Terre Haute: Sanborn Maps
Date: April 1886
Accession Number: MAP 3
Donor: Sharon Hinkle
Description: 27 maps (Map drawer #3)

Content and Scope of Collection

These sheets are photocopies of the Sanborn Map and Publishing Company's map book of Terre Haute for 1886. They give in great detail the location and constitution of the streets, alleys, railroads, water systems and all types of structures in the more developed areas of Terre Haute.

Some of the unique details given are: widths of streets and alleys, diameters of water pipes, types of materials used in building (brick, stone, etc.), types of roofs, numbers of stories in buildings, placement of sheds, warehouses and stables, designation of use of structures (whether dwelling or business and if business, of what type), special notations on larger structures such as ceiling height, night watchman, type of heat, machinery, and fire protection, information on structures damaged by fire previously or under construction, and more minute details such as "underground oven not used," (map 7 behind 27 S. 6th Street).