Vigo County Medical Society
Dates: 1874-1934
Accession Number: OV 31
Description: One oversized volume


The first meeting of the Vigo County Medical Society is unknown. The earliest authenticated meeting date is 1846. At that time about a dozen doctors lived in Terre Haute. The population of the town was 2,500. The Society was continuously active until the outbreak of the Civil War.

After the war, the Society met infrequently. It was rehabilitated in 1874 as the Terre Haute Medical Society. The name was changed to the Vigo County Medical Society in September 1876.

Meetings were first held in doctors' offices, but since 1927 they have been held at one of the two hospitals.

Beginning in 1911, guest speakers were invited to present programs at the meetings.

Content and Scope of the Collection

This collection contains one oversized volume of records from the Vigo County Medical Society. It includes the organization's constitution, standing resolutions, by-laws, membership lists, and minutes from 1874-1907.

The following information was included with these records to describe its contents:

Vigo County Medical Society, 1874-1934
First Secretary's Book - Terre Haute Medical Society
Organized April 11, 1874

Records of the Vigo County Medical Society up to January 1, 1908

Biographies and Pictures of Terre Haute Physicians As of 1895 -
In back of book
Furnished by Charles N. Combs

A history of the Vigo County Medical Society -
Published in the Terre Haute Express
of June 18, 1882