Vigo County Area Planning Department Collection
Dates: 1979-1981
Accession Number: Sm. D.C. 40D
Description:  Two file folders in a small document case

Content and Scope of Collection

This collection consists of records pertaining to the Vigo County Area Planning Department's consideration of zoning issues in Lost Creek township.

The primary issue was whether the land should be reserved as farmland or developed for commercial, residential and airport use.   

Small Document Case





Folder 1

Farm statistics, 1964-1978






Community Planning Handbook






“Vigo County Soil and Water Conservation
  District:  Program for the 80's”

ca. 1979





“Indiana Agriculture: 1980-1985”
  (report of the Indiana Cooperative 
    Extension  Service)






“Prime Agricultural Land Preservation
  in Indiana:  Need, Definition and

Nov. 1979





“Tell Area Planning What You Think
  about Saving Farmland” (Survey questions,
   no results)

ca. 1980





“Dependence on National and International

ca. 1980.




Folder 2

“Where Have the Farmlands Gone?”

Jan. 1980





“Land Use Priorities Ranked by Advisory

Feb. 1981





“Parley studies how loss of farmland may
  cost U.S.” (Chicago Tribune)

Feb. 10, 1981





“Alcohol fuel idea gaining converts”
  (Chicago Tribune)

Feb. 12, 1981





“Comprehensive Planning Study: Land
  Use Changes, Trends and Significant
  Resources” (report prepared for the
   Land Use Advisory Committee, Vigo
  County Area Plan Commission)

Feb. 16, 1981





“Legal Fog Grounds Airport Zoning”

Feb. 17, 1981





Vigo County Annual Extension Program
  Reviews, 1977-1980 (addressed public concerns about agriculture in 1977 and community development in 1980)

 ca. 1981