Vigo County Home Records
Dates:  1874-1982
Accession Number:  991012A
Description:  One flat storage box, one oversized-volume,
                                        and two document cases  


The first poor house in Vigo County was built on eighty acres in 1853 and was charged with caring for the "unfortunates" of the county.  By 1856, due in large part to the rapidly growing city of Terre Haute, the house was no longer adequate to care for the poor of the county and the house was sold. 

In 1866, a new site for the Home, located on what is now Maple Avenue, was purchased and construction on a new building soon followed.  The County Home was rebuilt again in 1936 with an expansion in 1976.  In 1992, ownership of the Home was transferred to Nationwide Management, Inc. of Indianapolis when the Vigo County Council voted to sell the Home.  

Content and Scope of Collection 

The records of the Vigo County Home consist of six ledger books (ledger one is split into a and b) used to record the inmates and paupers admitted and discharged to the home between 1874 and 1950.  Ledgers 1b and 3 were removed from their bindings due to their fragility.   

There are also miscellaneous photographs of the building, staff, and residents of the home.  The compiled book of photographs by C. Culver were removed from their pages and placed in polyethylene sleeves for preservation.  A photocopy of the original layout was made and is included.   

Other items in the collection include Ruth's Record of inmates from the 1940s, three admission orders, two newspaper clippings, and a letter requesting information about an individual who had been in the Home.  

Ledgers 1a, 1b, 2, 3, 4, and 5 have been indexed and printed reports placed in Archives.   


Flat Storage Box



Ledger Book 1a:   Inmates of the House





Box 63

Ledger Book 5:   Record of Inmates,
   Vigo County Poor Asylum








Document Case 1





Folders 1-14

Ledger Book 1b:  Record Book of Inmates Admitted






Ledger Book 2:  Monthly Reports: Record of Paupers  Received, Discharged, and Died






Ledger Book 4:  Monthly Reports: Record Book of Admitted and discharged








Document Case 2





Folders 15-36

Ledger Book 3:  Record Book of Paupers Admitted to Poor Farm





Folder 37

Ruth's Record of Inmates

Jan. 1941-




Folder 38

Photographs - miscellaneous





Folder 39

Photographs by C. Culver
  Removed from folders for better preservation
  (also photocopy of original booklet)





Folder 40

County Poor Asylum Admission Orders:

  Charlene Allen

  George Gates

  Hiram Martin



Sep. 2, 1937






Newspaper Clipping: Terre Haute Post

  "Poor Farm Legatee Will Use $1800
     for Home She Wanted"

Nov. 8, 1929





Newspaper Clipping: Terre Haute Tribune-Star
  "A Little Love"   (found in Ledger 3,
   between pages 14-15)






Letter from Eugene Chastain to Mrs. Koile
  (found in Ledger 3, page 370)

July 24, 1982