Business and Professional Women's Club of Terre Haute
Dates: 1938-1939
Accession Number: 971020C
Donor: Berky Call Davis
Description: One flat storage box


The Business and Professional Women's Club was first organized in Terre Haute on February 6, 1919 as the Business Women's Federation. It was part of a nationwide association for business and professional women which was nonpartisan, nonsectarian, self-supporting and self-governing. The objectives of the national federation were to elevate the standards of business and professional women, to bring about a spirit of cooperation among them, and to extend opportunities to these women through education along industrial, scientific, and vocational lines. (Scrapbook, page 20).

Content and Scope of the Collection

This collection contains two photocopies of a scrapbook created by the Business and Professional Women's Club of Terre Haute for the period 1938-1939. It is stored loose in a flat storage box and the original order of the pages have been kept intact. (The archivist has numbered the upper left-hand corner of each page in pencil to assure that the original order is maintained.)

The original scrapbook is owned by Berky Call Davis, whose aunt (Mary Hollis) was a member of the club. The scrapbook originally belonged to Emma Klatte, the cousin of Mary Hollis, and the president of the Business and Professional Women's Club in 1939. The original scrapbook is quite colorful and imaginative in its presentation with original drawings by artist and club member Beatrice S. D'Enbeau, various clever captions, clip art, and cutouts from magazines. It was loaned for photocopying in January 1999.

The scrapbook includes newspaper clippings about the club's activities along with articles about specific members (Pauline Urbanneck, Mary M. Hollis, Emma Klatte, Gundhild Hansell). The club hosted both social and educational programs, and the newspaper articles often list members, their professions, and the club's standing committees. It appears there were approximately 67 members in 1939. The signatures of members and a drawing of president Emma A. Klatte appear at the beginning of the book. The articles and events are not presented in chronological order.