Terre Haute Telephone Directory
Dates:  1931
Accession Number:  20080124F
Description:  One file folder 

Content and Scope of Collection 

This collection is comprised of a telephone directory for Winter 1931-1932 published by the Citizens Independent Telephone Company which had its business office located at 711 Poplar Street in Terre Haute, Indiana.  Someone wrote inside the book that “Fannie Uzzell found this book in 1968 at 2150 Liberty Ave.” 

The book is a good source for advertisements from local companies.  It also helps to document the “party-line” era in the history of the telephone when several residences would share one telephone number which was less than 7 characters long.  In this telephone directory, the phone “number” was 5 characters long and included one letter for the telephone exchange (e.g. Broadway, Crawford, Harrison, etc.) followed by four numbers.