a handwritten inscription to
  Mrs. Max Ehrmann by Stanley K. Hornbeck





Folder 6

Awards, honors, special occasions (clippings)





Folder 7

Scrapbook I and index





Folder 8

Scrapbook II and index





Folder 9






Folder 10






Folder 11

"Desiderata" (pre-centennial)





Folder 12

"Desiderata" (Music by Fred Werner)






Desiderata and A Different Drummer

(phonograph record by Les Crane
Length 3:58 minutes)








Document Case 2    Max Ehrmann Centennial




Folder 13

Newspaper clippings about Max Ehrmann Centennial





Folder 14

Centennial: Other media
  (See index below)





Folder 15

Letters from Ehrmann's relatives and Gilbert Wilson





Folder 16

Statements from persons who had known Ehrmann





Folder 17






Folder 17a

Centennial Pictures





Folder 18

Centennial programs and statements





Folder 19

"Desiderata" copyright materials





Folder 20

Correspondence regarding Max Ehrmann and "Desiderata"



Record Storage Box 3  Films, Tapes, Cassettes & Slides




Item 1

Max Ehrmann IC-5 (Indiana Cable Television)

30 minutes

Sept. 22. 1972




Item 2

Tape A - Narration by Jane Hazledine and
 friends of Max Ehrmann (continued on Side B of tape)

(for use only with Ehrmann slides and
carousel slide projector)

Sept. 1972




Item 3

Tape B - Narration by Jane Hazledine and
  friends of Max Ehrmann (continued from Side A of tape)

(for use only with Ehrmann slides and
  carousel slide projector)

Sept. 1972




Item 4

Ehrmann Centennial Slide Set
(49 slides for use with script or audiotape
  in carousel slide tray)





Item 5

"Thirty Minutes." WTHI-TV-10 Documentary

on Max Ehrmann, narrated by Greg Shaw.
(includes recording from DePauw University
  Archives of Ehrmann reading "Desiderata")

Sept. 16, 1972




Item 6

"Saturday Symposium." Introductions and
  statements by Friends of Max Ehrmann at a
  Saturday Symposium held at the Senior Citizens

Center. Moderator: Ed Howard

(Videotaped by Vigo County Public Library;
  two 30 minute reel-to-reel tapes, ½ inch)

Tape 1 of 2

Sept. 23, 1972




Item 7

"Saturday Symposium." Introductions and
  statements by Friends of Max Ehrmann at a
  Saturday Symposium held at the Senior Citizens

Center. Moderator: Ed Howard

(Videotaped by Vigo County Public Library;
  two 30 minute reel-to-reel tapes, ½ inch)

Tape 2 of 2

Sept. 23, 1972




Item 8

Cassette A: Interviews with Madeline Manson,
  Rebecca Hood, and Mrs. Taylor (people who knew
  Max Ehrmann) by Robert Bell.

35 minutes

March 29, 1972





Cassette B: News interviews and broadcasts
with Robert Bell by WTHI-TV-10 ( Bruce
McClelland) and WTWO-TV-02 (Frank Jerome)

March 29, 1972




Item 9

Cassette: "Friends of Ehrmann" Taping Session.

Indiana Cable TV Studio.

Moderator: Jane Hazledine.
Participants: Dr. William Allyn;
Dr. Vachel Breidenbaugh; Mrs. Hilda Breidenbaugh;
Mrs. Emma Black; Mrs. Bess Cunningham;
  Miss Frances Hughes; Mrs. Lela Lackey;
  Mrs. Madeline Manson.

Sept. 13, 1972




Item 10

Cassette: "Thirty Minutes." WTHI-TV-10.

Greg Shaw documentary on Max Ehrmann.
(Includes Max Ehrmann reading "Desiderata")

78 rpm recording loaned by DePauw University


Sept. 16, 1972




Item 11

Cassette: Speech by David Olson, DePauw
University Archivist, about DePauw's 600-item
  collection of Max Ehrmann papers. Speech
  delivered at the Max Ehrmann Centennial Luncheon.

