Girl Scouts, Terre Haute Area
Dates:  1918-1969
Accession Number:  790724C
Description:  Seventeen file folders in a record storage box

Record Storage Box





Folder 1

History of Girl Scouting in the Terre Haute area compiled by Leah Petty  McConaghy

July-Oct. 1969




Folder 2

Mrs. Dewey Annakin's written memories  of early    scouting and camping at   McCormick's Creek

Mar. 16, 1964




Folder 3

Miss Catherine Clark's scrapbook of   McCormick's Creek






Camp Information





Folder 4

McCormick's Creek Camp Information





Folder 5

McCormick's Creek Camp Information





Folder 6

McCormick's Creek Camp Information





Folder 7

Photograph of Troop 5, led by Mrs. Orr  and Mrs. Legg.

ca. 1930


Photograph of senior scouts from several  troops at Mrs. Annakin's home.

ca. 1936




Folder 8

Information on building and dedication of Little House.





Folder 9

Photographs of troops supporting our WWII allies and efforts

Nov. 1941




Folder 10

Photograph of council board members






Constitution and bylaws of Dads Patrol. 

Late 1940s





Photographs of activities of leaders.

Late 1940s
and early 1950s




Folder 11

History of Poland, Indiana from Terre Haute Tribune Star





Folder 12

First booklet issued on hopes for new camp for fundraising






Invitation  to picnic to acquaint girls  with the site

Aug. 3





Photograph of mother/daughter banquet at Terre Haute House






Photograph of senior encampment in  Wisconsin





Folder 13

Newspaper clippings of Camp Na-Wa-Kwa at
   McCormick's Creek

Aug. 30, 1953





Photographs of Camp Na-Wa-Kwa





Folder 14

Brochure for camp fundraising sponsored  by the Terre Haute Optimist Club






Photographs of the torchlight parade for funds

Apr. 1953





Partial lists of the donations as they came into the council

Apr. 4, 1951





Aerial Photograph of Poland site in early construction stage   






Photograph of contribution to construction






Notes of Guy Stantz on his hours put in on site

July 1, 1953-
Jan. 1, 1954




Folder 15

Camp Na-Wa-Kwa dedication program   

July 11, 1954





Newspaper clippings about the dedication of
  Camp Na-Wa-Kwa

July 6, 1954-
Aug. 8, 1954




Photographs of Camp Na-Wa-Kwa





Folder 16

Photographs  of Intermediate Scout boat trip down the Ohio River, held by  Sycamore Council

Late 1950s





Photographs from groundbreaking for the
  swimming pool at Na-Wa-Kwa






Minutes from first merger study committee meeting    (Redbud-Sycamore).

Feb. 6, 1962





Program from organizational meeting in  
   which the councils were officially joined

Sep. 6, 1962





Newspaper clippings of Ninth Grade
  encampment at Camp Na-Wa-Kwa           

June 11, 1967




Folder 17

Photographs of troops at the Festival of
   Girl Scouts Together

May 4, 1968