Budget, County and City
Dates: 1992; 1993; 1995
Accession Number: 950921; SM D.C. 21
Donor: Taxpayers Association of Vigo County, Inc.
Description: One small document case and one document case

Content and Scope of the Collection

The indexed budgets cover the range of county and city agencies. They are printed annually with comparative information for the preceding three years.

Small Document Case 21

Vigo County 1992

City of Terre Haute 1992

Hulman Regional Airport 1992

Terre Haute Sanitary District 1992

Vigo County Public Library 1992

Vigo County School Corporation 1992

Document Case

Vigo County 1993; 1995

City of Terre Haute 1993; 1995

Hulman Regional Airport 1993; 1995

Terre Haute Sanitary District 1993; 1995

Vigo County Public Library 1993; 1995

Vigo County School Corporation 1993; 1995