Sept. 22, 1972




Item 12

Cassette: Max Ehrmann Centennial statements by
  Friends of Max Ehrmann made at Saturday
  Symposium, Senior Citizens Center.

Moderator: Ed Howard
(also available on videotape)

Sept.23, 1972




Item 13

Cassette: Narration by Jane Hazledine and
Friends of Max Ehrmann. (Recorded from tape
used with sound-slide presentation)

Sept. 1972




Item 14

Cassette: Deteriorata - National Lampoon

Blue Thumb Records, Inc.

Length: 4 1/2 minutes





Item 15

Cassette: The Bells of Saint Joseph Angelus





Item 16

Cassette: Dr. William P. Allyn discusses
Max Ehrmann with interviewers Joe Boland
and Ed Howard.

Length: 42 minutes

June 27, 1972




Item 17

Cassette: WTWO-TV-2 Reports. Lee Bradley
reports on Max Ehrmann Centennial. Interviews
  with Dorothy Clark of the Vigo County Historical
  Society and Ed Howard, Vigo County Public Library.

Sept. 24, 1972




Item 18

Tape: News interview with WTHI-TV-10's
Robert Bell
16 magnetic sound

March 29, 1972




Item 19

Tape: WTWO-TV-2 news film of Friends of Max
  Ehrmann Planning Session at the Senior Citizens  

16mm, silent.

Sept. 7, 1972




Item 20

Color Slides: Max Ehrmann Centennial

(Box 1 of 2; 24 slides originally, Slide 15 missing)





Item 21

Color Slides: Max Ehrmann Centennial

(Box 2 of 2; Set #25-45)





Item 22

Color Slides: One slide of table in Debs Home;
one slide of Ehrmann and his graduating class;
DePauw University miscellaneous title slides.





Item 23

Color Slides: Ehrmann Centennial Slide Set.

(49 slides for use with script or audiotape)





Folder 1

Script for Max Ehrmann Centennial Slides

(written by Dorothy J. Clark, Vigo County
Historical Society)






Max Ehrmann Centennial Slide Set #1-49
(itemized list)





Agreement Pertaining to Use of Max Ehrmann






Letter from David Olson, DePauw University
  Archivist to Ed Howard, Director, Vigo County
  Public Library








Record Storage Box 4






Letter from Max Ehrmann to "My Dear Bruce
  [Bindley]" (original)

Sept. 26, 1929





"Desiderata" - Hardback gift edition with illustrations
  by Emil Antonucci (2 copies)






Forward-A Manual of Daily Bible Readings

(on page 94 there is a correction of "Desiderata")






Grammy Champions Best Spoken Word Recording

(1971): "Desiderata"-Les Crane."
Billboard Magazine. p. 6.

March 25, 1972





"Ten Lessons for the New Year." St. Louis Post-
. ("Desiderata" is reproduced on front
page under the above heading.)

Dec. 31, 1972





Article: "Max Ehrmann: Flower Child a
Century Too Early," by Fred D. Cavinder.
Indianapolis Star Magazine. p. 14

July 23, 1972





Article: "The Christmas Card Philosopher," by
Fred D. Cavinder. Chicago Tribune. p. 22

Dec. 10, 1972




Folder 1

Letter to Sally C. Hughes, Librarian,
Emeline Fairbanks Memorial Library
  from Max Ehrmann enclosing copy of poem entitled
"Our Librarian - Sallie Hughes".

Dec. 19, 1907




Folder 2

"Terre Haute" - Poem printed on poster






"Love Some One" - Poem printed on poster





Folder 3

"A Prayer" - Poem printed on poster





Folder 4

"Happiness"¾ Envelope: Poster form





Folder 5

"Desiderata" Calendar





Folder 6

"Desiderata" and excerpt from The Journal of Max
; reproduction samples





Folder 7

"Desiderata"¾ Envelope poster forms






"Desiderata" mounted. Signed by Ehrmann and
  a gift to the Vigo County Public Library from
  Dr. William G. Kessel

June 26, 1972







Map Drawer 4






"Desiderata" - Poster






"A Prayer" - Poster