Health Systems Agency
Dates: 1975-1977
Donors: Maxine Creason, Margaret Banker
Accession Number: 791121A
Description: Fifteen file folders and ten audiotapes in a record storage box

Content and Scope of Collection

The materials in this collection include audiotapes, newspaper clippings, brochures, miscellaneous minutes and reports that chronicle the development of the Southern Indiana Health Systems Agency, Inc.

Record Storage Box





Tape A Side 1:

Delegate Body HSA at French Lick
Dr. Howard Jackson, Chairman

Discussion of By-Laws, Articles of Corporation, Report of Organization Committee

Nov. 6, 1975




Tape A Side 2:

Finance Committee

Nov. 6, 1975




Tape B Side 1:

HSA - T. H. City Court Room Public Meeting

Dec. 4, 1975




Tape B Side 2:

Public Meeting (continued)





Tape C Side 1:

HSA - Public Meeting (continued)

Dec. 4, 1975




Tape C Side 2:






Tape D Side 1:

Public meeting on the proposed SIHSA application for approval and funding





Tape D Side 2:






Tape E Side 1:

HSA Sub Area Meeting - Purpose of meeting to receive nominees for 30 member board

Nov. 22, 1976 (?)




Tape E Side 2:

November 22nd meeting (continued);

Beginning of Nov. 29th meeting





Tape F Side 1:

November 29th meeting
(continued; tape inaudible)



Tape F Side 2:






Tape G Side 1:

By-Laws Committee, Articles of Incorporation;

IHS Agencies





Tape G Side 2:






Tape H Side 1:

HSA Delegate Body meeting, French Lick, IN

Dr. Mc giving membership for chairperson Cobb and Mr. Tatlock statement from floor

Sept. 25, 1975




Tape H Side 2:






Tape I Side 1:

French Lick meeting (continued) - By-laws

Sept. 25, 1975




Tape I Side 2:

French Lick meeting (continued) - I. H. S.

Sept. 25, 1975




Tape J Side 1:

HSA Sub Area - Red Cross Report of
14 goals proposed to be reached by 1981

Clarification of Board Membership

June 13, 1977




Tape J Side 2:






Folder 1

Newspaper Clippings:






Tribune "Public Meeting on Health Plan Agency April 28"

April 14, 1976





Star "Public Meeting on Health Plan Agency April 28"

April 14, 1976





Tribune "Áhrens to Direct Health Systems"

May 28, 1976





Tribune "Board of SIHSA Will Consider 5 Projects"

August 21, 1976





Tribune "Health Plan Review Health Systems Task"

Sept. 1, 1976





Tribune-Star "Health Group Okays Project"

Oct. 5, 1976





Star "SIHSA Approves Local Project; Medical Facility Application Denied"

Oct. 26, 1976





Star "SIHSA Board Ok's 8 Area Projects"

Nov. 2, 1976





Star "Get Federal Dollars Back to Indiana Urges SIHSA"

Nov. 5, 1976





Star "Fourteen Additional SIHSA Members Elected"

Dec. 1, 1976




Star "Subarea Council of SIHSA Names Temporary Officers"

March 3, 1977





Star "SISHA Okays Eight Area Service Projects"

March 3, 1977





Tribune "Views Sought on Health Plan"

April 4, 1977





Star "Few Express Doubt on Five Year
  Health Plan of SIHSA"

April 5, 1977




Folder 2







SIHSA Fact sheet

June 1977





SIHSA: Health Service Areas; The Law
P. L. 93-641; Formation and Functions; Governing Board Composition; Organizational Structure Subarea Councils; Membership Application Form






"Your Health Is Our Concern"






HEALTH: Indiana Health Planning and Development Agency Newsletter

Nov. 1976




Folder 3

Public Health News

April 9, 1976





News Release

March 12, 1976




Folder 4

"Chronological Accounting of the Implementation of P. L. 93-641"





Folder 5

SIHSA Draft Summary Grant Application (as revised)



Folder 6

HSA Delegate Body Minutes





Folder 7

HSA Articles of Incorporation





Folder 8

Consortium Minutes





Folder 9

Governor Review

Oct. 29, 1975




Folder 10


June 19, 1975




Folder 11

Board Training Timetable





Folder 12

HSA By-Law to date proposed





Folder 13

HSA Finance Committee Report





Folder 14

Board Member requirements





Folder 15

HSA Organization Committee Reports