Photographs of Terre Haute
Dates:  1889-1907
Accession Number: Sm. D.C. 41C
Description:  3 file folders in a small document case

Content and Scope of Collection 

This collection is comprised of photographs published in late 19th and early 20th century publications.  The photographs were extracted from these publications and placed in picture files maintained by library staff.  At an unknown date, they were transferred to the Community Archives. 

The photographs come from the publications listed below with information on archival collections and online resources.

Art Work of Terre Haute, Indiana. Published in nine parts. Chicago: Gravure Illustration Company, 1907.
Archival collection: Art Work of Terre Haute, Indiana; Accession Number 900424M;
Online: /archives/inventories/art/artwrkTH.php  

Pictorial Terre Haute.  Terre Haute:  Terre Haute Tribune, 1903. 
Online: /archives/pichistories/pictTH/index.php

Terre Haute Illustrated, 1889.  Published in Nine Parts.  [C.C. Oakey] H.R. Page & Co., 1889. 
Archival collection:  Photographs from Terre Haute Illustrated, Acc. No. 951025;
Online: /archives/inventories/publications/Photos_Terre_Haute_Illustrated.php 

Small Document Case





Folder 1: Art Work of Terre Haute, Indiana






Phoenix Club

Pt. 3, page 4





Terre Haute Trust Company Building

Pt. 3, page 7





[Vigo County] Court House

Pt. 5, page 3





Scene from Allendale

Pt. 5, page 6





Scenes at Allendale

Pt. 7, page 6





Scene on Wabash Avenue

Pt. 8, page 5





Scene on Spring Hill Farm

Pt. 9, page 7




Folder 2:  Pictorial Terre Haute






Collett Park

No. 2





Vigo County Court House

No. 6



Folder 3:  Terre Haute Illustrated






Looking Southeast from Dome
  of Courthouse

Page 2





Looking North on Sixth Street
  from Eagle Street

Page 3





Birds Eye Northeast from Dome
   of Court House

Page 8





[Naylor's] Opera House

Page 9





Wabash Avenue, East from Third Street

Page 10





Orphan's Home

Page 14





Birds Eye Northwest from Dome
   of Court House

Page 17





City Market Home

Page 20





Scene on Wabash Avenue

Page 26





Birds Eye West from Dome of
   Court House

Page 32





Deming Block

Page 33





Wabash Avenue East From Sixth Street

Page 40





McKeen Block

Page 47