Election Returns in Vigo County
Dates: 1934-1968
Accession Number: Map 1
Donor: ISU Political Science Department
Description: Loose sheets stored in chronological order (Map Drawer #2)

Content and Scope of Collection

This collection contains copies of vote tabulation sheets for most, though not all, Primary and General Elections held in Vigo County from 1934-1968. Tabulations of votes for the following divisions of offices are available:

Although most returns are for candidates from the Democratic or Republican parties, candidates from the Prohibition and Socialist Labor parties figure prominently, with candidates from the Communist, Socialist, Union, Progressive, Independent and Socialist Workers parties represented as well.

In addition to returns for various offices there are tabulations of votes on Referendum questions, such as Constitutional Amendments, and beginning in 1948, copies of reports of the Board of Canvassers showing totals for the county or various townships.

These oversize sheets are divided by year and by election (primary or general).